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In this article, I talk all about how to step up and allow your life to unfold the way you desire.  Learn how to be your own PR Rep and shift your story to the way you want it to be. Get ready to learn the following:


  • What stories are you telling yourself
  • How your stories are affecting your vibration
  • What you can do to shift your vibration
  • 6 steps to journal your way to a new story


Your life is Your Story.  Become Your Own PR Person & Put Your Own Spin On It.  There are so many stories that you tell yourself do not serve you.  Well, I have news for you.

This is your life.


This is your story.


You get to co-create your life with God/the Divine/theUniverse/Source!  This means that you get to become AWARE of the STORIES you are telling yourself and you can RE-WRITE them the way you want them to go.

I have a question for you…Are you writing the life story you want or are you just going with the way things have always been? 


Guess What?  You can put your own spin on it.





What stories are you telling yourself?  If you have no clue, you can look at the actual life and experiences you are living right now and get a great idea.

  • You may be saying to your friends life is hard.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • I’m not good at relationships.
  • All Men cheat.
  • People won’t like my product.
  • This person is doing better than me.  
  • I am not good with money.
  • I can’t do this.
  • I could never be as successful as her.


Or maybe you are even saying this…


  • I wish I could one day have my own company.
  • I wish I would have a relationship just like that one day.
  • I wish I could have more money in my bank.
  • I wish, I wish, I wish.
  • One day, One Day, One Day.


Either way, those stories are keeping you where you are.  All of the stories you are telling yourself are reiterating what is and manifesting MORE WHAT IS.   Whatever the case may be, if you are telling stories like the above or anywhere near them, they will never get you where you want to be.


Why?  Because you aren’t telling the story you want to live.  


Remember this life is YOUR Story.


I know, I know, I know… I have heard it all before from my clients.


  • “It’s hard to do that.”
  • “Isn’t that lying.”
  • “Isn’t that living in a fantasy world?”



Blah blah blah blah blah.








It is common that you just go through the motions. You are humming along at the same vibration all day every day.  Yes, sometimes you may dip a little up or down but no true variation. You aren’t taking any chances. You aren’t making any changes.  Yet you sit and ask why your life isn’t what you desire it to be.


Bae-Bae… if you want something to change then you need to change something.  You can’t keep telling yourself the same story, doing and thinking the same things and expect to different results.


Your vibrational frequency is what attracts you to want you desire. (Law of Attraction + Law of Vibration).  Your vibration is made up of your Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Intentions, and Actions.  If you want to learn more about vibration check out my article explaining the Law of Vibration here.



If your story is that you are bad with money or that money doesn’t grow on trees, then you are thinking, feeling, intentions and taking actions in alignment with those beliefs.

Your core beliefs are that:

  • Money is Hard.
  • I can never have more money than I have now.
  • Abundance is Limited for me.

Your vibration aligned with you never having enough money.  Your thoughts are in line with money being hard for you and difficult.


When live your life, think the same thoughts and tell yourself the same stories, you will stay at the same vibration.  It is (almost) impossible for your to attract something new and different in your life when you keep doing and thinking and being the same.




So now that you know what your thoughts are and what story you are telling to yourself.



(1) Feel it. See it. Be it. NOW.

In order to change your story, you need to become who you desire to be and starting thinking, feeling, emoting, intending and acting like her.   You have to write your story exactly the way you would like it.  Feel it. See it. Be it. NOW.



(2) Be Your Own Spin Doctor

But since that may be too much for you have another suggestion… Be your own PR person.  Be your own Spin Doctor.   Celebrities have PR reps.  Politicians have Spin Doctors. A Spin Doctor is defined as a person responsible for ensuring that others interpret an event from a particular point of view.


What if you could be your own Spin Doctor?


What if you could look at a situation and just spin it to your own advantage?   The goal in life is to VIBE HIGH and be in ALIGNMENT so why not see every situation in your favor in whatever way possible?  Every stop sign, every “delay”, every dream, every conversation, everything you watch on TV, everything you hear on the radio…everything is FOR you.     And when someone asks you a question about where you are going or what you are doing, don’t just blurt out the negative shitty normal answer you would give.  Think of what your PR rep would say or advise you to say.





(3) WWMPRD (what would my pr rep do)

Let’s say your boutique business doesn’t appear to be growing and something asks you “How is business going?”  What could you say?

“I am so excited about it.  Everyday is getting better and better.  I am attracting more and more customers.  Did you see that cool post on Instagram yesterday of the hot new pieces?”




Single ladies how about this…Say you haven’t dated anyone in a long time.  But you are focused on knowing that the relationship is there ready for you and you are getting more ready everyday.



Then someone asks the dreaded question: “How is dating going?”

You can respond:  “You know I am loving this single time!  I can date AND have my personal me time too!  It is fabulous!  I am having so much fun!

Just have fun with it.  Take it step by step. Little by little. This is your life.  This is your story.  Re-write it.  Tell it how you want to tell it.




What about the money example above?  When you feel like you don’t have enough or a bill comes due…  what do you do?   Well, see the situation as getting better.  Know that money is unlimited and it can flow to you through many ways including but not limited to your job and so many other ways.  So your thoughts change to thinking about more than enough. You start to see how you are taken care of and things are working for you and in your favor.


FYI:  I am not taking about Spiritual By Passing or Faking Til You Make it.   I am speaking about you truly feeling and recognizing what is there, feeling the feelings of what is happening and then CHOOSING to shift and believe something different. 



The Number 1 way to shift your story is by JOURNALING.

 Below find out the 6 steps to writing your new story with journaling.









6 Steps to Journal Your Way to a New Story

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Here are 6 Steps to Write Your New Story via Journaling




Write down your current story.  What is going on?  What are you thinking and feeling about your situation?  What thoughts and feelings are you consistently feelings?  What are the core beliefs you have about where you are and what is going on.



I feel as though there is never enough money.  I am always struggling.  I get pissed when I see everyone else is doing better than me.  I am stuck at the dead end job and there is no other options for me.  I am so limited.  And truly I am not good with money.  I have all of this debt and my business that I tried to start failed so I am stuck in this job.  This sucks.




Look at what you wrote.  And write the question, Is this really true?

Of course the answer is NO.  No it isn’t true.  If it was true you wouldn’t have the desire within yourself to experience something different.  You can always trust your desires because they are DI-VINE and from The Divine.   AND what you desire is already available to you RIGHT NOW which is why they are coming up.



Is this really true?





Now tell yourself the truth.  Your new truth.  What do you want to believe?  What does the you



Is it really true that I never have enough?  My rent was paid this month.  I have a roof over my head.  I ate today.  Life really isn’t that bad.  Yes, it is true that I do not have enough right now to pay this bill but I know that I have been taken care of.

And am I really stuck at this job?  There are always other opportunities if I allow myself to be open to leaving.


And there are more millionaires in this day and time than have ever existed before.  This means that the world is more abundant.  And if there are more millionaires that means there is more abundance than ever.  And if abundance is more than ever that means that maybe it really is unlimited.


And did I really fail at my business?  Really, decided that the business as it was wasn’t truly what I desired.  The business wasn’t lighting me up.  So now I feel like instead of failing it was me putting myself in a good position to do what I desire.





Now that you see what is true about this situation, what story do you want to tell?  Think about the you who has the money flowing with ease.  Think about the you who has a booming business or has the promotion and the money is overflowing.  You always have more than enough.


What stories is she saying to herself? 





Now write this story with feeling and emotion.  Tap into that part of you who already is doing the thing and living the life you desire.




Money is unlimited.  Money is always flowing to me with ease.  Everything I do, everything I launch works.  And when it doesn’t it is for my best.  Nothing is a failure in my world.  It all is learnings.  I always have more than enough.  I am unavailable for paying for anything late.  I always pay everything on time before it is due. AND every time money goes out it comes back into my account three fold.





From there pick out what your new beliefs are.  Because once you identify these beliefs you can continue to condition your mindset and subconscious to align with these new beliefs and make them your DEFAULT beliefs thus changing your DEFAULT VIBRATION.



New Core Beliefs:

  • Money is Unlimited
  • Overflow is my new #Normal
  • Money flows to me from many ways
  • I can be successful at all I do
  • I love Money and Money loves me





For the next 14 days, focus on reinforcing your new Core Beliefs in your journaling every morning.

  • Start off your day writing what your new beliefs are.
  • How does life go for you now?
  • What is your new #normal?
  • Affirm and feel how it feels now that this is just how it is for you.

Then become aware of what inspiration hits you.  Then DO IT!  Intentional Manifesting is all about you taking the inspired action as it comes.  The Universe honors SPEED and DECISION!


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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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