The Millionaire SuperPower Experience

11 Day Telegram Experience

The Millionaire SuperPower Experience

For 11 days we are going to dive into the WOOOO of becoming a millionaire.  

There are some very very WOO-based things that I do with my clients and for myself over the years that has blown the roof off on results and situations that may have felt sticky.  

We are going to go deeper on these practices and on some of the things that represent the Millionaire SuperPower.    SuperPower is the Spiritual Power + the Personal Power.    

We are going to be amping this up and playing in the possibilities.    

This would normally cost $1,111
You get it for $1.11

We begin on Tuesday, May 21st.

11 Days Telegram Experience begins 5/21 through 5/31
VIP Experience includes 2 Hot Seat Q&A Calls Thu. 5/23 and Thu. 5/30 at 12pm

NOTE:  The Telegram AUDIOs will be added to the portal.  If you do not have access to Telegram, no fear.  The audio will be posted in the portal on the same day.

Some of the things I will share is β€Œ
✨my higher self to higher self conversations I have when things are breaking down behind the scenes whether in my business, relationships or with my online audience. β€Œ
πŸ’₯ The content blessings I do before sending out posts and emails
πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ The technique I use to not get drawn into my clients situation while being heart open and also seeing it from highest perspective. β€Œ
πŸ”₯ How I start every video, audio and call that connects me to what my clients live and future need in that moment vs an human projection from me. β€Œ
πŸ€‘ How I hold the energy even when it looks like it’s not working β€Œ

πŸ¦„ The quantum leaping technique that allows me to lean back more into remembering and reduce the β€œI don’t know factor” β€Œ And so much more.

NOTE:  This isn't included in Quantum Queen or The BE* Collective.


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