How to Shift Limiting Beliefs Quickly

How to Shift Limiting Beliefs Quickly

Pin90Share4TweetShare94 Shares Pin90Share4TweetShare94 Shares Hi Beautiful Soul! In today’s journal entry, we talk about Step 3 Belief.  After you have 1) Asked with Clarity and 2) Decided that what you asked for is YOURS NOW (done ? and done ?), now it is all about...

13: How to Shift Fast Using My favorite Tool, EFT Tapping

Ep.13 – In this episode I talk about one of my most favorite tools for shifting beliefs and the funky feelz.  The Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping is an amazing tool to use to help you shift your contrary beliefs and align with the energy of BEing your Next Level Self. 



  1. What is EFT Tapping? (1:22)
  2. Why I love Tapping (2:17)
  3. Why I do Shadow Work then EFT (4:06)
  4. Heart Connection / Heart + Brain Coherence (4:47)
  5. What is Your Intention for your EFT Session (5:15)
  6. Rate the Feeling as it is at its worst (5:53)
  7. Tapping Points (6:40)
  8. Purpose of the Rounds (10:55)
  9. You can’t do it wrong (12:30)
  10. You can literally see and feel the change immediately (12:36)
  11. Consistency is Important (13:27)
  12. Tapping Video (15:33)
  13. Journal Prompts (17:13)



  1. Guidance, show me any place where I can release resistance and create even more space for me to allow my manifestations to unfold with ease.
  2. What do I get to be more aware of?












Choose New Beliefs, Change Your Life

Choose New Beliefs, Change Your Life

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What to do after the Money Shift

What to do after the Money Shift

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