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Go ahead.  Be Emotional.  Feel Those Feelz .  You’ll Manifest Faster!  YEP, You read it right.  Feel those feelz girl and you will manifest your dream life faster.  In this article find out:

  1. Why it is important to Feel Fully
  2. Why is feeling the feels so HARD?
  3. One Question to ask Yourself to Feel the feeling of what you desire




In the Intentional Manifestation world, matching the Vibration of whatever you desire is necessary in order for you to allow it to unfold into your life.


What is your Energetic Vibration?  Your Energetic Vibration is made up of you Thoughts, Beliefs, Feelings, Intentions, Decisions and Actions.


The Universe is a MIRROR that reflects back to you whatever matches your Vibrational Frequency.  The Universe doesn’t discriminate. It reflects back to you whatever frequency you are emitting.


The Universe speaks in Feelz.  


You can repeat all the positives shyt you want but if you aren’t feeling it GUESS WHAT?  

The Universe is hearing what you FEEL not what you SAY.


To make it super easy, I like to see Vibration in this manner:

Thoughts ==> Beliefs ==> Feelings ==> Intentions ==> Decisions ==> Actions


Beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking and become apart of your subconscious.  Those Beliefs drive how you Feel about a situation.  Those Feelings are underlie your Intentions.  Your Intentions feed your Decisions and your Decisions drive your Actions.


The quickest way to connect to the energetic vibration of a situation is to EMBODY it.  The English definition of the word Embody means to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).


For The AlignedSoul, Fully Embodying the Vibration of Something means bringing a specific feeling/emotion into your Body, Mind & Soul and feeling it feeling it tangibly.




Society has taught us that Feelings are wrong.  The word “emotional” is used negatively. Women are told constantly that they are “too emotional” or that they are thinking with their “heart” and not their “head” so it is negative.


After spending over 20 years in the Corporate world, it was common to minimize your feelings and emotions.  What could be more horrible than crying in front of your boss and being called “emotional”?



For years, I had serious limiting beliefs about feelings.  I was taught to remain calm cool and collected at all times. Being in touch with my feelings made me a “weak, emotional” woman.  Expressing my feelings made me irrational and unable to be a leader.


Who decided that BULL SHIT?  

It makes no damn sense.


I receive countless requests from my readers, students and clients to help them understand how to FEEL a specific FEELINGS fully.  


Being aware of what you are feeling has been conditioned away so deeply you have absolutely idea.  You are reaching for feelings but you have smothered your FEELINGS for so long and so well, when you try to bring up any kind of FEELZ the emotions are muted and barely there.


You can get yourself back into the practice of becoming aware of what you are feeling and and acknowledging your feelings with ease but it comes from practice.  


Intentionally tapping into the Energetic Vibration of whatever you are Manifesting into your NOW Reality, takes practice.  Intentionally feeling the being of whatever you desire is something you can do daily throughout the day until it becomes your default vibration.





The Single Question to Ask Yourself To Help You Fully Feel

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In order to tap into the Energetic Vibration of whatever it is you want, you an ask this ONE QUESTION…


How would it FEEL to have xxx?  How would it feel to be xxx? Or How would it feel to do xxx?


It really is that easy.


Example:  How would it feel to have $20K in my bank account? 


When you ask your brain, how would it feel to have, be or do whatever it is you want, your brain goes directly to that feeling.  Turn on a timer for 2 minutes and continue to imagine that scenario and feel it.


Done and Done.  In that 2 minutes you were aligned with the Energetic Vibration of whatever it is you want.


Here are questions you can journal on to feel the feelings and tap into the vibration while you are writing.



  • What is your big vision that you are aligning with?
  • What feelings do you believe you will feel when it actualizes it in your life?
  • Write one page in your journal for each feeling.
  • How does it feel when you are that particular feeling?
  • What are you experiencing when you are feeling this feeling?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are you seeing?
  • What are you touching?
  • What are you hearing?
  • What are you smelling?


After you finish writing in your journal, read whatever it is you wrote.  Feel the feeling as you read what you wrote aloud.




For the next few days, intend to be aware of how you are feeling.   As soon as an emotional comes up don’t immediately smother them.  


For example, when you are happy REALLY feel happy.


Am I giving you licence to act like a crazy biyatch?  


Well, that is up to you.  You choose how you want to feel.  You also choose how you want to present yourself to the world.


When you desire to create something in your life, REALLY emotionally connect to it.  As yourself the questions below:

  • What is your why?
  • What emotions do you believe you will feel with you actualize whatever it is you desire?  
  • Those end feelings, are you truly FEELING them?
  • Are you feeling it in your body?
  • Does it feel real for you


Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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