3 Ways to Know When It is Time to Move On

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Often you are holding on to something so tightly and ignoring how you truly feel.  In this article, I talk about 3 ways to know when to let go and move on.

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  • 1)  My Struggle with Letting Go
  • 2)  Three (3) Ways To Know That It Is Time To Let Go
  • 3)  JOURNAL EXERCISE to determine if it is time to move on


Sometimes you struggle with LETTING GO of something even when you know in your Soul that it is the RIGHT thing to do.  Whether that is LETTING GO of a Lover that you know you can’t grow with or LETTING GO of a business that was great for a while but no longer serves your purpose.

Have you ever experienced this?  

I have.   

Look, I am an entrepreneur at heart.  

Since I was a little girl I developing products to sell, wrote “Best Selling Novels” that everyone HAD to Read and I would do anything I could to create and share my creations with those I loved and the broader community in the quiet suburban neighborhood.

When I left Victoria’s Secret in NY and retired down to Tampa my sister and I started ana-hob®.  It was going to be a Boutique. We were focusing on Fashion and I was going to create my own Beauty Product and balance out the Margin. (Once a Merchant/CPA always a Merchant/CPA.)

The thing that excited me most was hiring young Gen Z and Millennial Women and helping them learn the business and helping them grow into strong powerful women.  Sure I loved the fashion aspect and the creation of the beauty product but what got me excited was being in the energy of coaching and leading a team of kick-ass women.

Then that didn’t work out.  

I had to go back to Corporate America.  Then I decided to develop a different beauty business.  It was going to be amazing. Focused on Fragrance and Body Care.  It was going to be EVERYTHING. We once we got close to the production stages I realized that I didn’t have over $100K at my disposal to begin the production and felt defeated.  I had already gotten in a ton of debt to get the business off the ground but it wasn’t going to be a great idea to go into further debt. So I had to let that amazing idea go. (I know in my soul that that one will come back in a different iteration but a few years ago wasn’t the time.   But I knew the idea wasn’t bad.

I knew it was time to go.
  I knew for several, several months.  

However, I didn’t want to disappoint my sister and partner.  I also didn’t want to disappoint the clients and loyal fans.

So instead of listening to my soul, I prioritized my fear of letting others down.  

As I continued to move forward, I became disgruntled and annoyed because I knew I wasn’t Aligned with my Soul.  I wasn’t taking my Aligned Soul Action.

I made excuses that the business was making good money and if I started to get behind it again it could be very successful.  

Was that true?  

Sure I could make anything successful.  

But was it in my highest Alignment to continue?  


Then I started hinting at it with my sister.  She didn’t start picking up what I was putting down for over 7-8 months.  

It wasn’t until I started to become snippy and what she described as downright Mean Girl about curated*

Being a Mean Girl isn’t me.  I am honest and forthright. I will always tell you the truth but when I do so I am loving and compassionate.   Well, not the last few months when I continued to ignore what were the true desires of my heart.

If I listened to myself, the excitement around the Boutique and the Beauty was the Team.  Being about to coach and mentor women in their careers and lives was what excited me. So I couldn’t wait for the day that we could hire staff and get them acclimated and ready to live their BEST LIVES.

Beauty was my love.  It still is something I truly enjoy.  

But my calling is to Mentor and Coach.  This is where my soul thrives. To help women stand up and step into all that they ALWAYS KNEW they were, that is what I do.

So I finally decided to move on.  I finally decided that it was time to listen to my soul and do what worked for me.


The people in my life understood.  While disappointed my sister prepared for her new role within my company supporting my Transformation & Personal Development Company.

The customers were sad to see us go and ordered all of the product they could until they could find a new replacement.

I FELT SO MUCH BETTER.  I felt relief.

I have gone on to create an amazingly successful business that I adore.  I have built a supportive community and I get to teach, lead and impact thousands and thousands of people every single day.

3 Ways to Know That It Is Time to Let Go

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1) You get frustrated easily by things that used to excite you. 

I used to love the thought of creating a product and going to the markets.  I loved talking to clients and explaining the benefits. But soon I just wanted to run and hide.  I couldn’t be bothered by going to the markets or creating the products. I started to snap and was easily frustrated by things that I formerly loved to do.


Pay attention to your feelings.  Are you feeling frustrated more often?  Do things that used to light you up just plain piss you off or worst make you sad?


2) You find any reason NOT to do whatever it is you “should” be doing.  

I would find any reason to not have to go to the Markets or do anything related to the beauty business.  First, it was tax preparation, next I manifested extensive work at my corporate job. I found any reason in the world to not have to be involved in the business.


Are you avoiding something that you use to be excited to do?  Pay attention to how you feel and if there is anything you are running away from.


3) You tense up when the topic or subject is mentioned.

Anytime my sister would bring up anything about the business, my entire body would tense up.  Pay attention to your body. Your body is connected to your intuition and when you become aware of how you are feeling physically and emotionally you can navigate even the most difficult situations more easily.

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If I knew that it is completely safe and that there is NO POSSIBILITY of failure, disappointment or loss of income… what AlignedSoul action would I take today?  What has my Soul been guiding me to do that I have been ignoring?

What does my life look like when I am fully being the person that I truly am meant to be?  What does my business look like when I am only being fully me, integrity and alignment.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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