Lucky Girl Glow Up Guide

The Guide to Activating Lucky Girl Syndrome

Here's your chance to activate Lucky Girl Syndrome for only $47.

The Lucky Girl Glow Up Guide will lead you step by step into activating Lucky Girl Syndrome.  It includes exercises, journal prompts, and information to not only help you understand the who, what, and why behind becoming a Lucky Girl who manifests everything she wants, but most importantly the HOW. 

You’ll learn how to become The Lucky Girl who is a magnet for her dream life.  

Get ready for a world where…
✨ The world bends at your wishes
✨ You’re highly favored and desired
✨ People go out of their way to do nice things for you
✨ Opportunities fall into your lap
✨ You attract the most amazing people into your life  

This is what the Lucky Girl Glow Up Guide will help you to create.

  • Inside I share some of my best tools for calming your nervous system, shifting your energy, and aligning with abundance and prosperity. 
  • It’s what I share with my clients that has them attracting the best romantic partners, opportunities, and collaborations, and exploding their income in their businesses. 
  • I’m so excited to be able to share this with you! 
  • When you click on the link and pay, you get immediate access to the guide to start reading it right away. 
  • You’re only one step away from manifesting your Lucky Girl Life.

84 page guide

Step by Step Activation

  • Transformative Exercises and Rituals: Step into the radiant energy of The Lucky Girl with 84 pages of immersive exercises designed to elevate your daily experiences. From thymus gland activations to Quantum Self Concepting, embark on a journey that harmonizes your energy and unveils the boundless opportunities waiting just for you.
  • Personalized Energetic Blueprint: Discover the tools to craft your unique Personal Energetic Vibration (PEV), enabling you to resonate with joy, abundance, and serendipity every day. This guide acts as a companion in your journey to self-discovery, helping you shape a reality where being a Lucky Girl isn't a rare occurrence but a daily celebration.  
  • A Sanctuary of Self-Care and Manifestation: Cultivate a space of well-being, empowerment, and alignment within the pages of this guide. Each section is curated to guide you gently toward a reality where fortune aligns with your intentions effortlessly, fostering a lifestyle sprinkled with luck, grace, and magic - the hallmarks of a true Lucky Girl.

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Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Frequency Alchemizer who helps you shift your frequency and elevate your consciousness to new levels.

Utilizing potent modalities made her own, Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Intentional Manifestation gets to be easy.

You can find Christine at:
Instagram: FB: The AlignedSoul Collective