How to Feel Your Feelings Fully

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What do you think when someone says to feel your feelings fully?  Do you realize that the only reason you want to manifest anything is because of how you think it will make you feel? When you desire to Intentionally Create your reality feeling the feelings of having whatever it is in that desired world NOW is key.

However, because being “emotional” or feeling your “feelings” are both viewed culturally as negative, you have been taught to bury them.  Therefore, when someone asks you to connect to your feelings and truly feel them it feels foreign or in someway reckless or wrong. But I have a secret for you…You Can’t Hold All the Feelz In.

You Can’t Hold All The Feelz

When I first began this conscious creation journey a long time ago, I was so focused on only feeling good vs. acknowledging all of my feelings.  By doing this, I buried my feelings and things popped up even more intense than it was before.

When I started to allow myself to become aware of, acknowledge and allow all of my feelings I started to experience quick shifts and faster manifestations.  If you have questions about this shift process, check out Video #4 on Step 3 Believe to learn more about how you can shift these feelings and open space.


Feel All The Feelz Not Just Some

After shifting the funky feelz, you create space and can now fill that space with better feelings in order to raise your energetic vibration to the energetic vibration that matches whatever it is that you would like to manifest.

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In today’s Video you’ll learn:

  • To Speak the Language of the Universe
  • That No Feelings Are Bad
  • How to Feel all of Your Feelz

Freebie Offered in this Video:

  • ?Video 5 – Get the Vibe Up Bundle and learn 11 Ways to Raise Your Vibe Quickly

About All The Feelz

If you are ready to learn more about feelings, feel them fully and manifest what you want even quicker, you will love this video!

Hugs, Kisses & All the Feelz | Christine Michelle | Take AlignedSoul™ Action Today






You have asked Universe (God, Source) for what you desire.  You have been meditating, journaling and creating so many vision boards that every magazine you own is destroyed.   But you still haven't manifested it.  You are sitting there still wondering what the heck is going on.  

==>You are super confused and keep asking what they heck is going on?

==> What are you doing wrong?

==> What is the missing piece?


Well I have news for you.  All that you have been looking for…


The only reason you haven’t manifested what you desire is that you are not aligned with it.



I REPEAT:  The only reason you haven’t manifested what you desire is that you ARE NOT ALIGNED WITH IT… not yet.

Often with my clients, I notice that they “think” they are aligned but they truly aren’t.  After a conversation about what they desire and their why, feelings and all the other goodness, it is clear that they aren’t aligned with it.   In fact they are aligned with not having it which is why what they want isn’t there.





I am offering Complimentary 30 min Alignment Assessment sessions.

==>Free 30 Minute Alignment Assessment <==

During this 30 minute call, you will talk about the one thing you have been trying to manifest and I will assess where you are.  And as you know awareness is everything!!


THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU:  are ready to stop spinning your wheels and get on track to manifesting what you desire.



There is still time to make 2019 your best year yet.


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