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In this article, I talk about how in order to quickly manifest what you desire you must become no one and let go of the “old” you.  This is a rift off of Arya Stark–A Girl Is No One–from Game of Thrones. Even if you do not watch Game of Thrones you can BENEFIT greatly from the analogies here and incorporate this MANIFESTING TECHNIQUE into your LIFE TODAY.

In this article, read about:

  • (1) Who is Arya Stark & Why is She No One?
  • (2) What is Quantum Leaping?
  • (3) How to become No One & use this Game of Thrones Technique to Receive Everything
  • (4) Journal Prompt to Become No One & Receive Everything

CAUTION this post is epic and full of SPOILERS.

So if you are planning on binge-watching HBO’s Game Of Thrones and do not want to know what happens along Arya Stark’s journey, you should stop right here and skip to the last section where I teach you how to use the become No One Method.

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Arya Stark is a fictional character in the Home Box Office Network’s adaptation of The Game of Thrones a novel series written by George R. R. Martin.  Game of Thrones is a fantasy series set in medieval times. If you are wondering, I have only watched the show. FYI: I have no clue about the books.

Who is Arya Stark?  

  • …before she was the new Christopher Columbus exploring West of Westeros…
  • …before she was saving the world by killing the Night King…

Arya Stark is the daughter of Ned Stark.  She is a very different girl from the typical young lady in the Middle Ages.  She thrives on being independent, shooting arrows, swinging swords and determining how she lives her life.  In simple terms, although she is of noble birth, she isn’t a Lady and has no desire to be a Lady. Middle Ages Lady = wife of a Lord who keeps a good home and listens to her husband.

At a very young age, Arya endures many hardships.  

  • She is present at her own father’s execution.
  • Her Mentor is killed protecting her.
  • She finds out that her mother and brother have also been killed.
  • …and so so much more.

Arya became a young lady filled with a thirst of revenge and this desire led her to become Arya – A Girl who is No One.

Arya traveled to Braavos to the House of Black and White.  This place is somewhat of a training camp where Arya becomes the best warrior on her continent.

In the House of Black and White, Arya learns that in order to serve the Many Face God she had to let go of her “stuff” and become No One.

The stuff she needed to let go of includes her vengeance that she is has held in her heart for years against the people who have killed her family and practically ruined her life.  She also needed to let go of her identity as Arya Stark of House Stark and the clothing that went with that. Lastly, she needed to release her need to carry Needle – the sword her half-brother Jon Snow gifted to her years prior.

Arya agrees to let go of everything (even though she only hid Needle and didn’t destroy it).  She trains and eventually endures tons of crazy stuff including temporarily losing her sight, being betrayed by her mentor Jaqen, and nearly being killed.

Sure Arya’s journey was crazy but in order for her to end up saving the world, she had to become No One.  

Her all knowing all seeing brother Bran the Broken said it “No One kills the Night King.”

Before leaving the House of Black and White, Arya made a point to state that she was Arya Stark.  She was finally able to stand and BE both Arya + No One on her OWN TERMS. Arya who had become the Girl who was No One finally embodied all that she needed to in order to become No One who would kill The Night King.  

So in other words in order for her to satisfy her destiny, she had to let go of her stories, the things, people, places and things that “made” her Arya Stark and Become No One.  Once she was able to let go, she was able to BE who she truly was…..the warrior who would save the world.

This is very similar to the situation when you are looking to leap forward quickly and manifest something outside of your current vibrational frequency.

In order to align with what you want and allow your outer world to shift and rearrange to match a reality far different than you have, you have to become No One.

Do you want to manifest what you want really fast?  Like Quantum fast?

Then you will get to choose to let go of your stories and all the things that are keeping you where you are.

You have to:

  • Leave your stories about who you are and what you are capable of behind
  • No longer care about what others think about you or believe is possible
  • Release your beliefs about time and how long it will take for you to manifest what you want
  • Forget where you have been and focus on where you are going

Want to know how to become No One?  Keep Reading to Find out How.

What Is Quantum Leaping?

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Quantum Leap is a sudden increase or dramatic advancement.  

Quantum leaping is all about jumping past your trend and stepping into something far exceeding where you “should be”

Quantum Manifesting is taking you from where you are right now to where you desire to be BY SKIPPING STEPS IN BETWEEN.

In order to Quantum Manifest ANYTHING you must be aligned with the energy of  ALREADY HAVING whatever it is you desire.

Traditional Law of Attraction teachings focus on “Acting As If.”  However, in order to QUANTUM MANIFEST, you have to BECOME whatever it is you desire.

It is the difference between the actress who is “just acting” and the actress who BECOMES the role she was selected to play.  Where you forget that you are looking at a film and you no longer recognize the actress.

Being HER Now is energetically EMBODYING whatever it is you are becoming NOW.  No acting is necessary because whatever you desire is available to you RIGHT NOW.  Whatever you want is yours and all you need to do is ALIGN WITH IT NOW.


Becoming No One helps you:

(1) CREATE a NEW story

(2) BECOME what you desire without all the baggage

(3) ALIGN with the energy of BEING HER NOW

In order to truly embody the energy of your next level, you have to leave your stories about who you think you are and what you are capable of BEHIND.

It is time to no longer care about what this person thinks about you and what someone else things is possible.

You get to release your beliefs about time and how long it takes to manifest anything.

You can move your attention from where you have been and focus on where you are going.

Becoming No One can be scary but when you want to experience something different, you need to do something you have never done.

Are you ready to become No One?

Are you ready to stop telling those old stories so that you can live a completely new one?

Are you ready to let go of those old beliefs so you can create a brand new life on a new trajectory?

In order to Be HER Now, you have to let go of the HER who doesn’t have whatever it is you desire.  Keep Reading to find out how.

How to Become No One to Quantum Manifest & Receive Everything

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In order to become No One, you have to let go of those old stories that you are carrying with you in order to step into the energy of BEING the woman.

Let’s look at an example.  You can use this in EVERY AREA of your life.  Here we will talk about career and business aspirations and the examples below will give you ideas on how to utilize this for love, money and anything else.

If you are at a loss on how to implement this in your life, definitely consider joining The AlignedSoul Collective free FB group to surround yourself with a community of high vibe people who can help you with ideas on how to implement this in your life.

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OLD STORY EXAMPLE: You desire a promotion at your job.

In order to be the person who has the new position, you have to disassociate with old stories that don’t align with where you are going.


If you currently have a story that having more power makes a person bad or reckless, then you have to let that story go.  Your new position is one of more power and if you believe that it is bad to have more power, you will not allow yourself to manifest this new job.


If you have this story that good things don’t happen to you, then you have to let this story go.  The woman who was promoted has GREAT things happening for her! So you need to embrace stories that are consistent with the energy of someone who gets promoted and has amazing things happen for her.  

Check out these Surrender & Letting Go Blogs for More Information


Becoming No One means that your environment needs to change.  Your current environment is reinforcing the subconscious resistance that keeps you manifesting your current life.  Decluttering both physically and spiritually will open space to allow money, love, health and all the things you desire to flow.  Decluttering not only opens space but it shakes up the stale energy.


LETTING GO EXAMPLE: You desire a promotion at your job.


If you currently have a desk that is a desk for someone at a lower level.  You have papers and stuff in places that is disorganized and not representative of a Senior Executive.

When you are making #DirectorMode or #VPMode, it is the perfect time to imagine what your desk would be like when you are in your new position.  Would it be more organized? Is your space right now ready to receive the Senior Partners you work with?

When I was in Corporate, every time I was promoted was after I decluttered and organized for where I was going not where I had been.


You are stepping into #VPMode then you open your closet and it is filled with clothing that you don’t wear let along the VP You.  Are you even dressing yourself in the morning the way you would if you were the VP right now?

Clear out your closet.  Get rid of the clothing that has holes in it or the things you aren’t wearing.  Open space and keep the things you love.

Don’t have any clothing you love but you aren’t in the position to invest yet?  Then shift your perspective about your clothing. Take a few items out and create outfits that get you excited.  Start to intend to feel good in your skin and in your current clothing.

Learn More About the Shift Process


When you let go of your old stories, you are now a clean slate.  You have become No One which means all of the stuff that happened in the past is no longer determining your future.   

By becoming No One you are a clean energetic portal.  You have opened space and now you get to fill that space with something completely new.   You now have the ability to connect with the “Future You” who is living the life you desire to live and tap into what your new story is.

This step is all about allowing the information to flow to you vs. trying to force yourself to create it.  Trusting and allowing yourself to receive information from Infinite Intelligence inside you is key.

When tapping into your new story, you are specifically connecting with the woman who you are that has exactly what you desire and become who she is.  

She already has it so she isn’t putting it on a pedestal.  It just IS! It is #normal for her. She appreciates her life and is so grateful because #ofcourse good things get to happen for her.

The easiest way to do this is by asking questions and allowing the first response and feeling that comes up to flow.

TAPPING INTO NEW STORY EXAMPLE: You desire a promotion at your job.


As Vice President, you know that things get to work out in your favor.  This is your NORM! You understand that you are powerful and that you get to make a difference in your company and the lives of your team.  You are decisive and you trust your intuition. You make decisions and choices that benefit you and your team. You walk with confidence because you understand your value and know your worth.  Your core beliefs include that you 1) trust your intuition and know that you are always on the right path, 2) Everything works out for you even when it looks like it doesn’t, 3) Money is just energy and gets to flow to you with ease and in overflow and 4) When you trust Guidance and lead with your heart in love, everything falls into place for you.   Each day keeps getting better and better for you.


Check out the Journal Exercise in the next section to find out how to tap in and create your story

Read More about Writing Your Own Story


Becoming No One means that you are open and allowing yourself to release CONTROL.

Yep, Control!

I know high performing women like you (and me) LOVE CONTROL.  You love to know what you are doing when you are doing something and you need to know HOW exactly whatever will happen!

In order to truly become No One (ie. Open Vessel), you need to embrace Uncertainty.  When you use your mind to manage all of the situations in your life, you are limited.  However, once you open yourself to the infinite possibilities that exist, you can allow time to collapse and manifestations to unfold in ways you could have never imagined.

You are one with Source also known as the All-Knowing Infinite Intelligence.  This energy is connected to all things and everyone.

When you allow Source Energy also known as God, The Universe, and many many other names to lead the way, you open yourself to ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES and you become LIMITLESS.



Similar to Step 4, you have to release the HOW.  In manifesting, your only job is to be clear on the What and loosely directive on the When (this or something better).  

When you look at the energetics of manifestation, The Universe/Manifesting is masculine energy.  Asking and Receiving is the feminine energy.

The Universe’s job is to be YOUR SUGAR DADDY.
  It is up to you to ask and sit back and receive.

When you are clear about what you want and when you want it, it is your job to step out of the way.  Let The Universe go to work and stop stalking him when he says he got you and will bring home whatever you asked for.

When you start becoming directive about the ONLY WAY to receive what you want is this way or that way, you restrict the unlimited potential, add resistance and cause delays.

EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY & RELEASING THE HOW EXAMPLE: You desire a promotion at your job.


Instead of assuming that everyone else’s path is your path, realize that things may happen in a multitude of ways.  By becoming No One, your preconceived notions or practical experiences disappear.

Let go of the assumption that because it took Suzy 5 years to become VP that will be what happens for you as well.  Understand that The Universe can rearrange circumstances in a way that works best for you and helps you to rise to your desired position in a much shorter time.

When you become No One
 you step away from the reality of moving through space in a specific amount of time and you move to collapsing space and time.

I talk about this a lot more in my book The Aligned Receiver which will be released 08/08.   It is time to get into #ReceivingMode, realize that The Universe is YOUR SUGAR DADDY and finally get Law of Attraction to work for you in the way you want it to.  

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The energy behind becoming No One is receiving energy.  When you don’t have it all figured out, you are open to receiving guidance and support.  When you embrace the unknown you step into a place where ANYTHING is POSSIBLE and you have become LIMITLESS.



Gratitude is the energy of Receiving.  

When you are truly thankful for your life and what you are allowing to manifest, you are emitting the vibration of IT ALREADY BEING DONE.  

Remember everything happens in the NOW Moment.  Therefore, when you are appreciating what you have and what is flowing into your life you are sending signals (i.e. high vibe frequencies) out in this world.  These signals are emitting the “It is DONE” vibration into the world. You are BEING and EMBODYING the woman who ALREADY has when you practice BEING and FEELING true appreciation.


APPRECIATION EXAMPLE: You desire a promotion at your job.

First, appreciate the job you currently have.  Look for those things that you do love about where you are in the present moment and milk it.  If you really can’t find anything, appreciate that you receive payment every two weeks for what you do.

Bring the best you to your team and those around you.  Thank God every day for the life that you get to live and for all of the amazing things in your life existing and manifesting.

Intentionally be grateful for what you are allowing to manifest into your reality.  The woman who has what you desire is sooo happy for what she has.

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Keep reading for the Journal Prompt Exercise that will take you through each of these steps.

Journal Prompt

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1) Prompts to Become No One

  • What old stories are keeping me where I am?

  • Being the woman who is already being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) what stories do I no longer tell?

  • Being the woman who is already being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) what stories have I let go?

2) Prompts to Let Go Emotionally and Physically

  • Looking into my world from the perspective of the woman who is already being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) what in my environment no longer belongs or is no longer required.

  • As the woman who is already being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) what in my environment no longer belongs or is no longer required.

  • Being the woman who is already being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) what emotional baggage am I willing and ready to let go of?

3) Prompts to Create Your Story

You now are being/doing/having (insert manifestation here) … quickly without thinking answer these questions:

  • What are you feeling?

  • What emotions are present the moment you receive (insert manifestation here)

  • As the woman who already has/is/does (insert manifestation here), state 5 core beliefs about your life and how life gets to work for you?   

4) Embrace Uncertainty

  • List 40 “Hows” describing the way in which (insert manifestation here) manifests in your life.  Go from logical to the craziest.

  • Once you finish the list, write “I trust that The Universe has it all figured out and I trust that I get to receive (insert manifestation here) in the best way.  It is Done and Done.

5) Write & Say this Prayer to Release the How

  • God (or you can say Universe, Source, Angels, Guidance whatever feels most connected) thank you.  

  • I am asking for (insert manifestation here) and I trust that you love and support me.  

  • I trust that it is your highest excitement to provide my desires to me in the most delightful and fantastic way.  

  • Therefore, I release the how.  

  • I step back and choose to allow you to do your magic.  

  • I ask for guidance each day into whatever AlignedSoul Action you inspire me to take.  

  • I am here to receive and I appreciate and love you. Thank You.

6) Write & Say this Prayer of Gratitude

  • God (or you can say Universe, Source, Angels, Guidance whatever feels most connected) Thank you.

  • Thank You for all that you do.  

  • Thank You for being here for me every step along the way. Even when the times have gotten tough, you were there helping me to not give up and walk away.   

  • Thank you for the sun and its warmth against my skin.  

  • Thank You for the oxygen that I get to receive all day.  Thank you for where I stand today and where I am going.

  • Thank You for (insert manifestation here)!  

  • I am so happy and grateful for (insert manifestation here)!  

  • You always show up for me and I sit here with a smile on my face and appreciation spring up deep in my belly.  

  • Thank You for always and forever being here and loving me unconditionally.  

  • Thank You for your infinite support.  

  • I receive with love and adoration.  Thank You.

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