What The People Are  SAYING 

It's hugs, kisses and all the feelz...

Christine and her dream have literally changed my life.

Christine has many different tools that helped me get where I was trying to go. I got to work along side some of her other clients and see with her guidance that their goals and successes also came to be.

Within the first couple days of work I felt the changes. Christine showed me that I DO get to live with ease and that I just needed to realign. I regained my crown and stood up to be my queen self again.

I worked on my personal alignment and things changed everyday.

Along the way the amazing king that was meant for me came into my life and I started a successful Etsy shop.

I am extremely happy with the 30 Day Manifesting Challenge and feel truly thankful for Christine Michelle. She’s an amazing coach and wonderful person. She and her dream have literally changed my life.

A true example that the universe knows what you need and wants to take care of you. That when you lean back and ask for guidance even though sometimes it’s unknown you’ll be taken care of and be guided to where you need to be.

The universe brought me, and now you to Christine Michelle. She’s touched my life and I’m sure she’ll touch yours.

Best wishes on your journey.

Beth Scheid RDH  |  The Queen of Arts / Master of Arts

In the time I have worked with Christine, I can say that I have gone from visualizing a life and new career opportunities in a fun, young, active and cultural city; to actually manifesting that life and moving into an amazing city apartment to live that life within a year’s time!  

I Love My Life and know that it is never done…cause there is so much more I desire 🙂  

My biggest challenge was getting away from all of the “traditional” thinking that I was brought up conditioned to believe.    

Christine is such a progressive thinker. It’s ok to not want to get married, have two kids and a dog and live in a big house with a big job title to be happy. She helped be shift my beliefs to align more with what makes me feel happy and be ok with that.    

I learned ways to step into more ease and reduce my overwhelm. I also love that focusing technique in the course. I use it everyday now! Ease feels good.    Christine provides a lot of guidance. Talking things out and asking the tough questions that challenged my “old” way of thinking. Life is not one size fits all!    

She also suggests great tools to use to shift beliefs and behaviors to one that supports the life you desire. Journaling and scripting has been huge! It supports my visualization process and the process of shifting my feelings. Meditation apps have also been a big win for me to help quiet my mind and focus.      


What The People Are  SAYING 

When I say my clients LOVE have experienced amazing results... see just a few of their comments below....

In the time working with Christine I manifested nearly $1500 in cash and clothing.  

I asked for $500 and I manifested $470. I also manifested $400 in new clothing for my children.  

Y’all have no idea how blessed I’m feeling right now…I have managed to manifest another $500 (this time to spend how I want lol)

I’m going to keep these high vibes going. Thank you universe/God/sources  


Christine is the TRUTH literally within a week Of working with her by implementing her journaling strategies and watching her videos  

I’ve manifested a $500 Cash Bonus from work which NEVER happened before! I also started an online business and Orders are coming in daily!!!  

Thank you Christine! 


Less then a month ago, I never thought my life would have changed so dramatically. I booked in a 15 minute chat with Christine Hayes not realizing that phone call would change my divine being FOREVER!  

Through practice of Muscle Testing and going through Manifestation my life has been turned inside out and upside down in the most brilliant ways.  

Where I once had thoughts fulled with personal and financial fears and doubts they are now a literal thing of the past. By applying manifestation techniques I have received AMAZING results in such a short time!! ??  

My goal was to manifest $5000 in the month of August..i set my intentions, and everyday I worked at it, reconstructing myself in the process.  Less than 2 weeks later, after first beginning my manifestations I have been blessed with almost half of this, all in different forms from different people at different times.  

# I manifested going V. I. P to our High Vibe Squad retreat next weekend. Although the odds felt stacked against me, it became a Reality last night. I am truly blessed and stoked  

# I also manifested funds to pay for my GAZ membership, which I was able to pay in full yesterday, I am so so grateful that I get to carry on doing what I love  

# I manifested an abundance of money for my mother. She’s such a caring and nurturing soul and is always helping everyone. Yesterday she received a phone stating that she would be receiving $831. The joy on her face was priceless  

# I manifested funds for my first investment, and have generously been offered $400 to go toward that. I feel so blessed  

# I have manifested in my 5 people and to my delight I am being engaged with all of them right now, leaders, mentors and the like to help broaden my knowledge perception and skills, personal growth and upleveling. I am so thankful for these people  

And the list does go on…I’m eternally grateful, I have found so much value and I really wish I had learnt about this a-lot sooner! Manifestation is life transforming and if I can do it anyone can. I will never not Manifest ever again. Thank you Christine Michelle: ana-hob life you have helped sculpt my life, I’m so thankful. 


I have gotten clarity on exactly what I would like in my life. I started seeing driftwood right away.

- Confidential Powerful & Private Collective Member

Christine, thank you so much.  Since the energy shift we did last week, things have shifted massively.  I was selected for a leadership program at my company which only accepts a small number of people every year.  

Shortly after that I was PROMOTED!  Yes, promoted to the position I dreamed about and journaled about!  If we hadn’t worked on shifting and me owning my voice, I know this wouldn’t have happened.  

I am like you said “Making Senior Leader Moves”.  Thank you so much.


I manifested help when I needed it…I thank Christine Michelle for sharing your energy! Also, for stressing the idea that once you say it— it is DONE.  

- Confidential Powerful & Private Collective Member

I love working with Christine. She is incredibly intuitive and super smart.  Things started shifting within the first few days of working together.  

My biggest challenge when I first started working with Christine was securing financing for a new venture. She allowed me to open up to financial abundance with so much ease. I experienced immediate results with practical steps and exercises that didn’t add to my busy schedule.  

Christine provided one-on-one coaching. I loved having direct access to her during our calls and every time I had a question or needed clarification. She always provided the support I needed, going beyond what was required.

I learned to focus and lead my actions from inspired desire rather than a sense of fear or need. With her coaching I have become more confident, focused and aligned with my purpose. I have found the guidance I was seeking for.  

I loved working with Christine. She’s kind, non-judgmental and has beautiful positive energy. She is a delight and a living example that you can experience the life you desire. Since working with Christine I feel more confident and joyful.  Things started shifting within the first few days of working together.  

Although the coaching feels nothing like work, her exercises are pleasurable and once you start doing them they become more fun each day that goes by.  Working with Christine has inspired me to actualize my dreams in the Now instead of leaving them for the future or letting them wither. Working with her has provided increased clarity, allowing to take inspired action and fulfilling my desires, taking me further along my path and providing a sense of increased joy and confidence.  

When I began working with Christine, I started manifesting amazing experiences shortly after our first one-on-one meeting. New client, free concert tickets, and more.  

I highly recommend Christine’s coaching! I have never met anyone who can support others the way she does. Helping others comes naturally to her and she does it with pleasure 100% of the time. You will never regret it. It is the best gift you can give yourself. Plus, you’ll manifest your dreams!  

If anyone has the natural ability and personality to be a coach, it’s Christine. She opens up her heart and gives from her soul. Christine is friendly, incredibly intuitive and super smart. She has a big heart and the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. Her teachings come from work she has actually done herself, which means she knows how to help you. She’s an inspiring woman!  


This was the best coach one could ever ask for. her way of thinking and ideas and tricks to make you think in more ways than one.

she gives great advice for any and every situation and she always checks in to see how you are doing and how you are feeling.

she’s got great energy and it definitely sucks you in. I loved working with Christine and it has helped my life tremendously.  


Christine has been fantastic since the moment I started working with her.  I definitely recommend working with Christine.  She is an extremely positive & patient mentor. She is committed to helping others and following through on her promises.


I really enjoyed working with Christine.  She shared her own best practices which have helped me succeed.  She is smart, down to earth with a BIG HEART.


Christine is passionate, understanding and loyal.  She truly cares about those she is working with.  You will be her number 1 priority.   She recognizes your strengths and helps you develop in a way that you can shine.  


Christine Michelle’s JMW (Journal Manifest Win) journaling course rocks, her daily prompts take u thru getting clear, releasing any self imposed road blocks, and feeling ease and clarity.  

I still love doing my morning journaling to align my mindset and goals..and she’s so right, something really shifts in the brain when the subconscious thoughts get processed out with pen and paper.  

Plus Christine is such a positive nurturing soul you look forward to her meditations and prompts. I saved them and continue to use them.  


Through Christine’s genuine patience & belief in me, she has helped to show me that I have the potential to do things as an entrepreneur and business owner that I never thought I had the confidence to do.

 I was always scared to step out of the corporate america box but now I know that I can and that I will be successful!  I have been working many hours of overtime and I was feeling very tired. I was feeling exhausted, sad, and helpless.

But with Christine’s encouragement, help to focus, and her exercises/techniques I manifested a job offer that came with such ease that finally gives me the free time that I desired for myself!  And my salary has increased by another $10K with this new job!!  

Christine has helped me in so many areas of my life. With her love yourself and self care techniques, I began to genuinely love myself after a rough divorce.  Her suggestions and practical programs Help shift my mindset about money and abundance and I have released blocks I have carried for years.  

If you are looking to remove various blocks, or change your mindset about certain things that keep happening, or if you just want some guidance or a push from someone who understands that life happens — work with Christine. She is patient yet she will be real with you. She will help you look at everything that’s going on and help you to elevate yourself and shift your mindset where you can begin creating the things you have been desiring in your life.  

Christine’s suggestions, practices and programs have helped me in several areas of my life.  If you are looking for a coach to help you change your mindset and beliefs in a fundamental way so that you can create the life of your dreams you should work with her!  I am so grateful to have her as my coach and accountability partner!


Christine is an Amazing person to work with, and has exceptional expertise in shifting through Limiting beliefs, coaching and motivation. It was a pleasure to work with Christine she made me feel comfortable and at ease especially when listening to her voice during a visualization, she had the most astounding calming/peaceful effect on Me. Love you Christine Thank you Thank you Thank you