What Is Vibration & Why Is Energy Important?


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The Law of Vibration says that everything that exists is made up of energy and resonates at a certain vibrational frequency.  Everything which includes that relationship, your successful business, the promotion, ideal weight and everything else.
Playing with and adjusting your Vibration is truly where all of the Fun lies.  The goal being to shift your vibration to a place that aligns with the vibration of whatever it is you want in your life.

What is Vibration?

Plainly stated Your Vibration is made up of Your Thoughts + Your Feelings + Your Intentions + Your Actions…  I like to add one more thing… Your Desires

Thoughts + Feelings + Desires + Intentions + Actions = Your Energetic VibrationClick To Tweet

When aligning with what you desire, it is key to shift your thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions and actions to align with those of the YOU who already has what you want.

Shifting Vibration

I use to speak about lifting or raising your vibration all the time, but I have noticed the idea of “Raising” and “Lifting” your own vibration freaks out my even most Law of Attraction Advanced clients.  They try to force themselves to feel a certain way or berate themselves if they have a bad day.

I like to talk about “Shifting” your vibration.  The Shifting could be raising but it is more like matching the vibration to that which aligns with what you want.  I can guarantee that the You who already has the Relationship or the Booming Business is not always sitting at a Level 10 of Happiness or Joy.  She is most likely normally slightly above where you are. Which means you don’t have to sit and fake happiness all day. You also don’t have to freak out if you have a bad thought or feel shitty one day.

All you have to do is be aware of what is going on.  Then acknowledge what pops up and allow yourself to shift from whatever it is you are feeling.  Take the pressure off yourself and your emotions to be perfect in order to manifest. This isn’t realistic nor is it what the parallel reality You who already has what you desire is doing.


Think of it as this simple…Say you want a Relationship:

  • There is a version of You who already has this relationship
  • She is you…and she feels like you.  The only difference is she has different thoughts that align with her having exactly what it is that you want.  

THOUGHTS: She thinks about being loved and adored.  She thinks about how awesome it feels to love and adore.  

FEELINGS: She feels loved.  She feels adored.

DESIRES: She desires to give and receive love.  

INTENTIONS:  She intends to give love to those around her.  She intends to be love and receive love.

ACTIONS:  She loves others.  She is in love with her life.  She is in love with her business.  She listens with her heart. She assumes the best in others.

  • Her having whatever you desire is normal and therefore her energetic vibration is set at the HAVING of that relationship NOW.  She isn’t looking forward to the relationship. She isn’t yearning for the relationship.

Take note that none of these state that she is perfect.  None of these state that she is jumping for Happy Happy Joy Joy all day everyday.  None of these state that she doesn’t have a bad day ever. What she does is live her life reveling in the love she gives and receives.  Her vibration is one where she is loved and adored and she gives love and adoration.

How do you shift?

In order to align with the You who is in that loving and caring relationship, you just need to align with that vibration.  Be Love and Give Love to all of those around you and you will attract that intimate relationship you desire with ease.

Keep in mind, you are doing all of the loving not to receive the intimate relationship…you are doing it because it feels good to give and receive love.  You are being that loving person who gives and receives love and that is when you can align with the Vibration of being in the loving relationship.


Live Your Best Life N.O.W

In Video 3 of the Live Your Best Life N.O.W Series, “What is Vibration and Why Energy is Important”, I talk about 4 key points about Vibration, what it is and ways to shift it. When you are co-creating Your Best Life with the Universe, your Energetic Vibration is your Bestie.

In this video you will learn about:





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