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In this article, you will find out why you need to get clear about what you desire.  When I first begin working with my clients, the majority aren’t super clear about what they desire.  Some have an idea but they haven’t truly tapped into what their vision is in specifics.


If I asked you the question “What do you want?” what would you say?  


Would you say:

  • More Money
  • A Relationship
  • Business Success
  • Win the Lottery
  • Manifest a Million Bucks



No judgement at all of those things are great.  The problem is that they aren’t specific. They don’t help you tap into what you truly desire.  The list is so vague it doesn’t help you truly embody what it is that is coming from inside of you.  It will never help you tap into the feelings and emotions necessary to truly vibrate having it now.

The key to manifesting what you want easily is by getting specific.  In order to get specific, you have to GET CLEAR.  Clarity truly is Queen of the Castle.


The key to manifesting what you want easily is by getting specific.Click To Tweet


In order to get specific, you have to GET CLEAR.  Clarity truly is Queen of the Castle.Click To Tweet



Examples of more clearly stated desires:  

  • You desire a relationship?  A simple and clear desire would be “I would like to have a loving intimate relationship with a fine sexy man who loves and adores me and supports me and my vision.”
  • You desire more money?  A simple and clear desire would be “I would like to have $15,000 per month recurring income consistently with ease.”


In today’s suggested Video you’ll learn:

  • Why you aren’t manifesting what you desire
  • Why you don’t even know what you really want
  • What to do to get more clear




Ready to Get Clear

If you want to understand if you are clear and how to get more clear about what you actually want to create in your life you are going to LOVE this video.





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Tell me what money manifesting struggles you have experienced.


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