Receiving Vibration is Blocking Manifestation

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In this article, I discuss how you are consistently pushing away your manifestations with your incapacity to receive.  Find out how the more you say no to opportunities, compliments, friendships, and words of appreciation, the more you train your vibration to become aligned with not receiving.

Read to find out:

  • 1)  What is your Receiving Reality
  • 2)  Journal Prompt Exercise to Uncover your feelings about receiving
  • 3)  How You Are Saying No To the Universe
  • 4)  Take the Quiz to Find Out Your Receiving Vibration


You are in the store.  You spotted something amazing that your friend Courtney would absolutely love.  In fact, you heard her say that she was looking for this exact thing.

You saw it and you knew it was the perfect give for Courtney.

You buy it.  

You are so happy.  

You are envisioning the smile on her face.  

You can’t stop smiling yourself.


You arrive with the gift. Courtney is overjoyed.   She thanks you with a huge smile. She hugs you and tells you a story about how she asked for that exact specific thing.  

You are so happy that you listened to your soul.  You got to be a co-creator with The Universe that day.


You arrive with the gift.  Courtney is shocked. She says that she cannot accept it.  

She keeps telling you that it is just “too much.”  She shakes her head and says “no, no, no.” Then after much pushing and telling them that you will not take the gift back, Courtney finally decides to accept.  She says that she will accept but that you shouldn’t have and it is just too much.

Then she asks what do you want in return.  She believes she has got to get you something because you have been so nice.  She keeps pushing things on to you but you don’t want them. You normally have no problem receiving but it just doesn’t feel right.  This isn’t why you gave to her. You just felt led to give.


You arrive with the gift.  Courtney is shocked. She says that she cannot accept it.  She keeps telling you that it is just “too much.” She shakes her head and says “no, no, no.”  

She tells you that her heart will not allow her to accept such an “extravagant” gift from you.  She tells you firmly: “ Thank you so much but no thank you.”

Courtney politely declines and turns away from your gift and you are left holding it with no idea what to do with it.

Journaling Exercise to Uncover Your Feelings About Receiving

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Before moving to the next section, pull out your journal.  Write about how you would feel after each scenario. See below.



1: Re-read scenario in Reality A.  You are the giver in this scenario.  Write how you feel after Courtney’s response to your heartfelt gift.

2: You are the giver in Reality B.  Write how you feel after Courtney’s response.

3: Re-read Reality C.  How do you feel after Courtney walked away from your gift?

You are Saying NO to The Universe

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In Reality A, Courtney is a good receiver.  She received her gift with joy. Because Courtney was such a good receiver your experience giving to her was as joyous as you imagined.  The overall situation left you both with higher vibrations that when you began.


This situation became frustrating.  You had to fight to give what you felt so inspired to buy.  Courtney, on the other hand, feels guilty and unworthy.

She is concerned that she is taking away from you or hurting your financial situation by accepting your gift.  She dimmed her own vibration and shifted the overall mood of your interaction.

Courtney also sees your gift as a debt for her.  Now she is looking for ways to pay you back.

She took what could have been a high vibe situation and made it uncomfortable and un-joyous.

Courtney feels forced to accept it even though she feels the gift is a burden for her.


You tried to give and your gift was rebuffed.  

Courtney straight up told you to take that gift back because it is too extravagant for her to accept.  She appreciates the thought but thinks that it is just too much.

Courtney loves the thought of the gesture but she doesn’t want to feel burdened.  She believes that she would owe you or feel as though she has to pay you back in some way.  She doesn’t feel that she can.

What could have been a fun, high vibe experience has become very low vibe and you are beginning to regret buying the gift.


What would you say if I told you that the YOU in that scenario is The Universe?

The Universe is YOUR PERSONAL Sugar Daddy.  The Universe’s main goal (and joy) is to provide you what you desire.

The way the Universe does this is to connect you with physical people, places, things and opportunities that connect you with exactly what you want.   

In this is a 3D physical world, what you Ask for comes through physical people.

We all play roles in everyone’s play called life.  Often you are the avenue through which someone is going to receive something and someone else is the avenue through which you will receive what you have asked for.

When you say NO to your Sugar Daddy like Reality B & Reality C Courtney did, you are turning exactly what you asked for AWAY and you are telling The Universe NO Thank You.

Now that you understand that the Universe is playing the role in putting co-operative components along your path to guide you to actualizing exactly what you desire into your life, let me ask you a question….Which Courtney are you?

Be honest NOW!  How do they say in the south where I am from… Be honest, Shame the Devil.  

Receiving Vibration Quiz

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Open a new page in your journal.  Write about how you would feel after each scenario.  See below.



STEP 1: Pull out your Journal and quickly answer yes or no to these questions.

(1)  Did you accept the gift with appreciation and a smile?

(2)  Do you feel so grateful that your manifestation has arrived?

(3)  Did you push it away for a moment and then finally accept it?

(4)  Do you feel selfish accepting this gift?

(5)  Do you think that you owe me something because you just got something?

(6)  Are you looking for ways to pay me back?

(7)  Did you feel that the gift was too much to accept?

(8)  Did you think that you would owe me something if you accepted?

(9)  Did you not trust that you were worthy of this gift?

(10) Did you feel offended that I bought you something you could get on your own?

(11) Did you feel annoyed that I was able to buy what you wanted for so long and just give it to you?

(12) Did you feel it would be selfish to receive it?




If you answered Yes to 1-2 and No to 3-12, then Congratulations!  You are a HIGH VIBE RECEIVER.  Your Receiving Vibration is sky high and you should be receiving everything you ask for.


If you answered Yes to any of the Questions 3-12, then you are a blocking The Universe every time it tries to send its wingmen over to delight and surprise you.

STEP 2: Answer these questions

Does it matter what the gift?  Will your answers change?

Does it make you worried to accept something that is “super” opulent or personal?

What if I told you the gift was a gorgeous DVF dress for about $500?  Does that change you answer?

Does the thought of being given a $500 dress freak you out or make you feel greedy?

Let’s say a friend of yours buys you the newest MacBook Pro with everything on it and over $3000? Which Courtney are you now?

Do you feel ashamed that someone else had to buy you the MacBook Pro and you couldn’t do it for yourself?

What about three Cartier Love $14.6K Bracelets w/Diamonds?  Which Courtney are you now?

Does the idea of wearing nearly $44K in jewelry freak you out?  How about the fact that someone bought it for you? Do you feel like this makes you high maintenance or a Gold Digger?

What if the gift was a White Fully Loaded G63?  Which Courtney are you now?

Would you drive in your GWagon GWagon GWagon or would you say nope, this is too much?

What if the gift was $10,000 cash?  Which Courtney are you now?

Does receiving cash feel better or worse?  Would you accept it from a friend?

Be honest with yourself.  

It is more difficult, to be honest with yourself than it is to be honest with other people sometimes. It’s ok.  It is just me and you and I won’t tell anyone.

Which Courtney are you?

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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