How to Manifest Your Next Promotion Fast

Over the last few months, I have had the joy of helping a few of my clients step into their next level within their careers. There doesn’t have to be a specific amount of time. You can rise up to Director, Senior Manager and VP Levels quickly. Remember, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE because you co-create your Reality. If you desire it, it is yours. This article discusses how you can take yourself from where you are to BEING the YOU who has that dream career and has been promoted within her job.

Keep reading to discover:
1) It’s Time to Manifest Your Promotion
2) 4 Steps to Manifesting Your Next Promotion
3) What to Expect & What to Do Next
4) Journal Exercise to Manifest Your Next Promotion

Change this Word – Instantly Shift Your Mindset

This article discusses 4 reasons how replacing these specific words from your vocabulary immediately changes your perspective and instantly shifts your mindset about any situation! Manifestation and Mindset Lessons from the Netflix hit Lucifer.

Keep reading to discover:
1) Lesson learned from Mazikeen of the Lilm
2) 4 Reasons to remove Have To from your Vocabulary.
3) My “Get to” vs “Have to” Story
4) Journal Exercise to turn your Have To’s into Get To’s

8 Ways You Are Repelling Money

In this article, learn 8 ways you are repelling money from you. In order to truly understand these ways, I will focus on helping you to understand Money and the Energetics behind Money. Once you know what the Energetic Frequency is of Money you can begin to shift your relationship and stop repelling it. Your Money Mindset depends on understanding the energetics!

Read to find out:
1) What Money Really Is
2) Money is Your Lover
3) 8 Ways You are Repelling Money
4) Journal Exercise to Reunite You with Money

Receiving Vibration is Blocking Manifestation

In this article, I discuss how you are consistently pushing away your manifestations with your incapacity to receive. Find out how the more you say no to opportunities, compliments, friendships, and words of appreciation, the more you train your vibration to become aligned with not receiving.

Read to find out:
1) What is your Receiving Reality
2) Journal Prompt Exercise to Uncover your feelings about receiving
3) How You Are Saying No To the Universe
4) Take the Quiz to Find Out Your Receiving Vibration

What to do when Money Shortage Freaks You Out

Have you ever gotten down to your last $25 or an amount that felt uncomfortable for you when compared to the expenses going out? In today’s article, I talk about what to do in these situations and steps you can take and implement in your life today to prevent this from happening again. I understand, I have been there and this is why I can help you.

Read to find out:
1) My Money Shortage Story & What Guidance I received
2) 3 Ways You can Shift the Feelings of Worry, Dread, Etc
3) 7 Steps to Shift Your Money Vibration
4) Journal Exercise to Change Your Money Vibration


I am a Transformational Mentor, Human Design, and Gene Key Expert and Teacher of Practical Manifestation. 

I combine Energetic, Quantum & Human Design principles to activate massive up-levels, accelerate results, and amplify success in your total life.

I am the Vibration Lifter & The Energy Shifter.  I make quantum leaps #normal.  It is time for you to manifest like magic.



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