The One Activity I Use to Manifest

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It has been one year since I left 20+ years in Corporate America behind and began my full-time journey in Transformational Mentoring and Manifestation Coaching.  In this article, I talk about my journey and I tell you the ONE ACTIVITY that I used to Manifest the Life I am living now plus I give you the 4 Pillars of Speedy Transformation.

Read to find out:

  • 1)  From Frustration to Freedom: My Journey One Year Later
  • 2)  The ONE Activity that I used to Manifest
  • 3)  Three (3) reasons why Journaling Works
  • 4)  Four (4) Pillars of Speedy Transformation
  • 5)  Journal, Manifest & Win



As of the writing of this article, it has been one year since I left 20+ years in Corporate America behind and began my full-time journey in Transformational Mentoring and Manifestation Coaching.   I can’t believe how fast time seems to fly.

Looking back on where I was and where I am today. It feels like NIGHT vs. DAY.

I was really successful in what I did.  I was a Corporate Executive and I had an awesome team but I wasn’t inspired.  I always knew from a very young age that I was meant to have my own business.

I knew this was something that I truly desired but for years I let traditional thinking and fear stopped me.

I did what was expected of me.  I went to school. I got great grades.  I got the corporate job and I moved up the ladder.

But I wasn’t happy.  I would suggest great ideas and forward-thinking programs but the company I worked for wasn’t ready for it.

I took great pleasure in Mentoring and Coaching.  Being a Manager was everything to me and my team mattered most.  However, one day I was told that since I was great at both creative and strategic, they wanted to give my team to someone else and let me focus on what was most important for the company.

I was devastated.  My team was devastated.

It was at this exact moment that I realized that something had to change.  

Why was I so heartbroken that my team was being taken away?

What did this despair show me?

What I realized after journaling and diving into what I truly wanted was to focus on Mentoring and Coaching.  It was what I was born to do. Infusing both Spiritual and Practical Principles was my way of getting my team to highly outperform everyone.  And I enjoyed seeing their success and helping them to thrive.

It was after I got clear on what I desired that I was able to intentionally manifest where I wanted to go.

That day I remember writing down two things:

(1) I am leaving Corporate by March 31st, 2018

  • I didn’t know how that was going to happen. It was less than 3 months away.

(2) I want to be paid double the money and work half the hours.  

  • I didn’t know how that was going to happen.  I just wanted it.

Are you Frustrated and don’t know why?   

Check out this article on How to Know When It is Time to Move On.

Keep reading to find out the ONE ACTIVITY that I Used to Manifest the Life I wanted with EASE.

The One Activity I Use to Manifest

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As I think about the HOW and the WHAT attributed to me being able to go from being frustrated to living a life of freedom that I absolutely love, I can say that 100% it was Journaling or Scripting whatever you want to call it.  I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.  I am known as the Journaling Queen. And this is pretty accurate as I have been writing my reality since I was 6 years old

Journaling every day changed my life.

However, to design the life that I am living right now, I wrote in my Journal every single day.  Each morning, I stepped into the energy of having what I desired by writing about it, how it felt and what I was doing from the perspective of already having.

I remember I would try to visualize or create a vision board etc.  But neither one of those activities could get me into the feeling of having.  Neither one of those activities helped me to shift my deep seeded limiting beliefs or get more deeply into my subconscious.

The day my team was being taken away from me I began to intentionally use my words to design the life I wanted in a specific way.

I got clear, I focused, I felt how it felt to already have it and I stopped putting it ahead in the future, I started to feel it now.


Remember the two statements that I wrote:

(1) I am leaving Corporate by March 31st, 2018

I ended up leaving Corporate in April 2018.  It was one month later than I wrote in my journal BUT it was the perfect time because I was actually laid off with an amazing severance which was exactly what I needed.

(2) I want to be paid double the money and work half the hours.

As soon as I wrote this statement and started to write this statement every day, I started seeing advertisements for becoming a coach and mentor.  I would hear about coachings making twice their Corporate Salaries working ½ the hours. The Universe was sending me so many signs as to what my next steps were.  To read more about Signs from the Universe go here: The Universe is Speaking To You.

Why did journaling work?

There are many scientific reasons why writing helps you transform.

Scientific Reason 1 – Writing Enhances Your Brain’s Focus

Writing with your hand stimulates Reticular Activating System portion of the brain.  The RAS prioritizes and focuses on what you are writing and filters other stuff out.

Writing will help your brain focus on what you want.  When your brain is on board and you truly feel whatever you are writing or thinking about, the brain and subconscious cannot tell the difference of you actually experiencing this or just writing and thinking about it

When you write the way I teach in Journal Manifest Win, you are actually vibrating in alignment with what you desire.


Scientific Reason 2: Journaling Removes Mental Blocks

When you write you access the left side of the brain that is the analytical and rational side.  In doing this, your right brain becomes free to intuit, feel and create. The act of writing helps to remove mental blocks and allows you to use your brain power to better understand the world and yourself.  


Scientific Reason 3: Journaling has Many Benefits


  • By writing you get to know how you feel.  You become more aware of what is going on with you.  Awareness is everything! You will begin to see things in different ways and even understand different perspectives.  Most importantly you begin to understand yourself and what is going on with you.


  • Connecting to your Soul is both The AlignedSoul Reason & Scientific.  Science calls it your inner world, your innermost thoughts, and feelings.  I call it your Soul – That part of you that is connected to Source (God, The Universe, Guidance, etc whatever you call it.)  By tapping into your inner world — your feelings and emotions and what is going on inside, you become aware of the infinite intelligence and can better hear what your Soul is guiding you to do.


  • Whatever you don’t understand or know, if you spend time writing down what is going on in your head, you will quickly begin to connect with your inner world/your subconscious.  You can then begin to become aware of what you feel and how you feel.

While those Scientific reasons are great, it wasn’t just the scientific reasons above that played a role in my speedy transformation.  


It is THE WAY that I journaled.  

What worked was:

  • What I wrote and the Way I wrote it
  • What I focused on and Most importantly what I FELT as I wrote


When intentionally manifesting anything you desire what is important?


In order to manifest anything in your life, you have to be ALIGNED with the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY of whatever that is.

What makes up your vibration?

Your vibration is made up of Your Thoughts + Your Feelings + Your Decisions + Your Intentions + Your Actions.

Beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking and become apart of your subconscious.  Those Beliefs drive how you Feel about a situation. Those Feelings are underlying your Intentions.  Your Intentions feed your Decisions and your Decisions drive your Actions.

The quickest way to connect to the energetic vibration of a situation is to EMBODY it.  

Fully Embodying the Vibration of Something means bringing a specific feeling/emotion into your Body, Mind & Soul and feeling it tangibly.

I used my journaling to shift my thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, and actions to align with THE ME who already had the freedom, the business and no longer worked her Corporate Job.

I used my journaling to shift my thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions and actions to align with the me who already had the freedom, the business and no longer worked her Corporate Job.

In order to manifest anything in your life, you have to BECOME IT FIRST!  I like to describe it as BEING HER NOW which helps you to ALIGN with whatever you are co-creating in your life more quickly.

In traditional Law of Attraction teaching, you often hear about “Acting As If.”  However, instead of only Acting, you are BEING IT NOW.  There is a subtle difference.

Acting As If has an energy of pretending.  It feels as if you do not believe.

Being It Now is energetically EMBODYING whatever it is you are becoming NOW.  No acting is necessary because whatever you desire is available to you RIGHT NOW.  Whatever you want is yours and all you need to do is ALIGN WITH IT NOW.


Read further to find out the 4 Pillars of Speedy Transformation that all played a role in why Journaling was so effective for me.


In order to BECOME the me who already was living her best life NOW FAST, I needed to do 4 things.  As I began doing them and working with my clients, I noticed that these 4 things were PILLARS to FAST TRANSFORMATION.



In order to BECOME the Me who already was not working in Corporate and who had a ton of freedom, I had to have clarity on what I truly wanted.  I also needed clarity on how this ME thought, what she desired, what actions did she take, what intentions did she have, what decisions did she make and most important how did she FEEL?

Clarity is something that is taught very often but not really mastered.  Many times you are scared to actually be TRUTHFUL with yourself.  You don’t want to be honest for reasons like fear of failure or fear of doing something wrong or not being loved after you get whatever you want.

So included in getting clarity is understanding what your current feelings are about this situation.  You don’t have to go digging up any limiting beliefs because once you DECIDE to BE they pop up ready to be unwrapped, loved, appreciated and shifted.

In Pillar 1 you are getting CLARITY ON:

  • Your overall life
  • What you REALLY want
  • What Beliefs you have that do not support it
  • What Beliefs you now choose that align

For More on Clarity Read “Clarity Is Queen.”



Now that you are CLEAR on your total life, you need to FOCUS on ONE SPECIFIC CATEGORY.  Focus is so important because where your FOCUS GOES GROWS.


I know, you want it all and guess what you will have it all.  But it is important for you to get some momentum going in the direction of what you want.  Focusing on ONE THING will help you to intensify the impact and quickly step into the energy of HAVING.

Whatever you FOCUS ON  you ALIGN WITH.  Whatever you are focusing on your are becoming an ENERGETIC MATCH WITH.  And the Universe/God mirrors and amplifies what you are putting out there and brings it to you.   

The only reason you don’t have something in your life is that you aren’t aligned with whatever that thing you want is.  Therefore, it is necessary for you to create MOMENTUM by becoming ALIGNED with whatever it is you desire.  Allow the HAVING OF vs. the WANTING OF to become your DEFAULT VIBRATION.  

By focusing, you allow whatever you want to become a #normal and #ofcourse vibration vs. an “out there” “hope” or “wish” vibration.

Recap, in Pillar 2 you are getting FOCUSING ON:

  • Your Specific Desire
  • Getting even more CLARITY about this Specific Desire
  • You are becoming ALIGNED with the Specific Desire

For More on Focus Read “5 Ways to Improve Your Focus”.



Now that you are not only clear on how you want your LIFE to look but also what you want specifically, it is time to dive into the FEELINGS.

The Universe is a MIRROR that reflects back to you whatever matches your Vibrational Frequency.  The Universe doesn’t discriminate. It reflects back to you whatever frequency you are emitting.  The Universe speaks in Feelz. 


You can repeat all the positive stuff you want but if you aren’t feeling it… GUESS WHAT?  The Universe is hearing what you FEEL not what you SAY.

By getting clear on what it feels like to ALREADY HAVE what you want, you are ALIGNING with it.  Writing from the perspective of it already being done and feeling how it feels in your body, helps you to EMBODY those feelings.

Guess What?  

It will not be all rainbows and butterflies either.   Feelings and Beliefs that are contrary to what you desire will come up.  This is why in Journal Manifest Win, I teach you how to shift whatever comes up super fast so that you can get back to the feelings of BEING and HAVING NOW.

Recap, in Pillar 3 you are FEELING ALL THE FEELZ:

  • Feel the Feelings of HAVING AND BEING NOW
  • Shift whatever comes up that doesn’t ALIGN

For More on Feeling Your Feelings Fully Read:  “Go Ahead Get Emotional” and “How to Feel Your Feelings Fully”.



In order to quickly manifest anything, you have to BE vs. WANT.  You have to HAVE vs. looking forward to having.  Piller 4 is all about Forgetting about the Future and BEING IT NOW.


Everything you want is coming up as a desire from within you BECAUSE IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU.  It is something that you already have RIGHT NOW.

Quantum Physics explains that all POSSIBILITIES EXIST in THIS PRESENT MOMENT.  The life that you are living right now is based on your VIBRATION (remember thoughts, feelings, intentions, decisions, and actions).

I often see clients who are so excited to have whatever they want that they look forward to the day when….

That focus on Looking Forward to When… is the exact reason why they never manifest what they desire or why it takes so damn long.

When you look forward to something, you are putting it off in the future vs. BEING IT NOW.  You are not aligning to having it. You are aligning to looking forward to what it would be like when you are lucky enough for it to make an appearance in your life.

This is the exact opposite of Intentional Creation and Quantum Manifestation.

No more When it is all about NOW.


Recap, in Pillar 4 you are BEING NOW

  • Forget the Energy of Hoping and Wishing
  • Forget the Future it is ALL about NOW
  • Quantum Leap from where you are to where you desire to be

To learn more about Quantum Shifting and Manifesting Quickly, Join Journal Manifest Win, The Course I created that takes you through each of these four pillars and helps you to integrate journaling into your everyday life.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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