• Have you been trying to “use” the Law of Attraction to manifest something you REALLY want and NOTHING is happening?
  • Do you feel frustrated that the only thing you manifest is parking spaces or free coffee?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to manifest, what to do, and if you are doing it all “right”?
  • Do you need someone to make manifesting simple?
  • Are you tired to manifesting something and then it not “lasting” or worse not exactly what you expected?
  • Are you ready to manifest that love relationship, have more money, get that sexy body or experience massive business success?
  • Do you feel guilty when you think about receiving what you want?
  • Do you feel like it isn’t possible to actually RECEIVE what you want and more?
  • Are you ready to step into your Manifestation power and finally breakthrough and become the manifesting natural that you were born to be?



I was you.  I was so confused as to why I wasn’t manifesting what I wanted.  After studying manifestation and energy since I was 12 years old, I still wasn’t manifesting what I wanted ON REPEAT. (DON’T TELL ANYONE BUT…that is over 30 years of knowledge ya’ll!)  I was stuck.  I had over 30 years of knowledge but I was stuck and didn’t understand why.  I was doing “all the right things” and “being happy all the time” but nothing was happening anymore.


It wasn’t fun!


All of the Manifesting and Personal Development experts complicated manifestation.  They said healing had to take years and years of mirror work and complicated ceremonies.  I was conditioned to look outside of myself when what I really needed was to TAP INSIDE.

Finally there was a time when I decided to FORGET EVERYTHING I thought I knew and sought Source & my own Internal Guidance.  I asked that I fully understand manifesting and what it meant to QUANTUM MANIFEST what I desired.  I desired to help myself and my clients make Quantum Leaps #normal!

After years of studying, learning, testing and experiencing ALL THE THINGS, I discovered what works.  I created a process that helped myself and my clients experience uplevels like never before.  Things that I desired manifested with lightening quick speed.


What did I do?


I allowed myself to receive.  I allowed manifestation and all of these woo-woo topics to become EASIER.  I realized transformation didn’t have to take 356 hours and 23 minutes…(of course I am joking).

In simple terms I learned that things can happen FAST… Transformation and Manifestation.  It requires more BEING than DOING, the right combination of the Woo energy shifting + the Do inspired practical action.

You can have what you desire.  I have seen myself and my clients shift quickly.




6 weeks course + private & group coaching program with me. This program is being run LIVE so you can shift, heal and manifest on a multidimensional level!

The Quantum Manifesting Academy you will finally begin to manifest what you desire.  Everything you desire is already available to you.  In QMA I will show you how to pluck it out of the quantum field and allow it to unfold into your present reality.

You will learn how to shift from the 3D paradigm and pushing yourself to do more and do more to allowing your “future” to unfold into your present through BE-ing and utilizing both the Woo plus the Do to do so.

You get to change your entire life.  You can have the relationship, the health, the business, career and money you desire.  It is all available for you to align with.  QMA shows you how to align and how to make this life the one you love to live not the one you need a vacation from.

You will learn more about time and how to contract it and allow you to transcend the “normal” time commitments in the 3D world.  You also learn how to expand your receiving, heal the stuff that you are allowing to block your perspective and BE-come the You who has already whatever it is you desire.

I will show you how to use my special method of aligning your subconscious mind that gets you the bee-line directly to your subconscious and helps you utilize the power of both your brain and heart to shift and change to your new story.

Over 6 weeks you will remember who you truly are and RECODE your mind and body to align with your soul so that you can automatically upgrade as you did when you were growing up as a child.

What do you want?  You can have it now.

QMA is a rare course that includes both personal and group support.  This a course for those ready to take their Law of Attraction and Manifestation knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL.

Are you ready to become your Next Level Self and shift your life in every area?







  • I manifested a move from Atlanta to New York, fully paid with my dream company and triple my previous salary.
  • My client manifested her ideal clients seeking her out and begging to work with her.
  • Another client manifested multiple unexpected major media opportunities.
  • I left corporate 30 days and went full time in my business less than one month after implementing my process.
  • My business is getting more and more successful every single day.
  • One of my clients was promoted to Executive Level from non-management level.
  • Another client watched her relationship go from a hard struggle to a deeper connection and great sex.
  • I have watched a client have her BEST YEAR EVER.
  • One of my clients got pregnant despite a medical condition that supposedly made pregnancy “impossible”
  • Another client killed her monthly sales goal ($20K) half way through the month and is scaling to a $40K month!
  • I’ve had two clients receive unexpected raises of several thousand dollars.








Imagine holding your lover’s hand and looking in his eyes.

Imagine never having to worry about money again

Imagine having consistent success in your career

Imagine finally feeling comfortable in your skin

You are here to enjoy life as a

Powerful Human with the Natural Ability to Manifest

with Ease and a deep connection to Guidance & Your Soul



The Quantum Manifesting Academy is the 6 week Immersion Experience designed specifically for FAST TRANSFORMATION and to make Quantum Leaps #normal FOR YOU.  Revolutionize how you manifest ALL THE THINGS!


QMA is a 6 week group coaching program that includes an online course + group coaching.  Quantum Manifesting Academy is taught by Christine Michelle, Transformational Leader, Founder of The AlignedSoul, and author of The Aligned Receiver.


Christine created QMA to take you from Manifesting 101 to your PhD in Quantum Manifesting.  The teachings in this course were created to help you become Quantum Aware, gain clarity on the identity that aligns with what you desire, Quantum Heal, become your new identity, Embody it and Quantum Manifest



We will use the power of the moon to activate & expedite your transformation.



Christine teaches ALLOWING but also believes in getting RESULTS.  Christine teaches you how to be “human” and manifest with ease.  



What You Can Expect During & AFTER the

Quantum Manifesting Academy


  • You will connect to the Quantum Field

  • Activate your Multidimensional Self

  • Become aware of your desires

  • Heal deeply on an energetic level

  • Break the cycle of repetitive patterns and old doubts

  • Be in balance utilizing both masculine and feminine energetic sides of you

  • Perform deep mindset work

  • Expand your capacity to receive

  • Learn to trust and act upon your intuition

  • Embody the Identity that aligns with the Next Level You

  • Take massive AlignedSoul action


I've Manifested More than I Could Have EVER Imagined

Christine is gifted in making transformation easy.  I have upleveled so quickly in my career and my confidence.  I have received multiple promotions and raises and more.  I am experiencing more happiness and satisfaction in. all areas of my life.  Quantum shifting is my new norm.

– Mae

I'm Set Up For Success

From the beginning, Christine set me up for success. She personally created a program for me so I could succeed with ease.  She challenged and motivated me and laid out a plan to help bring me to the next level.  Christine also excelled intuitively, shifting energy and helping me instantly feel better quickly and easily.

– Jessica

I'm Manifesting

I’m manifesting a lot of things on what used to be my wishlist.  It’s all happening so fast.  I have received …a redesign, a trunk show because I am now repping a company, a photo shoot for my website, and a designer to polish/uplevel it ..basically I am manifesting so many things on my Manifest wishlist.

– Heidi

5 Stars Aren't Enough

5 stars – There are not enough words to express the gratitude I feel for having Christine as my coach and mentor. She has helped me quantum shift , change and uplevel in ways I never imagined possible!

I have morphed from a woman who did not use her voice and felt unworthy of being someone who could own her own business and actually be wealthy on her own to a woman who is now confident and has had two unexpected salary increases.

Christine will definitely help you get to them and quantum shift them and show you how to maintain that shift and your new vibration!

– Kimberly

I'm Eternally Grateful

I’m eternally grateful, I have found so much value and I really wish I had learnt about this alot sooner! 

Where I once had thoughts fulled with personal and financial fears and doubts they are now a literal thing of the past.

By applying manifestation techniques I have received AMAZING results in such a short time!! ??

My goal was to manifest $5000 in the month of August..i set my intentions, and everyday I worked at it, reconstructing myself in the process.

Less than 2 weeks later, after first beginning my manifestations I have been blessed with almost half of this, all in different forms from different people at different times.

Manifestation is life transforming and if I can do it anyone can!

– Ileya

I'm Finally Enough

God put me on your page somehow. He allowed for me to be reading your posts this morning before your live! God knew I needed this as at 6 yrs old my father left me and moved to CA.  … He abandoned me and my brother (which was a Jr.) That April I lost my grandmother she had a stroke … She had told me before she passed that she didnt want to live anymore. She wanted to go to heaven to be with her sister. … I felt like I wasn’t enough for her to want to live.

Thank you so much! I AM 45 AND I AM FINALLY ENOUGH!




6 Video Trainings ($1,200 value)

6 Live Channelled Guidance & Hot Seat Type Group Coaching Sessions ($1600 value)

Audio Frequency Activations with Light Language Coding ($888 value)

EFT Tapping Videos to specifically help you reframe your old beliefs and embody your new identity ($300 value)


6 Transformational Workbooks with Journal Prompts & Homework ($300 value)

Meditations, Hypnosis & Feelz Audios to work with your subconcious mind and lift your vibration ($300 value)

Personal Email Access to Me (Huge Value)


Gorgeous Password Protected Membership Site For Organized Learning

Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group ($997 value)


Get Immediate Access to the Quantum Manifesting Workshop & A signed copy of my book The Aligned Receiver w/the Companion Journal.

Signed copy of my Book & Journal (value $75)


60 Minute Quantum Manifesting Masterclass explaining the Energetics behind the Manifesting, Collapsing Time & Manifesting with ease. (value $197)



Get these three special bonuses when you choose to pay in full

1) Effortless Abundance ActvWorkshop (value $222)

2) Signed Copy of My Book & Journal (value $75)

3) The Universe is My Sugar Daddy // I am The Aligned Receiver Mug ($22)

Power Effortless Abundance Activation Workshop (value $222)


The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy (front) / I am The Aligned Receiver (back) Mug (value $22)






Become aware of where you are, what you truly want and where you stand in relation to receiving it.



Become crystal clear on your Next Level Self and the energy and beliefs that your NLS embodys.


Be prepared to go deep and heal the beliefs that do not align with your desired Identity. Learn my custom shifting (fast) processes.


Connect with your new Identity and create a new story. Create a new environment, tap into your values, establish new core beliefs and behaviors.


Become her NOW by connecting to your new identity daily. Reprogram your subconscious and create customized mantras and effective sayings for your success.


Expand your receiving capacity and Tap into the true understanding of surrender and asking for Guidance.  Connect with, listen to and trust your intuition.  Take massive AlignedSoul action.


Enrollment Closed.  Get on the Waitlist!

After you invest in your favorite option:

  1. You will receive an email confirmation – Check Your Email Boo.
  2. Sign into the Membership Site and begin enjoying the BONUSES.
  3. Request access to the Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group (FB Group to open before the course)
  4. Start QMA – With the New Moon and all of its POWER on Monday, November 16 you will receive access to the first video training.
Can you guarantee results?


This is a group course which includes self guided study modules. During the 6 week container, Christine will take you through the guided journey to uplevel your manifesting but in order to get the most out of this, you must open up, be willing to dig deep and do the work.

I am not here to hold your hand but I am here to guide you.   If you are looking to ask questions and would like more support join the FB group.  I will be active in the group.  You will receive a link to the FB group before the coaching program begins.  You cannot fail if you do the work!

  • Remember you DESERVE an amazing life.
  • You DESERVE to live in joy and beauty.
  • You DESERVE to manifest the life of your dreams.

I cannot guarantee results because it is up to you. The reviews and results you see on this page and on my website are a result of the work these students and clients put in.You will get out of this course what you put into it.

What if I don't like the academy? Do you offer any refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the course, there are no refunds. I one-hundred percent (100%) believe in journalling and my manifesting process. I have seen so much success in countless clients, students and in myself. If you do the work, you will see results.
What happens if I do not finish?

There isn’t a rush or deadline to finish.  This is about EMBODIMENT not Checking a BOX.  You get to have fun and live your life. This can fold seamlessly into your life.

I hope that since you paid for this 6-week group container that you would follow through and do the work.  However, I know that things happen, if you cannot finish, you can expect to have access after this course.

If you can’t attend a live call, all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the members’ area for you to watch when you have time.  Remember this work is deep.  It was created in a specific way to create the quickest and easiest transformation.  Follow along with my instructions and tap into your own personal Guidance.  You can never go wrong.

How much one on one support can I expect from Christine Michelle?


FOR 6-WEEK CONTAINER:  This is a group container.  I will be available to support you in the FB group and on the Live Channeled Guidance/Coaching Calls.  Leave questions there as your questions will help everyone.  This is a community and it will be awesome for everyone to connect and help each other become their Next Level Selves and Quantum Manifest the lives they desire.


FOR SUPPORT RELATED QUESTIONS: If you have support-related questions or trouble accessing the course material, please email us at


Hi!  I am Christine Michelle.  I am a former 20 year Corporate Veteran who worked for Victoria’s Secret, The Coca-Cola Company and Deloitte.  I left that life behind to become the CEO and Founder of The AlignedSoul an exploding Personal Development, Inspiration and Spiritual Brand at

I have  studied transformation since the age of 12 and has effortlessly combined my 30+ year experience in the Woo-Woo Spiritual + my Do Practical knowledge to show my audience how to practically use their Energetic Frequency plus their Practical Actions to create overall Lives & Businesses better than their wildest dreams.

I am known as the Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter.  I help YOU make sense of manifesting/law of attraction and actually manifest more money, more love, and more success now.   You get to BECOME MORE YOU while living a great life, enjoying what you love and doing the things that light you up!!!

As a Leader In the Transformation Industry, I focus on effortlessly merging MODERN Tools with ANCIENT PRACTICES.  I combine Spiritual Goodness (the Woo) + Practical & Strategic Tools (the Do) to help my clients shift quickly and manifest with ease.  I make quantum shifts #normal.

After leaving Corporate behind, I found myself broke AF.  Even though my clients were thriving and living their best lives by implementing my coaching and mentoring, I was frustrated, broke and ready to give up.  One day I asked for guidance as to what I was missing and why I was where I was.  Source guided me to reevaluate my own relationship with receiving help, love, money and more.  Once I committed to becoming aware, healing, shifting and focusing on receiving I quantum leaped into the abundance and happiness I was seeking.  Within a short period of time I was able to transition my life and watched my finances and business take a huge quantum leap for the best.

The Quantum Manifesting Academy and my book The Aligned Receiver takes you through my process and shows you how you too get to live your best life now and it doesn’t have to take millions of years to get there!

Come join us!


6 week Immersion Experience designed specifically for FAST TRANSFORMATION and to make Quantum Leaps #normal FOR YOU.  Revolutionize how you manifest.