11 EASY Ways to Shift Your Money Mindset

11 EASY Ways to Shift Your Money Mindset

In this article, I am sharing 11 ways to shift your Money Mindset.  If you are looking to improve your financial standing and your relationship with money, implementing one of these 11 ways will help you to begin your Money Mindset Transformation TODAY.  

Read to find out:

  • (1) Why Shifting Your Money Mindset is Important
  • (2) 11 Ways You Can Shift Your Money Mindset
  • (3) Journal Prompt to Receive Money Out of the Blue


You may be wondering why should you transform your money mindset.  Money is important when it comes to living a full life and helping others to do so as well.  

Let me ask you something.

When your friend is sick, do you do everything you can to also get sick so that they can feel better?

No right?  That is ridiculous.  You look for ways to help them heal while making sure to take care of yourself so that you do not get ill.  

Finances are the same.  Just because there is a population of people who do not have enough, does you also not having enough help them or does it just place all of you in the energetic vibration of struggle and not enoughness.

Think about it…

How much better would the world be if more people like you and your conscious friends were millionaires?  How much more people would you be able to help? How many more fun things would you be able to do?

Often I hear…Well money just isn’t important.  Family is more important. Spending time with family is more important.

Why is one mutually exclusive of the other.  Why couldn’t both be important?

Here’s the rub…

Do you realize that the more money you have the more freedom you will have to spend more time with your family?

Yeah Yeah…I know someone told you when you were young that you had to work hard for your money and all of that.  So you think that the more money you have the harder you have to work.

Well I ask you… Is that true?  

Or better question…Do you want that to be true for you?

Because anything you believe will be true for you.  If you believe you can do something or if you believe you can not do something you are RIGHT!  It is all about what you believe is true.

When you believe something is true you look for evidence of that being true more and more and you find it.  

Let’s be honest, just getting by isn’t allowing you to live a life where you are free from worry and stress.  Just getting by or not having enough isn’t allowing you to help those you love or contribute to

Money is Energy (read here to learn more).  Money is also an AMPLIFIER.  Therefore, you become even more of who you truly are the more money you have.

Money is an Amplifier.  The more you become even MORE of the real YOU.

So why wouldn’t The Universe want more conscious loving people to have more money.  Why wouldn’t the Earth benefit from having your vibration lifted to feeling more free, happier, lighter and expansive than stressed tired and overwhelmed.

It would.  It does.

Abundance is your Birthright.

You are ONE with Source Energy.  God is Infinite Wealth. God is Infinite Abundance.

Just look at the Universe.  It is every expanding.

Look at the economy.  It is constantly growing.  There are more Billion Dollar and Million Dollar companies in existence right now than ever before.

I will say it again, Abundance is YOUR Birthright and in order for you to tap into your birthright, you need to transform your Money Mindset.


Transforming your Money Mindset is key in you allowing the financial reality you desire to unfold in your life.  Below is a summary of the 11 Ways you can easily Transform Your Money Mindset:

  1. Become Aware
  2. Acknowledge What Is
  3. Accept What Is
  4. Forgive Yourself & Your Past
  5. Make Space Spiritually & Emotionally
  6. Make Space Physically
  7. Do What You Love & Know Your Worth
  8. Begin to Love and Appreciate Money
  9. Look for Evidence of Abundance
  10. Open Yourself to the Possibilities
  11. Give NOW & Pay it Forward

Scroll down for details about each one.

Shift Your Money Mindset

Here are 11 Ways you can Shift your Money Mindset.

1 – Become Aware

The first step of shifting your mindset is becoming aware of your money situation.  Become aware of your beliefs, what is coming in and out of your account, what your thoughts are about money.  

By becoming aware of your internal and external money situation you are allowing yourself to Shift your Mindset.  If you don’t know what you are thinking, feeling or doing you will not allow yourself to change.

If you believe you aren’t aware, maybe you can simply ask God, Guidance or The Universe (whatever you believe) to help you.  Asking to be made aware of what you are thinking, saying, believing and doing as far as money is concerned is the first step.

Just by asking the Universe for awareness you will start to see and hear things that you never allowed yourself to be privy to before.  

Need some examples?  Well here you go.


You may actually notice that you often say things like “I can’t afford that.” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  “That’s only for the rich.” “That’s too expensive.” “I couldn’t never have that much money.”


Additionally, you may notice that you look negatively at people who have more money than you do.  Who knew that you thought that rich people are evil or mean and you think that money is bad or that having “too much” is a negative thing.


Another thing you could notice is that you are not a good receiver.  Maybe, you say something negative about yourself if someone compliments you.  Or you refuse to accept the free lunch or the nice gift from someone.  Also, you realize that you always look for ways to pay someone back who has done something nice for you but you get upset when someone else is trying to pay you back or give money to you.

Is any of this ringing a bell?  I am sure it is. When you become aware of you saying, thinking or doing this, that is when you can do something about it.

Sometimes just the awareness of what is going on will help you to shift your money mindset.  You can immediately realize that you no longer align with the belief, statement or action.  Other times you have to do deeper spiritual work to integrate the shadow and allow yourself to fully love and accept that part of you that you would normally be ashamed of or shun.  For more on shadow work go here (The Bachelor & Shadow Work 101) and here (Evidence that Shadow Work Works).

Just reading this article is helping you become more aware of your current financial situation and your money mindset.  By reading this and taking time to focus on your financial reality, you are allowing yourself to ask questions and become more aware of where you are.

2 – Acknowledge What Is  

Acknowledgment is a necessary step once you become aware of something.

You can acknowledge whatever you have become aware of in millions of ways.

  • Write it down.
  • Speak the Awareness Aloud
  • Bring it up in conversation with your Aligned Conscious Friend
  • Express it in a High Vibe Facebook Group Community and receive Support.  (I have a growing Facebook Group called The AlignedSoul Collective.  Definitely come join.  It is High Vibe and I and the members are there to support you along your growth and manifesting journey.

By acknowledging what is truly going on, you are shining the light on your awareness and allowing yourself to truly see what is going on.  This acknowledgement is necessary to shift your money mindset.

3 – Accept What Is

Accepting what is may scare you especially when it comes to money mindset.  As a human you have the feeling that if you accept something as it is it will not change.  However, the reason I am suggesting that you accept what is is because by accepting it you will reduce the resistance pushing against it.

When you are ashamed or worried about your financial situation, your fear, shame and worry feeds the energy to create more of what is.

Where you place your focus grows.  So by not accepting what is and pushing against it you build more energy in the direction of the very thing you DO NOT WANT.

So today in order to begin to shift your money mindset, Do THIS…

  • Open your bank accounts and your savings accounts and just look at what is.  
  • Open your credit accounts and read your statements and just look at it.
  • Observe without judgement.  Accept it as what it is without judgement.
  • Accept that what you are experiencing is evidence of the vibration that you HAD going on and from this moment forward you can choose to focus on what you DO WANT and shift that energy.

4 – Forgive Yourself & Your Past

Now that you have acknowledged and accepted what is, forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself for the choices that you have made.  Shift your mindset by forgiving your decisions, purchases, and anything else you feel you need forgiveness from.

Did you do something wrong?  I am not saying that what you did was wrong.  Every action that you took got you where you are and allowed you to experience whatever you have experienced. Without those choices you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t know who or what you know.

Asking for forgiveness is necessary because you are at fault or did anything wrong.  It will allow you to finally have compassion for yourself, your choices and the things you have done.  It will allow you to release the resistance and intense emotion that is centered around this situation and or choice.

Treat yourself with the same loving kindness that you treat those you love.  Forgive yourself for whatever it is you think that you need to forgive yourself for.

A way to practice forgiveness is to say the Ho’oponopono mantra:

  • I Love You (feeling love for God, The Universe, Yourself)
  • I am Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You

So here’s the deal.  

Here is how you can truly forgive yourself:


Write a list of all of the things that you think you have done wrong financially.  Maybe it is that car you purchased or the business you invested in that failed. Whatever it is write it down.


With your hands on your heart and your eyes closed, say the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness and Clearing Mantra for each situation.  Say it as many times as it takes for you to feel neutral or better about each choice or situation.


Re-write the list from a place of compassion.  Now write the list of the things that you did and find one thing about them that makes you understand why it is ok you chose to do that thing.  Even if it is just so you could get to this point and learn more about Money Mindset.


Feel compassion for yourself and your choice now that you can see that it was ok.  You are here now and there is no decision that you make that you can’t move forward from and allow your life to unfold the way you desire.

5 – Make Space Spiritually & Emotionally

Now that you can truly forgive yourself, now is time to make space.  Bad memories, guilt, shame and regret all take up space. Energetically it is taking up space in your body, your bones, your tissues, and your mind.

Emotionally it is important for you to release these memories and various regrets from your body.

You can do this simply by asking.  


When performing energy work on my clients, I connect with them energetically and have them place their hands on their heart and imagine whatever it is (the thought, emotion belief) rising from their body, their tissues, their cells, their past, present and future experiences, their timelines and more.


When you Ask it is done.  Anything that you ask The Universe is immediately answered.  Remember we aren’t creating our reality we are allowing it to unfold from the unlimited possibilities and potentialities that already exist.  So when you ask for something, it is already done. All you need to do is accept it as done and move forward knowing that it is done


When performing energy work on my clients, I connect with them energetically and have them place their hands on their heart and imagine whatever it is (the thought, emotion belief) rising from their body, their tissues, their cells, their past, present and future experiences, their timelines and more.  As they imagine this energy rising, I ask for them to forgive themselves


As it is leaving love and appreciate it.  Know in your heart that it was there for a reason and now is the time that you step into something different.


Imagine the energy floating away from you into a ball of light filled with love and watch it flow into this ball as you think thoughts of love and appreciation for yourself and it.


Remember Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It is only transmuted. So this energy has been transmuted into the energy of love and returned back to the earth for all good intentions and purposes.

Once you complete this process you have created space.  Feel the space. Feel the openness left behind once you truly allow the belief, feeling or emotion from the past to truly release and transmute.



You just cleared out the old story and old beliefs that you have been carrying around.  Now you get to change your story. It is time for you to truly Shift Your Money Mindset.   You get to fill up this open space with your new beliefs.  The new way of thinking that aligns with the woman you are who has Money flowing with Ease or who always has enough.  The woman who Money flows constantly in her life.

These are new beliefs and they need to be nurtured like infants.  So you will need to repeatedly say them and write them and think them until they become apart of your nature.  Take care of these new thoughts, beliefs as you would a child and allow them to grow and take root as you become the woman who has ease and flow with money.


If you are ready to transform your relationship with money rapidly, definitely check out Money Mentality Makeover.  This course from Self Made Multi-Millionaire Amanda Frances helped shift my perspective on money and how I related to money.   If you don’t know Amanda’s story, after struggling with money mindset and never having enough, she asked God to help her.  On the rooftop of an expensive hotel she couldn’t afford at the time, she said that if she learned how to transform her Money Mentality, she would share it with as many people as she could.  See she like me believes that the more people like you who have more than enough and live abundantly, the more this world is a much better place.

I took this course last year and my life changed forever.  After taking this course, I manifested enough increased money flow from my corporate job to leave and begin my business full time.  You can see my testimonial at this link.

At the time of me writing this, Money Mentality Makeover is offered once per year in February of each year.  If the course is open you will find the sales page at this link.   If the course isn’t currently open, you will find the waitlist sign up.  Get on the list so that you can be the first to know when it opens up.

6 – Make Space Physically

When you are surrounded by stuff and there is no space to move, you will find that you have no energy to allow more in your life.  By cleaning your home and your office, you create space and shake up the energy. You allow more room for energy to flow and expand.

You also make space for abundance to land.  When you feel lighter you feel better. When you feel more free you can allow in more freedom.  For most money represents a way to feel more freedom. So when you allow in more feelings of freedom you are making space for more money to flow.

Places to Clean Up & Organize

  • Wallet & Purse – how many receipts do you have taking up space where the money should go?
  • Closet – how many clothes do you have in your closet that you cannot fit nor do you care to wear?  Couldn’t you give some of those pieces away to someone who would love and appreciate and wear them?
  • Your desk – how much clutter do you have on your desk.  Can you adequately think and move? Can you find everything you want easily?
  • Your Home – how many possessions do you have that are broken or not in fashion anymore.  How about donating them and opening up space for new things.

Look for anything that no longer serves you or that doesn’t bring you joy when you use it and let it go Marie Kondo style.  Check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and you will find out how decluttering and letting go of the world can help you in more ways than just having a cleaner home.


Another way to make space physically is by opening up a savings account.  The energy of having enough means that you can save. In order for you to cultivate that abundant feeling, you can’t NOT open a Savings Account.  For more about that read here where I talk about the importance of saving even just $1 or 10% from every inflow of money.


For this savings account set a big savings goal that feels like a stretch.  For me, my savings goal is six figures. I would like to have over $100K in my savings account just because.  This is a savings stretch goal and something that makes me super excited as I watch my savings account grow.

This savings account is an account that I do not touch and I have set the intention that this account is only to grow and not to be used for anything else.  It is my abundance vibration account.


I teach energy and the vibration frequency of things.  I know that making money just to pay debts or save it in an account that you don’t touch is no fun.  Right? No Bueno.

How can you have fun saving money?

I suggest that you also place a small percentage or dollar amount aside each pay period or each time you receive money for something special.  Something fun for you. Whether that is a special vacation or a hot new YSL Bag or that cute pair of Louboutins that you have always wanted. Whatever it is and whatever will make you feel accomplished and happy wearing it or using it or experiencing it….treat yourself, save for it.

Your second savings account will serve as a container for this.  Once you purchase it, designate it to something else. You will notice that you not only feel so much better about both of your savings account, you have much more money (hint overflow) in your regular bank account and your traditional savings.

Remember life is definitely mean to be lived and making money just to pay debt, eat modestly and save for retirement isn’t a life I want to live and because you are reading this I am assuming you are like me.

I currently save with Ally Bank (link below). It has great rates and I can transfer to it from my checking account and PayPal account easily.  

7 – Do What You Love & Know Your Worth

Money is energy.  Money flows most easily to those who are doing what they love and those who know that they themselves are worth it.

Am I saying that you couldn’t increase your money flow while working that corporate job you hate?

No!  I am not saying that.  In fact I made a great deal of money working in corporate even if that wasn’t what my soul was calling for me to do.

What I am saying is that money flows more EASILY and more ABUNDANTLY for those who are doing what they love.  Money flows more EASILY to those who are HAPPY.

Money isn’t tied and doesn’t have to come from your business or career.  

Remember, money  is just energy.

There are 101 ways for you to receive money.  Business or Career containers are just an easy way for you to set the Universe up to turn on the flow.

Knowing your worth, knowing that you deserve all that you desire, knowing that abundance is your birthright helps money to flow.

And guess what?

You don’t have to be perfect.  


Nia Jax from the E Network’s Total Divas is a wonderful example of this.  Nia was finally accomplishing all that she desired. But she was feeling guilty.  She bought a home she always wanted and then went on a girls trip to a beautiful place and she felt as though she was being opulent.  She felt guilty for the extravagance because it was outside of what she experienced growing up.

Notice this, she wasn’t perfect.  Her money vibration and her personal thoughts about herself weren’t 100% perfect.  She still had questions about whether she was good enough for this. She still worried that she could lose all of the money flowing to her.

But that didn’t stop the money from flowing to her.

Want to know what she was doing that was allowing money to flow?

She is doing what she loves.  She loves to wrestle. She loves being a character.  She loves showing her physical strength and power.

Nia living her best life and doing what she is passionate about opened the valves to the money flow.  This is very important to remember.

She places her focus on bringing all of her to the ring and entertaining millions of people.  She does what she loves while being herself and money is flowing to her in ways it hadn’t before.

8 – Begin to Love & Appreciate Money

How many times have you heard, the love of money is the root of evil?  I know I heard it often when I grew up.

Is this true?


The love of money isn’t the root of anything.  Money is not the root of evil.

What is money?

  • Money is only ENERGY.  
  • Money is an AMPLIFIER.

Like I mentioned earlier, more money only makes you more of who you already are.  

  • That rich asshole guy would be a poor asshole without the money.  
  • That poor giving person, would be a rich giving person who can affect more change and help more people and save more lives with money.
  • That bitchy poor guy who complains all day and night will be a bitchy rich guy who has even more to complain about all day and night.

Money is a Masculine Energy that desires to be loved and appreciated.  The more money is loved and appreciated the more money will show up. Read here to find out more about the energetics of Money.

Look for more opportunities to appreciate the money what you have.   Track the money that is coming in and every instance of money flowing in or out celebrate.  Celebrate the receipt of money or the receipt of the service or product it was spent on.

Thank money for always being there and showing up for you and I promise it will begin to show up for you more and more and in increasing amounts. 

A great way to do this daily is to track the Money and the Value (free things you receive throughout the day, sales, discounts and more).  Click here to download the Daily Abundance Tracker.  It is a simple and effective way to track your money and value daily and give thanks for it.

9 – Look for evidence of Abundance

This is an abundant universe.  There is no competition. There is more than enough abundance for you and everyone else.   If you are always complaining about not having enough money or always having just enough, start looking for evidence of the abundance all around.

When you see Evidence of Abundance do the following:

1 – Make verbal comment and take notice of it

Let the Universe know that you have seen it.  Let yourself know that you have seen it.

2 – Write about it in your journal

Make it a known fact that you just saw abundance and you are happy to see even more and more evidence.

3 – Be Grateful for it

Thank God for the examples of abundance all around you.

Thank The Universe that you are ONE with its INFINITE ABUNDANCE & WEALTH.  

Thank God that you are so blessed to be surrounded by abundance and you appreciate how abundance is your birthright and how abundance flows to your into your life and bank account continuously.  

Non Monetary Evidence Examples

  • Blades of Grass
  • Unlimited Oxygen to Breathe
  • Water Droplets in the Ocean
  • Number of Cars on the Road
  • The Stars in the Sky
  • The Sun’s unending warmth

Other Examples

  • Luxury Car: Get excited when you see a luxury car that is a larger investment than you care to make right now (see I didn’t call it expensive).  If you get triggered when you see someone driving a luxury car, get excited. This means that you get to transform this belief. You get to acknowledge that you either think it is wrong or that you can’t have it and you get to shift it.  Check out this article here (How to Shift Limting Beliefs), here (The Bachelor & Shadow Work 101) and here (Evidence that Shadow Work Works) about the shifting process.
  • Wealthy People:  There are so many wealthy people on TV or Facebook that you can observe and appreciate.  You can also see that as evidence that it is possible for you to also receive just as much abundance if not more.
  • Banks:  Everytime you pass a bank you can think of the trillions of dollars that flow in and out of the banking system.  This is further evidence that there is more than enough for everyone including you.

10 – Open Yourself to the Infinite Possibilities

Everything that you desire is available to you now.  All possibilities and potentialities exist right now.  So the you (the doppleganger you) who has the successful career and overflowing bank account exists right now.  

You aren’t experiencing it right now because you haven’t been at the same vibrational frequency of her.  You are thinking like her. You are feeling like her. You are making choices and making decisions like her.

Once you realize that everything already exists so you do not have to create anything and all you need to do is be, it makes everything so simple.

Once you understand that all of that is available to you and all you need to do is first DECIDE that you get to experience this in your NOW reality, then it begins to get easier.

Take a moment and get clear on what you want.

Allow your soul to speak to you.  

Allow your soul to show you how you want to feel and what you want to experience.

Then start to feel the feelings you think you will feel then now.

Open yourself up to know that there are infinite ways for money to flow to you.  

By opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities, you are opening up multiple ways and opportunities to flow to you.  When you close yourself off to one possibility you create drama, lack, and despair. Check out my article here where I talk about The Bachelor and Scarcity Mindset.   I also talk about how focusing on winning the Lottery is a form of Scarcity Mindset.  It is a great example of how we create drama in our mind when we close off the possibilities.

11 – Give NOW & Pay it Forward

Give.  I know I know  You are saying but I can’t pay my bills or I do not have any money to pay this or that.  

But guess what, when you are abundant if you do not give now you aren’t going to give then.  Tony Roberts said something to the effect or “if you aren’t giving now, you will not give when you become a millionaire.”  

So even if you only have $5, give someone $1.  It will not only make you feel better it will also allow you to feel abundant.  You were abundant enough to share $1 and help someone else.

This will lift your vibration and your higher vibration will place you in a better position to be inspired to take AlignedSoul action towards whatever your goal, business or career is.

Give Today

You can give to charity you love.  Or you can contribute to a friend.  Also, you could even apply $5 bucks towards the next person’s coffee behind you in Starbucks.

Below find examples of various charities that could really benefit even from a few dollar donation.


In summary, transforming your Money Mindset is key in you allowing the financial reality you desire to unfold in your life.  Below is a summary of the 11 Ways you can easily Transform Your Money Mindset:

  1. Become Aware
  2. Acknowledge What Is
  3. Accept What Is
  4. Forgive Yourself & Your Past
  5. Make Space Spiritually & Emotionally
  6. Make Space Physically
  7. Do What You Love & Know Your Worth
  8. Begin to Love and Appreciate Money
  9. Look for Evidence of Abundance
  10. Open Yourself to the Possibilities
  11. Give NOW & Pay it Forward

Journal Prompt

JOURNAL PROMPT:  What are 40 crazy fun ways I could receive money out of the blue?

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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