How to Easily Follow Your Intuition


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Despite what you may believe or what you are experiencing, following your intuition can be easy.  In this article, I talk about what Intuition is and why it is so important for manifesting anything in your life.  Also find out 6 ways to more easily connect with your intuition.


In this article find out:

  • (1) What is Intuition & Why You Care About It
  • (2) 4 Reasons You find Following Your Intuition Difficult
  • (3) My Intuition Story and how I went from STUCK and FRUSTRATED to FLOWING and INSPIRED
  • (4) 6 Ways to Easily Connect With Your Intuition






Despite what you may believe…following your intuition can be easy.  You hear this all the time: “Follow Your Gut.” “Listen to your Heart.”  “Follow your Soul’s Guidance.”


But what does all that mean?  


Why are you so terrified to take action and actually do what your gut, heart or soul is telling you?




Why can you not even hear what your heart or soul is telling you to do?


We will get to all of your questions but before I do, let’s get the basics out of the way so we can be on the same page.


What is Intuition anyway?


The traditional definition is “intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without need for conscious reasoning” or “the thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”


My simple sweet definition:  



Your Intuition is YOUR SOUL SPEAKING to you.  Your Intuition is connected to Source – God – The Universe – Guidance – whatever you like to call it.


Other names for Intuition: Gut Feeling, Hunch, Feeling In My Bones, Deep Knowing, etc…  Keyword in here is FEELING.


Your Intuition is YOUR SOUL SPEAKING to you.  Your Intuition is connected to Source - God - The Universe - Guidance - whatever you like to call it.Click To Tweet



Have you experienced this?


You ignored your gut feeling and you missed out on something and you ended up regretting it.    You thought you knew better but in hindsight, you realized you didn’t.




Maybe you waited and waited and by the time you decided to do whatever your gut was telling you to do.  




Here’s the thing…


Your intuition is here for you.  


Your gut instinct is here to guide you to the next aligned action that will help to elevate you to exactly what you have been asking for.   


Your intuition knows more than you do.


Your inner guide is connected to ALL THAT IS in this UNIVERSE.  


Your intuition knows the next move to make that will accomplish triple what your physical brain was going to do.


Listening to your intuition will get you into the flow! 



Listening to your intuition will get you into the flow! Click To Tweet




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4 Reasons Why Trusting Your Intuition is Difficult For You

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There is so much information available to you.  Often times you hear things over and over again and you assume you know all there is to know about a particular topic.  However, do you realize that the moment you think that you know it all, that is the moment that you have stopped yourself from expanding and learning more?


It is IMPOSSIBLE for any one person to know IT ALL.  You can learn from anyone at any time in any situation, EVEN IF it is learning what NOT to DO.  (Go ahead laugh.  That was funny.)


My point here is that opening your mind to learning something new even when you think you have heard all you have heard about a situation will OPEN YOURSELF up to HEARING what your Soul has been telling you.


Your Soul does know it all.  Your Intuition is ONE with God (The Universe or whatever else you love to refer to Source Energy as).  Because of this Your Soul knows everything that you need to know about everything.


However, often times you aren’t in the space to hear whatever you need to hear from your Inner Guide, so your soul will lead you to a particular blog (like this one) or class or video.  Listening or Reading will give you that one idea or that one inspiration that was exactly what you were looking for.


You don’t know it all but you are connected to and ONE WITH Source who does.  Listening and being OPEN to hear whatever is being said will get you to the places you have been trying to go for months.







You think that your intuition will come 10 Commandments style with the fire and rain and thunderbolts.  


But guess what?


Nope.  The majority of the time, your soul is speaking to you through your feelings or in a still small voice.  Your FEELINGS and DESIRES are leading you exactly where you need to go, however, you have to trust them. (See #4 Trust for more on that.)


Don’t expect The Universe to come down with winds and rain to speak to you.  Trust that if you feel led or you feel inspired to do something or go somewhere that it is your intuition speaking to you.  Trust that your instincts are trustworthy.


Listen to your instincts.  Take actions when they come. 








In addition to knowing it all, you think you have it all figured out.  Ha, sound the same…keep reading. You believe that you are superwoman and that asking for help or guidance is weak.  You don’t ask The Universe for guidance on your next steps.


So guess what?


If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.  Ask, then you Receive. If there is no asking, there is no open door for the guidance to flow into you.


Asking for help from God or a Friend or Mentor is NOT WEAKNESS.


God is here to help you ready to flow wisdom and all the things from within you.


Your High Vibe Friend is here to help you.  This person was placed in your life for this exact moment and if you felt inspired to call them to talk about this topic, it is because your intuition knew that you would receive the advice from them in the perfect and right way for you.


Your Coach is there for you.  Your Coach is helping you to connect to your own intuition.  The right Coach is speaking to you what your intuition is telling you to do.  If you hire the right tuned in and tapped in Coach, they will help to connect you to your intuition and tell you exactly what you felt led to do but didn’t trust.  Or that person will open your eyes to something that you weren’t open to yet and shine a light on what your Soul was trying to say all along.








Trust that your instincts are trustworthy.Click To Tweet



All of your life you have been taught to second guess yourself.  You have been taught to go to other people to find their thoughts on what you should do or what you should wear or say.


Advice from friends or someone you trust is not bad but when it is your GO TO WAY to make a decision, stop and think about that.  


You are connected to the ALL KNOWING INFINITE INTELLIGENCE.  You are always connected to your Soul. Your Soul ALWAYS KNOWS what to do.


However, it is important that you trust yourself.  Trust your instincts. Trust your feelings and desires.


Your desires are from the divine as they come from within.  It is important for you to trust and know that you can’t mess anything up.  You aren’t going to do anything wrong. Just listen to what you are feeling and what you feel inspired to do and take the action.


Repeat from above: Don’t expect The Universe to come down with winds and rain to speak to you.  Trust that if you feel led or you feel inspired to do something or go somewhere that it is your intuition speaking to you.



Trust that your instincts are trustworthy.



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My Intuition Story: From Stuck to Flow & From Frustrated to Inspired

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You may be asking why do you know so much about Intuition.  And I will tell you exactly why…I did each one of those 4 things listed above and I am still working on it.


NO JUDGEMENT – Remember it is a journey, not a one night stand…


Yes, I did all of the things.  I thought I knew it all.  


I thought Intuition would be one thing and it turned out to be a completely different thing.  I was waiting for the Moses level interaction when my intuition was actually a feeling and a small still voice.


I wasn’t asking for help or guidance along my path and I wasn’t trusting myself.  


Being in this manifesting and personal development world reading and studying this since I could read, often new information or nudges would come up and I would immediately dismiss them.  I wasn’t open to new information or DIFFERENT WAYS of THINKING.






Because of this, I stayed STUCK for the first few months of my businesses.  I paid thousands and thousands of dollars to amazing coaches and I did the work but I was still stuck.  I was still where I was several months later not understanding what the hell was happening.


I was a Manifesting EXPERT.  My clients were having BREAKTHROUGHS and WINS and making a shit ton of money.  I knew what I was doing.


What was the difference between myself and my clients?


My clients were coming to me with an open heart and ready to receive whatever I was teaching or speaking about.  They were open to change even if it was something that they had heard 100 times before. They were OPEN.


But for me?


I felt that I had heard everything.  


Not in a negative way, but instinctively I would be like OH YES.  I KNOW THAT. Shaking my head YES like I had heard it all BEFORE.


Then I look up and six months later I am still sitting where I was with no growth and definitely not experiencing the business explosion I expected.


When I asked God what was up…I heard that I needed to be open.  Open to my Intuition, Open to what I thought I already knew.


I would do this with everything but specifically MANIFESTING TOPICS.  I would say YES. I know that or I just taught that exact thing. Or ooh love it. We are on the SAME PAGE, etc, etc.


See none of those statements are negative but they all have a “Know it All” Vibe to them.  They are closed to the possibility of something new slipping in.


Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it is NEW.  I can listen to audios that I have listened to 50 times and STILL FIND SOMETHING NEW if that is my Intention.


And it finally clicked.




I knew that I needed to no longer look at things as if I already knew it.  Going forward, I was going to have the intention to learn SOMETHING from everything I heard.





Having the intention to have OPEN EARS and an OPEN HEART has been key in my BUSINESS SUCCESS and my overall improvement in my life.  


==> I went from being stuck with too many ideas but not implementing, to creating an awesome strategy that doubled my list in 3 weeks.


==> I also increased traffic to my site by over 1000%.


==> I am impacting more people and my audience exploded.


==> My sales increased 12 times the amount I sold over that stuck period!



Keep reading to find out the 6 things that I did that incorporated into my life that helped me go from struggling and not knowing what to do—to listening to my intuition and trusting and taking action with ease.



6 Ways To Easily Follow Your Intuition

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Here are 6 Ways to that I used to help me start to hear, listen to and easily follow and act upon my intuition.  


These are simile Woo+Do steps that will have you busting out of your current holding pattern to stepping into the Uplevel that you have been wanting and Manifesting what you DESIRE more Quickly.




Quiet Your Mind for a little bit of time.  10 minutes a day.


You don’t have to be a meditation expert.  You can focus on a word for the 10 minutes.  I like to say Thank You and feel a bunch of Gratitude during my 10 Minute Meditation Time.  


You can use an app like Calm or one of the many other Meditation Apps to help.  


Or you can set a 10-minute timer on your phone and go.


You will lose your concentration or think about something and that is OK!  Just return to your word of whatever you are focusing on. If that thought comes back,  jot it done in a note or in your journal (see #2). Then you can release it and return to it after you are done.


After you quiet your mind, then after that ask what is the most aligned action for you to take next.




Journal for 10-15 minutes a day.  Get a simple notebook or diary and begin to write.  It really is that simple.


Do Stream of Consciousness Journaling.  You can pick a topic or a situation that you would like to know more about.  Or a situation that you have questions about. Just write your intention for your journaling session and then listen to what is coming up from within and write it down.


Trust that this guidance is coming from within and can be trusted.  Trust that it is something that you need to know.


There are different ways to journal.  You can Journal with a Manifestation focus.  You can Shift through Journaling. You can Lift your vibration through journaling.  You do affirmation journaling by writing what you are affirming into your life and so many other journaling techniques.  


Then after journaling, ask what is the most aligned action for you to take next. (See the theme?  Asking? AlignedSoul Action Taking?)


Have no clue how to Journal?  


Take my COMPLIMENTARY 5 Day Journaling Challenge.  You can learn how to Journal with a Manifestation Focus.


Then when you are finished that you can integrate that information and take it to the PhD level with Journal Manifest Win.  This is my most popular and TOP SELLING COURSE that takes you through a 30-day Integration Journey to help you Manifest what you desire and WIN at Life.






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Let Go of Control and Be Open.  Let go of trying to control the details.  Allow yourself to show an idea or direction.  Be open to something that may be totally different than what you may have initially thought of.


Take it from me…You don’t know it all.  There is something you can learn in anything at any time but you have to go into everything with the INTENTION of taking something out of it that works for you.






Take Tiny Actions every day throughout the day that you feel led to do and TRUST that those actions are the right actions that you were led to take.  The more you step up and trust the more you will get more confident.


The more confident you are the more you are in the energy of BEING the woman (or man) who already has what you desire.  Being confident and taking action with confidence feeds more knowing and inner trust.


Intuition is a Muscle and It needs to be conditioned and trusted.


The more you practice trust the more you build that Intuition Muscle.  


The way you condition and trust your Intuition is by trusting your feelings and taking action throughout the day.





Get Curious.  Ask more and more questions.  Be observant and look at your situation through the eyes of wonder similar to a child and be open to possibilities.


Asking questions is a wonderful way to open up to a multitude of outcomes and possibilities.


Open your journal and just write the questions that are on your mind.  Write them with the intention of RECEIVING the answers throughout your day and week.  


Do not go LOOKING FOR the ANSWERS.  Allow yourself to be OPEN TO RECEIVE the answers.

Quite often I receive answers to all of my questions over a few days.  And they come in a multitude of ways like a TV Show, a conversation with a friend, a Billboard or a song on the radio.


Your Soul is ready to tune you to the perfect answer for you.  All you have to do is ask.






Take Immediate Action when you feel led to take action.  Do not delay. The universe rewards speed.  Normally there is a reason why you are feeling led to move at a specific time.


If your intuition is telling you to go to Starbucks, GO!  You don’t need to know why. Trust that your intuition is leading you in the direction you are meant to go.  Know that the Why isn’t your business right now. Just go.


Soul doesn’t tell you everything because it doesn’t want you to get all balled up and scared.


If you knew you were going to meet the love of your life in Starbucks today, you would shave and do your hair and get makeup done and guess what… You would miss him because you were primping and “getting ready.”


The Universe honors SPEED and DECISION.


Go with your instincts IMMEDIATELY and take advantage of the cooperative component and sweet amazing whatever God has set along your TRAIL!


Repeat from above: Intuition is a Muscle and It needs to be conditioned and trusted.



The way you condition and trust your Intuition is by trusting your feelings and taking action throughout the day.


Ask what you next AlignedAction is for the day.  Ask what should I do next. Don’t be surprised, it could be anything.


If you get the urge to take a nap, Do it.  If you get the desire to go to yoga, get your mat and go.  Listen to your desires and trust that they are leading you in the right direction.



How to Connect to Your Intuition & Ways to Strengthen It

This Episode 103 of The Woo and The Do Podcast Talks about Intuition


Learn how to Connect, Ways to Strengthen it & What we do to take AlignedSoul Action Intuition is what helps you get off the hamster wheel and stop living a life of exhaustion.


If you are tired to taking 100 steps only to move 1 step forward, this podcast is for you.  Listening and acting upon your intuition will help you take 1 step and allows the Universe to help you take 100 steps forward. Tapping into your Intuition makes all the difference between living your best life with ease and Pushing Yourself to Exhaustion.


It is the difference between Hustle and Hustle Flow!




JOURNAL PROMPT 1:  If I were listening to my intuition right now, what would Aligned Action would I be taking right now?  


JOURNAL PROMPT 2:  If I trusted that I couldn’t mess anything up and that my feelings and desires were safe guidance, what action would I take right now.




JOURNAL PROMPT 1: If I were listening to my intuition right now, what aligned action would I be taking action on right now? // JOURNAL PROMPT 2: If I trusted that I couldn’t mess anything up and that my feelings and desires were safe guidance, what action would I take right now.Click To Tweet





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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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