I help you become more of who you really are. I help you make Quantum Manifesting #normal.

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I am here to help you level-up your LIFE in the fastest way.  I am a former Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Transformational Mentor, Manifestation Master, Alignment Queen, & CEO Boss.



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The Straight No Chaser Play by Play to Take Law of Attraction to the Next Level, RECEIVE More Money and Have More FUN in 90 Days

Hi!  I am Christine Michelle.  I am a former Corporate Executive, Manifestation Expert and Creative + Strategic genius whose calling is to help you shift your energy, lift your vibration and level up your life and your business.

I help you become more of who you REALLY ARE.  I help high performing women like YOU make sense of this whole “manifesting/law of attraction world” and actually get what you want now.  I help make it all simple, easy, understandable and executable.

I effortlessly combine my 30 year Spiritual Practice (the Woo) with my 20+ years of Strategic Experience (the Do) to help a soul tribe of thousands of women to co-create their realities with the Universe & design a life they enjoy in a MODERN and EASE & FLOW way!

You are here because not by accident…there are NONE.  You are here because you know that you are meant for more.

I invite you to step into my Energetic Vortex.  Get ready to use The Woo + The Do to create a life you not only dreamed of but one you ACTUALLY ENJOY!

In the time I have worked with Christine, I can say that I have gone from visualizing a life and new career opportunities in a fun, young, active and cultural city; to actually manifesting that life and moving into an amazing city apartment to live that life within a year’s time!  I Love My Life and know that it is never done…cause there is so much more I desire 🙂


Christine is the TRUTH ?????? literally within a week Of working with her by implementing her journaling strategies and watching her videos I’ve manifested a $500 Cash Bonus from work which NEVER happened before! I also started an online business and Orders are coming in daily!!! Thank you Christine! ?????? Okimma

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How To Not Be Needy AF

Have you wondered why you didn’t get that client, the relationship, promotion or anything else you have been dying to get? It is because you are NEEDY AF and I understand because I was NEEDY AF too. In this article I talk about my NEEDY AF experience, what I did and what you can do to release your NEEDY FEELINGS and resistance.

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1) My Needy AF story
2) How to Attract Anything In Your Life
3) Do this One Thing to Get Rid of the Needy AF
4) Journal Exercise to Stop Being Needy AF

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The One Activity I Use to Manifest

It has been one year since I left 20+ years in Corporate America behind and began my full time journey in Transformational Mentoring and Manifestation Coaching. In this article, I talk about my journey and I tell you the ONE ACTIVITY that I used to Manifest the Life I am living now plus I give you the 4 Pillars of Speedy Transformation.

Read to find out:
1) From Frustration to Freedom: My Journey One Year Later
2) The ONE Activity that I used to Manifest
3) Three (3) reasons why Journaling Works
4) Four (4) Pillars of Speedy Transformation
5) Journal, Manifest & Win

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3 Ways to Know When It is Time to Move On

Often you are holding on to something so tightly and ignoring how you truly feel. In this article, I talk about 3 ways to know when to let go and move on.

Read to find out:
1) My Struggle with Letting Go
2) Three (3) Ways To Know That It Is Time To Let Go
3) JOURNAL PROMPT to help you become aware of how you truly feel.

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Love Notes

Want to know what working with me is like? Check out  love notes, the #goodword and success stories from many AMAZING women (& men) who have worked with me.
Less then a month ago, I never thought my life would have changed so dramatically. I booked in a 15 minute chat with Christine not realising that phone call would change my divine being FOREVER!

Through practice of Muscle Testing and going through Manifestation my life has been turned inside out and upside down in the most brilliant ways.

Where I once had thoughts fulled with personal and financial fears and doubts they are now a literal thing of the past.
By applying manifestation techniques I have received AMAZING results in such a short time!! Ileya

I loved working with Christine. She’s kind, non-judgmental and has beautiful positive energy. She is a delight and a living example that you can experience the life you desire. Since working with Christine I feel more confident and joyful.  Things started shifting within the first few days of working together.  Although the coaching feels nothing like work, her exercises are pleasurable and once you start doing them they become more fun each day that goes by. Natalia