The Bachelor: An Exercise in Scarcity


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In this article, I talk about Scarcity Mindset and how it leads to you creating more unnecessary drama in your life.  When you think you only have one option, one guy, one set of customers, one client, one finite pool of resources, etc etc YOU SET YOURSELF UP for a drama filled existence.  Also keep reading to find out the 5 steps to finally RELEASING SCARCITY MINDSET once and for all.


Read, Learn and be Entertained by:

  • (1)  The Land Where there is Only One Man
  • (2)  The Abundance of the Universe
  • (3)  How Scarcity Mindset Breeds Drama’
  • (4) Find out where you are allowing scarcity to create drama in your life
  • (5) The Lottery isn’t Your Answer
  • (6) 5 Steps to Releasing Your Scarcity Mindset
  • (7) Journal Exercise to Shift Your Scarcity Mindset








As you may know, I am a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan.  Basically, I love most Reality TV and Entertainment. I teach how you can use these types of entertainment shows to evaluate your triggers, become more aware of contrast and other things and get enlightened.  Enlightened watching The Bachelor? YEP! Today I will show you how.


What is going on?  This year The Bachelor is 26-year-old Colton Underwood.  The focus is that he is the FIRST TRUE VIRGIN Bachelor. Yep, Sorry Sean.  You were only Re-Virginized. This dude is all pure, angelic and manly all at the same time.  Of course, Colton is treated a little bit differently as a MALE Virgin vs. Ashley Iaconetti (one of my favs) was treated as a Female Virgin.  But that discussion is for another day.


Colton Underwood – The Bachelor ABC





On night one it is all about narrowing down the ladies from 30 women to the 23 that he is going to date and break hearts for the next several weeks.  There are Limo rides, introductions and sizing up.


As the ladies meet and speak with Colton, you can see how they are “sizing up” their perceived “competition.”  You’ve got beauty queens who competed against each other, women desperate for his attention, a young lady dressed in a  sloth costume (yep that happened…) and more. So there you have it… the drama begins.




Because the specific premise of this show is that there is ONE MAN available and many many women vying for the attention of this ONE MAN.




Read more about The Scarcity Scarecrow Shadow Archetype HERE.





Fortunate for you this couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is an abundant constantly expanding Universe. Scarcity or the lack of other options, possibilities is a LIE.  Just the fact that you are here watching (or not watching) The Bachelor is evidence of the Universe being HUGE.


Do you realize that in 1980 there were 4.5 Billion people on the earth?  Today, there are over 7 Billion people. In 2025 there is projected to be 8 Billion people.  The population continues to expand and so does the economy. Some of today’s Companies with Trillion (Apple) and Billion Dollar Market Caps didn’t even exist as they do now 20 years.


This is just tiny evidence that you live in an EXPANDING WORLD.  The stars are billions of light years apart and go on ad infinitum.  In the words of Outkast “Forever? Forever-ever. Forever.”


Within Abundance, scarcity cannot exist.


This is an Abundant Universe that’s ONE with THE Most High.  In the Upanishads written in 800 BC, it was written that “From Abundance, he took abundance and still Abundance remained.”


God is the Source of Creation & the SOURCE of ABUNDANCE. You are ONE with GOD.  You are a child of the Universe created from Source. Therefore, You are ONE with Abundance.  Abundance is infinite and when you know that all things are INFINITE you don’t buy into SCARCITY.  


In an Abundant World, there is NO COMPETITION.  There is more than ENOUGH for everyone. That means there is enough lovers, boyfriends, clients, promotions, jobs, money and more.


“Within Abundance, scarcity cannot exist.”








Colton & the jilted journalist - bachelor abcColton & the jilted journalist – Courtesey of The Bachelor ABC[/caption]





Scarcity mode triggers drama which is GREAT for TV.   The producers of The Bachelor know that when you TRIGGER SCARCITY, they get to benefit from the emotional turmoil and we the audience get to watch as these ladies and gentleman go down the rabbit hole.


When you think there is only ONE WAY, ONE MAN, ONE OPPORTUNITY, you become emotionally tied to this SPECIFIC THING.  This is why there are so many people who desire to have a specific guy or have to have a specific outcome no matter what.


When you place your eggs and goals and hopes in one basket you become unstable and overly tied to how the what shows up and in some cases over concerned with the when it shows up.


At the end of the show, Colton picked his ladies that we get to watch him create mega drama with.  One of the ladies was in tears as she came to the realization that her Colton baby-making dream wasn’t going to become reality…at least not on this show.  


My friend who was watching Bachelor at our weekly Wine & Watching Party said “There is no way this lady is upset about him.  She has to be upset that she will no longer be on the show.”


Yes, there is some truth in that but honestly, I do believe the tears were from a mixture of things…


  • She created a fantasy in her head
  • She truly placed her love eggs in the Colton basket
  • She thought that this situation would help her achieve her goals whether that be becoming a wife, mother or famous…whatever it is…that specific how possibly was now gone forever.


This lady was selected to be on the show.  She dropped right back into that feeling of being a princess and being matched with her prince who happened to be Colton Underwood.  She established a connection to from watching Bachelorette Becca and Bachelor in Paradise with all of his drama with Tia. She also was given months to daydream and make plans to spend her next few months intertwined into Colton’s world.


So her feelings of disappointment and hurt are very real no matter what you say.  She was truly hurt that what she hoped, dreamed and imagined wouldn’t be coming true as she hoped, dreamed imagined.


Think that is irrational?  Well, think back to the last crush you have had on someone.  Remember when you liked someone or felt connected to that guy before you knew who he was.  Well, this is exactly that however it is caught on tv and it is combusted and intensified by the fact that there are women there vying for the attention of the same person and this is the ONLY person you are focused on.


It’s okay.  This beautiful woman will be fine.  Once she releases the need for that desire for love to be fulfilled by this specific situation, she will allow herself to open up to all of the other possibilities.  Letting go is key. More on that below.


“From Abundance, he took abundance and still Abundance remained.”











Where are you allowing scarcity to create drama for you?  Yep, it isn’t just these ladies who are allowing Scarcity Mindset to seep into their lives.  You too have drama in your life mostly because you are tied to a specific HOW. You have adopted a Scarcity Mindset where you must have what you want in a specific way.


You MUST have those specific clients.  

You think THERE IS NOT ENOUGH for everyone.  You believe this lady or that man over there is your COMPETITION.



You MUST have that promotion

…With that company right now and nothing else will due. You think that if you aren’t made the next VP or Director your professional career is a failure.



You MUST date that guy.  

It is ONLY him. He is YOUR TWIN FLAME or YOUR SOUL MATE.  You believe you only get one SOULMATE in a lifetime so if it doesn’t work you are TOAST.



You can only have THAT SPECIFIC HOW and because you won’t allow yourself to know that it is THAT OR SOMETHING BETTER you aren’t allowing God to work in YOUR LIFE.  You aren’t allowing UNIVERSE to place all of the opportunities and … on your path.


Of course you can have a specific situation that you would like a particular end result.  That is natural. That is what intentional co-creation with the Universe is ALL ABOUT. However, when you are focused on the HOW what you want manifests or exactly on HOW what you want will look like… THIS is when you tap into SCARCITY MINDSET.


“From Abundance, He took abundance and still Abundance remained.”Click To Tweet









So many clients and students tell me they would like to be comfortable financially.  So when I ask what they would like they say “I would like to win the lottery.”


I’ve got news for you…


Focusing on Winning the Lottery is a Scarcity Mindset.


Listen, there is nothing wrong with playing the slots or buying scratch-offs.  But when you think that the only way for you to gain true financial freedom and abundance is through the lottery, that is scarcity mindset.


The ways that money can flow into your life are UNLIMITED.  However, you focusing on the how which isn’t your business is limiting you.


When answering the question, “What would you like financially?” Do not think of HOW you get it.  Think about how it FEELS to HAVE IT. Then focus on experiencing that feeling NOW and throughout your day.


Focusing on Winning the Lottery is a Scarcity Mindset.


Example:  True Financial Freedom to you may feel FREEDOM.  It may feel like security, safety, flexibility, and relief.  So in order to align with the feeling of Financial Abundance, you should choose to feel freedom, security, safety, flexibility, and relief.  


When you focus on feeling those feelings and embodying those feelings NOW, you are lifting your vibration to align with the vibration of Financial Freedom.  As you feel those feelings, think Financially Free thoughts, make Financial Free Intentions and take Inspired AlignedSoul Financially Free actions, this is how you allow Financial Freedom to manifest in your world.


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You have a choice.  Scarcity Mindset or Abundance Mindset





You have a choice.  You can choose to allow the producers of your reality show (YOU) to create more drama in the areas of your life.  Or you can choose not to be tied to the SPECIFIC HOW happening a SPECIFIC WAY.

How do you NOT be that girl who is TIED to the HOW or OUTCOME?  


Here are 5 steps to not allowing Scarcity to Create Unnecessary Drama in Your Life.






Awareness is important for you to truly allow yourself to step into abundance.  The hardest but most loving thing is to tell yourself the truth. Ask yourself a question. Am I practicing Scarcity Consciousness or Abundance Consciousness? Am I only focused on this one way that I can receive what I desire?  Am I open to all of the possibilities and allowing The Universe space to flow?






You are one with God.  God is Abundance. So you are one with Abundance.  Everything is energy. Everything including YOU and what you WANT is ONE with Source Energy also known as God, the Universe and so many other names.  

There is nothing outside of you.  Everything you want is all available within you.  When you realize that you are ONE with what you desire then you do not allow thoughts of scarcity or failure work their way into your mind and allow you to create drama.






When you know it is an abundant universe, you realize that opportunities and ways to accomplish, do or have what you want are unlimited.  You know there is no one particular way. You also know that if it isn’t that one thing, it is SOMETHING BETTER.

Therefore, you can REMOVE THE IMPORTANCE of having that one thing.  You know that you desire it. And it is done and done. It isn’t the end all be all.  You know that you are okay whether you have it or not. You know it would be fun but you know that if it isn’t that specific that guy, that client, that job or that promotion…it will be another job, promotion, guy or client.






Trust that GOD has your back.  Trust that THE UNIVERSE is working it out for you.  When you can let go of controlling every aspect such as the HOW or the WHEN and focus on BEING NOW, then you can truly sit back and trust that Everything is working out for you.  Trust that you are loved and adored beyond measure and beyond ways, you can comprehend.

As a child of GOD who is ONE with THE UNIVERSE, you will receive everything you desire in it’s manifested physical form whether that be the EXACT GUY or SOMEONE BETTER or that EXACT PROMOTION or SOMETHING WAY BETTER.  Whatever it is, you will be taken care of and it is your only duty to trust and take the INSPIRED ALIGNEDSOUL ACTION.



5 – LET GO



Remember that letting go is necessary to allow what you desire to unfold in your life.  Letting go freaks people out because they believe when they let go they are giving up.


If you are one with everything you desire, how could you be giving up?  Letting go means letting go of the stress and artificial scarcity fears.  Letting go means releasing the resistance that you create when you think that this is the only way whatever you want can happen.  


Think back to a time when you had that crush on a specific person.  You held on so tightly and dreamed about him every night. You kept focused on thinking about the NOT HAVING of him.  Your vibration was more a vibration of LONGING and WISHING and HOPING. This vibration does not equal one of HAVING and BEING.  Therefore, guess what? You never got him. He stayed far away.


Then what happened?  Once it was clear that you and he were not happening, you did what?  You let go. You moved on. You started to think that you were better than anything he could ever offer.  You started to know you worth. You opened yourself up to allow the wide assortment of the many, many men available and ready for a relationship with you.  


Finally, what happens?  The guy you thought you couldn’t do without comes back.  Why, because you let go of the stranglehold of control and were no longer sitting in the energy of WANTING which was REPELLING your MANIFESTATION.  


Don’t be that girl.  Go ahead and let go of the resistance and tap in the UNLIMITED.  Tap into the LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. There are no limits to the way things will flow to you.  Open yourself to all of the possibilities and you allow them to flow into your life.


Remember your only job is to FEEL the FEELINGS, Be HER NOW and take AlignedSoul Action.








You get it.  You know deep inside that you were meant for more.  This is why you are so frustrated.  You’ve been telling the same story of scarcity or clients or men or options and opportunities.  Yet you know deep down this isn’t true.  I invite you to take the first step.  The AlignedSoul Intensives spots available now.

I have a few openings in my Intensive Program.  90 minutes of Energy Shifting, Vibration Lifting  & Strategy Creation with me.  You get to become more clear, know exactly what is going on and exactly what steps to take next.  Rev Up your Manifesting, Level Up your Manifesting or Quantum Shift.  The option is yours.  Imagine where you could be 30 days from now just by DECIDING it gets to be different.

I know you can do it.  The real YOU knows You can do it.  Now it is time for YOU to know that you can and take the steps to do it.

Check Out The AlignedSoul Intensives at this link.  I am excited to work with you and watch you connect to the REAL YOU, become MORE of WHO you TRULY are and finally STOP trying to figure it out all on your own.








Journal Exercise




  • Where am I allowing Scarcity to create drama in my life?

  • What do I choose to know as truth moving forward?  

  • What does it feel like to fully embody this truth?

  • What way can I choose to feel this daily?


In your journaling have fun with it.  Remember awareness is EVERYTHING. Just becoming aware of whatever it is allows you to CHOOSE something different.  It is all in the DECISION. If you are creating drama in an area of your life, you can acknowledge it and choose whether or not you want to continue.




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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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