Hi! I’m Christine Michelle. In my work, I focus on Quantum Manifestation, Shifting, and Healing because quantum leaps should be #normal.

I help my clients become more of themselves and show up fully in their own multidimensional pow

I make it all simple, easy, understandable and executable.

I’m a New Orleans native who has lived in some of the most fascinating cities in the world from New Orleans to Atlanta to New York.  Now I am a Florida Beach Girl living in Tampa.

I’m a former Corporate Executive who spent 20+ years doing the do with some of the MOST Recognized Brands in the World …Victoria’s Secret, The Coca-Cola Company & Deloitte.

I have been Woo Woo since I could walk and have spent over 30 years studying personal development, playing with energy, vibration and other and spiritual practices.

Years of Woo



Years of Do

I am like just like you. I was frustrated with my life. I constantly asked myself WTF? Deep down inside I KNEW there was MORE TO LIFE.

I studied and practiced everything about conscious creation. After years of inconsistent results, I realized it was my vibration & my mindset that mattered.


I got detailed & practical. I focused on ease, lifting my vibration, shifting energy and changing my beliefs.

With that & the help of The Universe I created this life that I love.

NOW I get to share with you how I went from frustrated living the life expected of me to living a life of freedom, fun and flexibility. 


I am the CEO & Founder of ana-hob, inc & Creator of The AlignedSoul Brand. I am a Manifestation Success Mentor, Vibration Lifter, Energy Shifter, Speaker, Author & Podcaster. As a Leader in the Transformation Industry, I focus on effortlessly merging the MODERN Tools with the ANCIENT PRACTICES.  I combine Spiritual Goodness + Practical & Strategic Tools to help my clients shift quickly & manifest with ease.


When I am not helping women all around the globe LIVE their BEST LIVES and become MORE of THEMSELVES, you can find me spending time with her girlfriends (#single_af and loving it) traveling to an amazing destination, nameste’ing in hot yoga or eating delicious food in some super cool restaurant.


Most days you can spot me drinking a really great glass of wine and chatting about the latest episode in Bachelorette or some other #realtruthreality show and discussing how Energy and Vibration played a fascinating role in how it all panned out!

I'm Eternally Grateful

I’m eternally grateful, I have found so much value and I really wish I had learnt about this alot sooner! Manifestation is life transforming and if I can do it anyone can!

– Ileya

I'm Finally Enough

God put me on your page somehow…Thank you so much! I AM 45 AND I AM FINALLY ENOUGH!


I'm Manifesting

I’m manifesting a lot of things …an insta redesign , a trunk show for Athleisure I’m repping , a photo shoot for my website , and a designer to polish uplevel it ..basically many things on my Manifest wishlist.

– Heidi

I'm Taking Inspired Action

Working with Christine has inspired me to actualize my dreams in the Now instead of leaving them for the future or letting them wither. Working with her has provided increased clarity, allowing to take inspired action and fulfilling my desires, taking me further along my path and providing a sense of increased joy and confidence.

– Natalia

I'm Set Up For Success

From the beginning, Christine set me up for success. She personally created a program for me so I could succeed with ease. She challenged and motivated me

– Jessica


SHIFTS in your VIBRATION help you ALIGN with your DESIRES.

I am MANIFESTING my desires & I know you can too.


You are driven successful woman who KNOWS LIFE has MORE to OFFER & and you are READY to STEP into that reality. You are open minded and passionate. You are creative, loving and authentic.

You know that you create your reality but you are confused as to what to do and want to understand how to get consistent results.

You have an urge pushing you forward in life and you are READY to live life as your FULLEST NOW. You are looking for clarity and help focusing but you have no idea where to start.


You want it all, something different or just MORE than you have NOW. You do what it takes to live a good life.

You are Heart-Centered. You want to make a difference. You love helping others and want to make this world a better place. You are a soulful light in this world and you are ready to shine.

You want to be uber successful, wake up next to the sexy amazing guy who adores you, drive the luxury vehicle, have the cash in the bank, live in your version of the bikini body and be in amazing health.


You are READY to LEVEL UP.  Now you get to take the next step and see if we resonate.  If we vibe, you get to work closely with me.  You get to receive help manifesting, managing your energetic frequency, shifting your mindset and staying vibed up so you can quickly manifest your desires.

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