5 Ways to Improve Your Focus


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In this article, I talk all about Focus and how it is the key to Intentionally Manifesting what you want with ease.

Find out:

  • (1) Why focus is difficult
  • (2) Why it is important
  • (3) Five (5) ways you can both clean up and improve your focus
  • (4) What I do to clean up and improve my focus and how I implement these 5 ways in my life. Examples are EVERYTHING right?







Abraham Hicks says “The Key to Happily Ever After is the clean up you Focus.”


I get it! Focus can be hard because there are distractions everywhere. On our phones, the tv, the computer, popup notifications etc…. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, oh my…


“The Key to Happily Ever After is the clean up your Focus.”  – Abraham-Hicks



I get it!  Focus can be hard because there are distractions everywhere. On our phones, the tv, the computer, popup notifications etc…. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, oh my…

It is even worse for us as women because unlike our male counterparts our brains can multitask pretty well. We do this at home in our business.

Heck, we even do it when we use the bathroom.   Who will admit to scrolling through an IG feed or responding to those emails?




Yes.  I know.  Me too.  

And the thing is… We live in this wonderful, beautiful energetic universe.

The universe is ready to manifest anything you want as soon as you are energetically aligned with whatever it is.







Whatever you FOCUS ON  you ALIGN WITH.  Whatever you are focusing on your are becoming an ENERGETIC MATCH WITH.  And the Universe/God mirrors and amplifies what you are putting out there and brings it to you.   What you FOCUS on is what you are CREATING … so like Abraham-Hicks says…Clean up your focus.


You want a rocking business or kick-ass career, you want the freedom-based life where you are traveling the world and doing you… You want the amazing relationship or …relationship(s) with the person (or persons wink- wink) of your dreams, the high rise condo, huge house or beach house, sexy body, the overflowing bank account and everything in between.



What do you focus on all day every day?

  • Are you thinking rocking business thoughts or are you moping around talking about how being an entrepreneur is hard?
  • Are you feeling how it feels to be THE BOSS and have that rocking career or are you at the water cooler complaining just like the other folks going no where fast?
  • Are you appreciating where you live right now or are you complaining about how you hate your neighborhood and your neighbors?



You cannot get to where you want to be by focusing on the negative.

EVERYTHING you desire is ALREADY CREATED.   The key to attracting (Law of Attraction) this into your reality NOW is aligning with the Vibrational Frequency of whatever you want NOW (Law of Vibration).  When you shift your focus to aligning with thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions and actions that The Future You who has whatever it is you want NOW, then you can start drawing it into your life NOW.







  • How will you feel when you have the business success?  Happy, Successful, Passionate, Thankful?
  • You are in that amazing relationship, how does that feel?  Loved, Grateful, Adored, Happy, Playful?
  • When you travel how do you feel?  Interested, Free, Passionate, Thankful, Excited?



“If you have 10 things going good and 1 thing going bad and you focus on that 1 thing that is going bad… things will get worse in all areas… If you have 10 things going bad and 1 thing going good and you focus on that 1 thing that is going good, everything will improve…” – Abraham-Hicks


FOCUS on feeling whatever the future you feelz and those feelz will allow what you desire to unfold into your current NOW Reality. It allows you to manifest EVERYTHING you want.


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Easy Ways to Improve Your Focus

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As I said above, you are in a world where you are constantly distracted.  You see shiny squirrels everywhere.  It is hard to clean up focus when you have NO focus.  You know I am all about the spiritual + the practical, so here are 5 ways you can combine both and improve your Intentional Manifesting Mojo.


Here are 5 easy ways to improve & clean up your focus!




Meditation helps train your attention. Meditating daily for 10 minutes could result in a boost in your brain power and help you stay attention longer.  Then focus on the good stuff.  Positive feelings.





This is where you focus intently on something 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Remember when you set your 25 minute timer turn off email notifications and close all social media so you can focus on what you are doing.  Whether it is your work, journaling or planning for your day, Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish the 25 minutes.  You did a great job!   Appreciation will lift your vibration and keep your vibe high.  Remember appreciation is the energy of receiving.




Success & Abundance Quiz





Go for a walk. Going outside and taking even a 5 minute break and let yourself daydream, have fun and enjoy your life.  If you are practicing the Pomodoro technique, you can use the break time to take a quick walk.  Even if it is just a walk around the room or a little dance to your favorite song, this movement helps to shift energy in the room and lift your vibration.  It also brings your body into the process.  Your body loves to move.





Speaking of your body loving to move…moving your body helps to get the energy flowing and it increases your overall brain control. Try yoga or a quick HIIT workout a few times a week and watch your focus improve.  Remember to give your body some love.  A quick positive compliment or two that you really mean will lift you and your body up.  Check out my blog Loving the Unloveable if you need a little help loving your body. 




Writing – the act of the pen to paper causes the brain to pay particular attention & focus. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes and write from the state of your future self from the person you are that has already manifested what you DECIDED is already DONE.  

  • Feel it as you are writing it.  
  • Get into the energy and the vibe of the new story being real!!
  • Tell a story with emotions and feelings and include all of your senses.  

Your brain and subconscious will not be able to tell the difference from what is “reality” and what you wrote.  Enjoy the feelings as you write.  Believe it.  Smile and feel how it feels to be who you really are.  Be that future person right NOW.









All of the above.  Well, definitely four of the five.  Read below to find out which one I am working on…





I meditate daily.  I love the Calm app.  I previously used the paid version but currently, I only use the free version now because I enjoy the nature sounds or the silence with the periodic bell.






I practice the Pomodoro Technique every day.  As a person who loves what she does and can get so zoned out, I recently found myself sitting in front of my computer for 15 or more hours a day without moving much.  Sitting this long resulted in severe lower back pain when walking.

Then I went back to doing what I used to do in my corporate job.  The Pomodoro Technique truly helps to improve my focus but it also gets me up and moving.  Doing this helps to revitalize my mind and freshen my view of whatever I am working on.

Here is a link to the iTunes app that I use to help me keep track of my 25-minute increments and actually take my 5-minute breaks.  Focus Keeper (Free Version)






I move for short periods throughout the day.   As I discussed above, I practice the Pomodoro Technique.  The movement can be as simple as me dancing to my favorite song or doing a few laps around my office area.  Whatever the case is, it shakes up the energy and brings new life to my body, my mind, and the entire room. 

My movement playlist of the moment:

BTW: I curse sometimes and my music has cursing in it too sometimes.



I would like to say I exercise every day but I don’t or should I say I hadn’t been doing it as consistently until I did what I am challenging you to to do below.   Exercising daily and consistently is a goal of mine as I am focusing on embodying my “Best Body Ever” frequency.  My favorite exercise is Hot Yoga of any kind.  The release I get is unbelievable and I always come out of class with some kind of download or great idea from guidance.  It is my happy place.

The key to staying consistent with moment, is to find something you love and to not let anything get in the way of you actually doing it.

What helped me go from 0-100 real quick was journaling about working out.  I journaled about how amazing it felt to go to yoga (or whatever your exercise of choice is) and it helped me shift my reality so fast.

My old reality was tired or too much work to do.  Once I started journaling about my amazing movements, I felt like I had so much free time to exercise and I craved doing it.



If you would like to get in more movement and keep your body happy and healthy I challenge you to journal about how amazing your exercise of choice was. 

Example:  I love waking up and going to yoga.  I feel so amazing after.  It is so easy to wake up.  My body just wakes me up at the perfect time and I have so much energy before and after class.  I love it and my body loves it even more.  I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  It is the best.

Do this for the next 7-10 days every morning and night before you go to bed.  I promise you will find out that it is so easy to get up and work out.  I normally feel the shift after 5 days and my clients have felt the shift as early as 3 days and some at the 10th day.




Speaking of journaling, I journal every single day.  Some people call it scripting, some call it journaling.  I call it the best decision I ever made.  I’ve been journaling since I was 6 years old.  Since then journaling became much more intentionally and manifestation/shifting focused but it is the same thing.  Journaling is the most life-changing activity that I do daily.  Journaling helps me not only connect with my inner knowing but I also use it specifically to manifest and tap into and embody the energy of BEING ALREADY at the Frequency of whatever it is I would like to manifest in my life.

See my favorite Journaling Tools below.


 Journaling is the most life changing activity that I do daily.







I get questions about how to journal, what to say and how to do it.  My simple answer is that there is NO SPECIFIC WAY to journal.  You really can write what is flowing up from you.  If you are journaling for manifestation, you want to tap into the energetic frequency of whatever it is you want.  It is that simple.

Understanding human nature and the desire to have examples and guidance, I created what has become my most popular course Journal |  Manifest  | Win


Journal Manifest Win is a video recording of a live 3hr online workshop where I took the attendees through everything from what journaling was, how to use journaling and why journaling is so effective all the way through to providing journal prompts (and completion time) to get clarity on what you truly want, understand your beliefs around whatever that is, shift the limiting beliefs and create an alignment practice to align with the energetic frequency of what you want now.


Journal Manifest Win includes the workshop and a 30day integration course that follows the workshop.  This 30day integration includes daily journal prompts, short daily audio teaching explaining the journal prompts, 2 Meditations and 2 Feelz Audios (want to feel joy or relief … just press play).


All of this jam-packed deep introspective content is delivered via email and has resulted in massive shifts in my life and the lives of countless students and clients.

More details and a video describing this course in more detail is at this link: Journal Manifest Win.

Go here to learn more and change your life massively.





Of course, you will notice that I provide a Journal Prompt with nearly all of my journal entries & blogs.  This is because I have noticed the difference when I committed to journaling and tapping into and connecting with my inner guidance.





JOURNAL PROMPT:  (pick your three emotions/situations – turn on the timer for 90 seconds) Get focused & Write about that emotion/situation and feel each one for the 90 seconds each.


Example:  I just had a $52K month and it was sooo easy!   Like really so so so so easy peasy!  I received a huge bonus and then this new client signed up.  Then I sold 50 of this other program!  It was sooo easy.  

I gained hundreds of followers!!!  Wholly crap, oh my gosh this was soooo easy.  I knew it could be easy but wow.  This was so very easy.  Everything just flowed.  It just happened.  I loved how easy it was.  

I received more than I could ever imagined and that was so cool.  I love how easy it is.  I love how this life is as easy as I allow it to be.  Ease and flow is my natural state.  I am having so much fun.  I love my life.



JOURNAL PROMPT:  (pick your three emotions/situations - turn on the timer for 90 seconds) Get focused & Write about that emotion/situation and feel each one for the 90 seconds each.Click To Tweet




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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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