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Christine Michelle – Manifesting Coach Extraordinaire

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My Book The Aligned Receiver & its Company Journal - The Aligned Receiver Journal is HERE!  Click the photo below to order today!



The Aligned Receiver lays out the essential woo-woo spiritual plus the do-practical play by play for manifesting a life beyond your wildest imagination. Learn how to confidently receive your desires.



  • Why Receiving is Equal to Giving
  • That the Universe Is Your Sugar Daddy.  Find out how to work with the masculine & feminine energy
  • How to Quantum Manifest by becoming a Master Receiver
  • What the Shadow Archetypes In Receiving are and how to integrate them quickly
  • The 90 Day Play by Play to Receiving more money, love, relationships, health and whatever else you desire



438 pages of deeply guided, intropsective and easy to understand and read content.  Do the over 50 Journal Exercises and 200 Journal Prompts to help you explore receiving (ie. manifesting) on a deep level.


After reading The Aligned Receiver and doing the exercises you will:

  • See the massive shifts and changes and finally witness The Universe come to your aid.
  • Allow receiving to become a #normal for you.
  • Embrace ease and flow as your natural states.
  • Allow your dream life to be #ofcourse.
  • Show up in the world as your Best Self NOW
  • Lift your vibration and the vibration of those around you just by living your best life now and showing them what is possible.


Becoming The Aligned Receiver will change your life.  Finally, tap into your birthright of Abundance of ALL THE THINGS including Money, Joy, Love, Health and so much more.

  • No More Push - Struggle - Overwhelm
  • Go from having No Money to Receiving Overflow
  • Learn to Receive with Ease
  • Do Less & Receive So Much More
  • Listen to Your Intuition and receive Guidance with Ease



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