Activate Your Magnetism & Attract Abundance on All Levels Just by BEING YOU

Tap into your Attraction Magic

Stop chasing what you want and let it flow to you like MAGIC

Your Portal  to Embody Your Attraction Power

Finally stop letting the world trigger you into resistance and allow these triggers to become your freedom.  Receive what you REALLY desire.


Do you often feel like you are running in circles trying to "do" all the right things but never seeing any true REAL results?

Are you secretly jealous when you see the celebration post from someone in your industry?

Do you wonder why is it working for her and not for me?

Do you see someone winning or doing well and write it off because they are skinnier, prettier, or some other *er than you?

Are you triggered by that relationship that seems too good to be true secretly "knowing" it isn't going to work for her?

Don't feel wrong or embarrased.  This is human nature. You aren't wrong you are just triggered.

Get excited because these triggers are evidence of something that you desire that you just aren't allowing yourself to receive.

What if I told you that your desires are divine.

Your desires are YOURS and they are meant for you.

You are so loved and so supported you can't even imagine.

When you are upset that someone else is having, being or doing something you aren't...
it is because it is something you want but aren't consicously allowing yourself to want it.

You are stuck in the societal conditioned SHOULDs of your life.

You SHOULD want this...
You SHOULD do that...
You SHOULD dress like this...
You SHOULD speak like that...

And because you are SHOULD'ING all over yourself, you are not allowing your ATTRACTION POWER to work FOR YOU.

In fact you are using your ATTRACTION POWER AGAINST YOU.'

You are using your ATTRACTION POWER to attract things to you that are trying to show you what you truly want through resistance, contrast and triggers.

What if it could be so much easier?

I'm here to tell you it can be soooooo much easier.

You are a natural born attraction magnet.

You were created to attract people, places, circumstances and experiences to you in order for you to live out your purpose on this earth.

What is your purpose?

Your purpose is to be YOU.  
Your purpose is to THRIVE.
 Your purpose is to be the loving being you truly are.

I know this because I have done all the things I talked about above.

I've been triggered by someone's success.

I have assumed that the only reason so-and-so was successful was because she was skinnier than me or blonder than me or or or...

I have felt that life wasn't fair because I was told at a young age I would have to work harder and be 100 times smarter in order to receive what the person next to me had.

This all made me feel self-conscious.
I felt inherently unworthy.
I was a sinner, a young black girl starting at negative 100, already behind just because I was born in this body and this skin....

It wasn't until I decided to NO LONGER BUY INTO this and allow someone else's success to trigger me that I began to experience more success than I could imagine.


I am here to teach you ACCEPTANCE & help you to become powerfully MAGNETIC to your desires through Energetic SYNERGY & GRACE.

For years I didn't allow myself to show up.

I was so concerned with needing to be "better" "fitter" "smaller" "smarter" than the other people in my industry that I HID MYSELF.  

I hid who I was.
I didn't take full body pictures.
I didn't express my full personality.

I had to make sure I wasn't "too ghetto" or "too whatever" and I ended up being a mediocre version of myself.

So what did I attract?

I did all of this under the guise of being happy, happy, joy, joy and never letting "THEM" see me sweat.

It wasn't until I gave myself permission to be HONEST WITH MYSELF.

I let myself see the things that I was triggered by.  

I allowed myself to see what was REALLY HAPPENING in my life.  


I stopped letting the FANTASY of NEEDING to BE BETTER and hiding who I truly was GO.  

I allowed myself to be Vulnerable.  

I let myself become aware of the things that actually scared the SHYT out of me.  

I let myself become AWARE of the desires I REALLY wanted.  

Then and only then was I truly able to give myself permission to attract what I truly wanted.

Sure it was hard.

But the rewards have been phenomenal.

I now talk about things I wanted to talk about.
Share the things I wanted to share.
Show my full self, silliness and chubbiness and fears worries and ALL
I am living my PURPOSE and BEING fully ME

By doing this I have attracted more than I could imagine.
I have a confidence that is far beyond what I thought possible.
My capacity to NOT CARE about what other people think has INCREASED.

I am receiving more than ever before.
Opportunities, Clients, Connections COME TO ME.
I am no longer chasing after interviews or people.

I magnetize the things that I desire.
I have activated my magnetic aura to work FOR ME and in my favor.
My life has flipped and become better than I could ever imagine.

Did this happen OVERNIGHT?


It took consistent work...
Giving myself permission to FEEL all the FEELZ...
and a commitment to be HONEST



Magnetic is a 5 week transmission that will Activate Your Magnetic Aura & help you Attract to you what you REALLY desire

The first step is becoming aware of what is really happening in your life, understanding what your triggers are telling you and letting yourself want what you really want.

Then from there you get to attune your magnet and establish energetic standards that are in alignment with what you REALLY want and not the SHOULDs you have been conditioned to want.

You begin Being & Doing from a place of POWER and PRESENCE.

You begin living from your PURPOSE of being the REAL YOU and THRIVING.

Too good to be true becomes your NORM as you embrace your new UPGRADED CODING.


YOU:  Feeling Amazing, Empowered, and FREE
You are allowing yourself to FEEL whatever comes up.  
You are giving yourself permission to DREAM BIG and TAKE EVEN BIGGER ACTION.
You are living YOUR vision of your best life.  

You are confident.  When you desire something, you know that this is meant for you!

You know yourself better.  You know exactly what your body and feelings are telling you.  

Your emotional intelligence is off the charts.

You are in a state of flow.

You are IN LOVE...
... in love with LIFE
... in love with Yourself
... in love with your career
... in love with your relationships
... in love with your Body

You trust yourself, You trust Guidance, You are magnetizing what you REALLY DESIRE.

You have released limiting beliefs and doubts.  
You are no longer jealous of this one or that one.

You know that your desires are meant for you no matter what society says.

You are responding to life and understand what is manifesting and why.

And now you have the tools to adjust, readjust, level up and rearranged your reality!!

You feel FREE!  You feel more FREE than you have every FELT!

You are confident in yourself.  Walking with your head held high.  You are the authentic version of YOURSELF.

Would you like to live your life as a MAGNET attracting what you WANT into your life?

If you are sitting there like 🙋🏽‍♀️ Yes I want THAT

You are ready to BECOME MAGNETIC and ACTIVATE the NATURAL Magnetism that is already WITHIN YOU.



Activate Your Magnetism & Attract Abundance on All Levels Just by BEING YOU

This powerful transmission activating your natural born MANGETIC AURA is available immediately!

This is a place of transformation, integration, and activation of your powerful Magnetism coded within your DNA.

Ask all of your questions
Level Up with a community of powerful high vibe humans
Expand into your FULL POWER

Experience potent light code activations aligning you with your souls desires

you have been divinely guided HERE...

The Time for You to Live The Life You Desire is NOW.



Available immediately
We will spend this week getting AWARE AF.
What is happening in your life?
What are you attracting?
What is triggering you?  
What fears are you allowing to hold you back?
This week is all about getting so clear that you understand all of your SHOULDS and SHOULDN'Ts

ACTIVATION: Opening ACTIVATION clearing limiting beliefs stored within your DNA from ancestral timelines and lifetimes of trauma and drama.  Clear these connections to limits and become aware of the limitless ness within.  


Now that you are AWARE AF of your Triggers, Fears and Resistance you are creating, now is the time to turn these triggers into your HAPPINESS.  
Learn the Attraction Key and the Frequency You Get to be to EXPAND YOUR ATTRACTOR FIELD.
Awareness is the beginning of transformation.  So now that you are aware, you can allow yourself to take these new awarenesses and kick the self created limitations to the curb.
It is time to step into the fears and dgain massive clarity on the actions, steps and things you are meant to be doing right to live your best most joyous life.

CODING: We are going to turn on the internal Magnetic POWER Fields drawing  more of what you do want to you.  Allowing you to heal whatever is holding you where you are and open space to receive.


What boundaries have you placed on your life energetically.
What imaginary glass ceilings have you placed on yourself based on who you are, where you grew up and what is possible for you?
This week you will understand the standards that you have placed on yourself and you will begin to expand those standards to new levels.

CODING: This powerful activation will break through the imaginary glass ceiling you’ve created for yourself and what you can receive, blowing up and rearranging your reality to allow yourself to expand your standard to entirely new levels.  


Everything you desire is available to you now.  Your desires are DIVINE and YOURS right now.
The only problem is you are limiting what you believe you are able to receive.
Additionally, you are operating in the frequency that repeats the same thing over and over and over.
This week you will learn to up level your Energetic Standards to WAY HIGHER HEIGHT and stretch yourself beyond that which time or space can hold. Collapsing time and manifesting things that "should take longer" in a fraction of the time.

CODING: Quantum Activation to integrate the intentions, frequency and being of your Quantum Self who is living far above where you even believed was possible. Integration fo this YOU collapses time and space and allows you to create and receive in a greater capacity.  


After collapsing time and expanding your possibilities, you will have questions about your next steps to embody and integrate what you have learned.  This week is all about integration, embodiment and locking in the new codes and frequency level you have been nurturing.  

CODING: Closing ACTIVATION to integrate all of the up levels and allow you to continue to expand with greater ease and flow.  This integrates the higher frequencies into your Body and makes this “real” and “sustainable” to your beautiful mind. Thus allowing you to maintain the expansion you received and making tour quantum leaps #normal. 

What The People Are  SAYING 

It's hugs, kisses and all the feelz...

Christine and her dream have literally changed my life.

 Christine has many different tools that helped me get where I was trying to go. I got to work along side some of her other clients and see with her guidance that their goals and successes also came to be.

Within the first couple days of work I felt the changes. Christine showed me that I DO get to live with ease and that I just needed to realign. I regained my crown and stood up to be my queen self again.

I worked on my personal alignment and things changed everyday.

Along the way the amazing king that was meant for me came into my life and I started a successful Etsy shop.

I am extremely happy with the 30 Day Manifesting Challenge and feel truly thankful for Christine Michelle. She’s an amazing coach and wonderful person. She and her dream have literally changed my life.

A true example that the universe knows what you need and wants to take care of you. That when you lean back and ask for guidance even though sometimes it’s unknown you’ll be taken care of and be guided to where you need to be.

The universe brought me, and now you to Christine Michelle. She’s touched my life and I’m sure she’ll touch yours.

Best wishes on your journey.

Beth Scheid RDH  |  The Queen of Arts / Master of Arts




Prepare for this potent program with short exercises to get clear on your intentions.  Create Your Scent Anchor to lock in the frequency for your Next Next Level



5 Transmissions helping you release triggers, heal and expand what you are allowing yourself to receive.  

Transmissions include powerful ACTIVATIONS allowing you to quickly shift, heal and activate your magnetism.


Experience energy shifts before during and after the transmissions using with various tools including journaling and frequency alchemy.

Embody new energetic CODING and experience DNA Activations magnetizing to you what you desire


Gorgeous Password Protected Membership Site where you will find the exercises+the Transmission recordings

What The People Are  SAYING 

It's hugs, kisses and all the feelz...


Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Purpose, Power & Prosperity Activator who helps you remember who you truly are, obliterate old stories and embody who you came here to be NOW.

Intentionally receive a life where Magic and Miracles are your #norm and become Rich on ALL LEVELS.

With a brand focused on helping millions to experience their version of Total Life Prosperity, Christine activates a shift in your frequency and an elevation of your consciousness.

 Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.    

Utilizing Gene Keys, Human Design, Quantum Physics, NLP, EFT and a ton of other tools made her own, Christine Michelle is a Guide, Energy Healer, Seer and Channel who speaks directly to your mind and your soul.  

Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  

She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Being Rich on ALL Levels of your life gets to be easy.

You can find Christine at:
FB: The AlignedSoul Collective

Still have questions?  Give Details Below & Team AlignedSoul will get back to you!