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Have you wondered why you didn’t get that client, the relationship, promotion or anything else you have been dying to get?  It is because you are NEEDY AF and I understand because I was NEEDY AF too. In this article, I talk about my NEEDY AF experience, what I did and what you can do to release your NEEDY FEELINGS and resistance.

Read to find out:

  • 1)  My Needy AF story
  • 2)  How to Attract Anything In Your Life
  • 3)  Do this One Thing to Get Rid of the Needy AF
  • 4)  Journal Exercise to Stop Being Needy AF








You are Needy AF


You want to know the reason why you do not have that guy, or any clients, didn’t get that promotion, new customers or have money flowing into your life?


I love you but you are Needy AF


I know it hurts to hear but it is true.  Do you want to know why I know this?


Because I was Needy AF too


There was a time long ago that I had a huge crush on this guy.  He was interested too.  Yay mutual attraction! But he wasn’t moving fast enough for me.


I couldn’t understand what was going on.  






I went to psychics to find out what was wrong….what I needed to “do”.  


I searched and searched OUTSIDE of ME for reasons why things weren’t happening.


I obsessed about it.  


I talked and talked about it for hours on end.  


I wondered if I needed to lose a few pounds or If I needed a makeover… Maybe that will get him to do something…Maybe that would move this thing along.


Of course, that energetically ran him the f**k AWAY from me.






The relationship NEVER HAPPENED.




  • Because is was NEEDY AF.
  • I projected the energy of NOT having.
  • I was BEING the woman who DID NOT ALREADY HAVE LOVE.
  • I was looking for validation and love OUTSIDE of ME.



So I shifted.  


I started focusing on Me.  I went INSIDE.  I realized that EVERYTHING I DESIRED was already AVAILABLE INSIDE OF ME at that very moment.  


I focused on me.  

I focused on my career and businesses.  

I gave myself love.  

I fell in love with myself and my life.


For more about the 9 Steps to Get Him (or someone else back) read “Surrender is Key to Manifesting.”




Of course, that guy came back.  #ofcourse


I released the resistance I was creating by not already NEEDING anything from him and finding what I was looking for inside.  


He was more forward and wanted to be with me but by that time I wasn’t even interested.  


I had shifted so much that he and I were no longer a match.  I knew there was someone or someone(s) even better for me.












Attracting Anything In Your Life Works The Same As Relationships

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Attracting Clients ??, Customers ??, Love?, Money ?? and anything else in your life is just like attracting a great guy.


Think about it.


How does it feel when you like someone?

It feels good, right?


Then when you find out that they like you back?

That feels really good.


But what happens when that person is obsessed with you?  When that person can’t do anything on their own and focuses solely on you?  When you can’t go to the bathroom without that person being all UP IN your space?


That doesn’t feel good at all.

That person is Needy AF?????, Cling AF????? and you want to GTFO ?????.




Well, Money, Love, Clients, and Customers feel the same way.  


Money doesn’t flow into your space because you are pushing it away.


Clients and Prospects aren’t attracted to you because your energy is begging for them to work with you or buy your thing.  It reeks of desperation and neediness.


It is all about vibration.


In order to attract something in your life, you have to match the vibe of HAVING it first


You have heard the saying “Two birds of a feather flock together or Like attracts Like?”  


Well, that is what is required in order for you to attract what you desire.


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Do this One Thing To Get Rid of The Needy AF Vibes

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This is for you if you are feeling needy AF…


  • If you are desperately focused on the lack of money, you cannot attract money…
  • If you are hoping and wishing that the next client signs up, you will not attract your next client…
  • If you are desperately checking your phone for the guy’s text message he is not texting…


Everything you desire is because of how you think having the thing is going to make you feel.


You think that having the money will make you feel relieved or being in the relationship will make you feel loved.  You think having the clients will make you feel successful and having the new vendors sell your products will make you feel validated.


Guess what?


All of those feelings are available to you now.


Even without the “thing,”  you can access those feelings, emotions, thoughts and all the goodness now.  


You can be in the vibration of having all of those things NOW.  


It is a choice.

It is YOUR choice.







The one way to no longer feel NEEDY AF is to give whatever you think that you are missing from this experience to YOURSELF.


Example 1

If you think that the relationship with whomever you really want will make you feel safe or loved and adored…


  • Give yourself the feeling of safety and security.  
  • Fall in love with yourself.  
  • Feel the feeling of being loved and adored.


What makes you feel safe right now?  What in your life can you love? Who in your existing circle do you love?  Do you realize that you are loved and adored by The Universe.


Example 2

If you think that losing 50lbs is going to make you feel sexier and happier and healthier….


  • Give yourself the feeling of sexy
  • Choose to feel happier.
  • Do things that make you feel healthier.


What makes you feel sexy?  Could you buy clothing that fits your new curves and looks great on you NOW?  Could you love your body as it is and feel love for yourself. What choices make you feel even a little bit healthier?  What could you do right now to be happier?


I will say it again…


The one way to no longer feel NEEDY AF is to give whatever you think that you are missing from this experience to YOURSELF.




Journal Prompt Exercise to Get Rid of Those Needy AF Vibes

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What do I think that _______ is going to give me?


What would it feel like to give _______ to myself?


How does the version of me who already has the (fill in the blank…money, clients, customers, relationship, etc) feel?


What does the version of me who already has the ________ do?


What does the version of me who already has the ________ say?


What does the version of me who already has the ________ create?



Then take whatever you wrote in your journal exercise above into your day and choose to give whatever it is you want to yourself.


Choose to be the person who already has the money, relationship, clients and or customers.  Speak and answer questions as that woman. Be in your power NOW. Watch how fast you attract exactly what you desire into your REALITY.


Have you ever felt Needy AF?    Tell me about it below!




JOURNAL PROMPT EXERCISE: What do I think that _______ is going to give me? What would it feel like to give _______ to myself? How does the version of me who already has the (fill in the, clients, customers, relationship, etc) feel?Click To Tweet







Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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