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In this article, I talk about Triggers.  Kylie Jenner of the famed Kardashian-Jenner family was named the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire.  This triggered so many people in so many different ways.  If you were not triggered, this is a great article for you to read to find out why others were triggered.  If you were triggered, this article is great for you to read because you get to learn that triggers are all about you and what you have going on inside.  Want to know why Kylie’s success triggered you, keep reading.  You will also find out what to do next time you get triggered so that you can grow and expand instead of breaking your iPhone against a wall.


In the article, you are going to read about:

  • Self-Made Billionaire – who knew those words could trigger
  • It comes down to Mindset
  • Mindset Exercise
  • 4 Limiting Belief Breakdown
  • 5 Steps to take next time you are triggered




Kylie Jenner has become the youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever.  She reached the 10-Figure Fortune before Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) who was 21 when he reached Billionaire Status.  When this was announced haters and confused people all over the world made their disdain know.  With cries of “She isn’t self-made” and other negative comments that have nothing to do with this powerful business and Brand that King-Kylie has been able to create.  Check out the Forbes Article (link below) that goes into greater detail about Kylie and her Billion Dollar Empire.


Link to Forbes Articles:


I found that even people in the Manifesting Community were also chapped and this boggled my mind for a second.  It was until I stepped back and looked at the Energetics of it all that it became so clear.  The people who were so upset at another woman’s success were playing in a Scarcity Mindset Place.  Their triggered response was driven by their current mindset.


Let’s talk Mindset and why it is so important to your success in all areas of your life.




The reason you will never be “the youngest self-made billionaire” or have “the love of your life” or “body of your dreams” is YOU.   YOUR MINDSET–YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR BELIEFS, YOUR ENERGETIC VIBRATION is the REASON You STAY STUCK. 


The only way for you to achieve whatever you desire is for you to embody the MINDSET of someone who ALREADY has what you desire.  You have to BE whatever you desire before you BECOME it.


EXAMPLEMuhammad Ali was saying that he was The Greatest Fight Ever BEFORE he BECAME the Greatest Fight Ever.  He embodied his greatness before anyone else ever saw it.  He believed he was and then he became.


When you look at others’ success and you get triggered take note.  Do not to judge yourself.  Only Observe.

  • What are the thoughts you are thinking?
  • Why does this topic or situation make you so upset or frustrated, mad or sad…pick an emotion…
  • Are you upset because you do not believe you too can have the same thing, situation, feeling?


The answer is always INSIDE of YOU.  Not the person. Not the situation… YOU


You have to BE whatever you desire before you BECOME it.Click To Tweet




Kylie Jenner became the youngest Billionaire.  Her SoulTribe Followers are donating to the cause to help it happen even faster.




Remember No Judgement.  Just observation.








  • Kylie created RELATIONSHIPS with her Tribe.  Know Like and Trust to the millionth power!
  • Kylie has not only CREATED a product people love BUT she has  created her own SoulTribe who love whatever she creates and will do whatever they can do to support her success



  • Kylie has monetized something she was once ashamed of “her lips” and came out and was honest and vulnerable about something she was nervous to tell the world (her lip injections) and now she created a Billion Dollar Empire around that very thing…?



  • Even with my 20+ years in high levels of the World’s Most Recognized Brands, I could learn something from her.  She knows how to create a successful brand.  Hell, all of her family especially her mother knows how to create a successful brand.




  1.   Kylie isn’t self-made.  She was born into it.
  2.   People shouldn’t give Kylie money.  She is already rich.
  3.   All Kylie does is talk on social media and film a show.  That isn’t hard work
  4.   Kylie has a team.  She isn’t self-made.


Instead of countering each one of these points, I want to take a deeper look at 4 prevalent Limiting Beliefs behind these thoughts.  These Limiting Beliefs are keeping you stuck where you are and now you can use this information to move forward.



Limiting Belief Breakdown

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Now let’s OBSERVE what LIMITING BELIEFS making themselves known:


1) LIMITING BELIEF: It’s not fair.  I can’t have this because I wasn’t born into it.  So I am going to belittle her success

She isn’t Self Made?  Well, she wasn’t born into a billion dollar lip brand.  She was born into the same family that Robert Jr was born into.  Does he have a. billion-dollar brand? NO.


If you want to have a billion-dollar brand, you can have one too.   You have access to the same Source and Same Internal Guidance.  You have the ability to be as authentic, vulnerable and as open about stuff you are scared to share with the world.  You can also create products or share a message that you have passion and excitement about and create a Soul tribe and or Brand.


Mark Z wasn’t born into Facebook.  Steve Jobs didn’t get born into Apple.  Sara Blakely wasn’t born into her Billion Dollar Spanx Empire.


Sara Blakely said, “I’d been doing visualizing, being very specific, asking for an idea that would change my life and change other people’s lives…”


You see… Sara did the work.  Sara shifted her Mindset. Sara was asking for Guidance.  Sara visualized. She trusted Guidance. She took action on her idea.





2) LIMITING BELIEF: There is only ONE Limited Finite Pie

People shouldn’t give her money.  She is already rich…


Why does this trigger you so much?  Could it be that you believe in shortage mentality?  You have lack mindset going. You are asking why give to her because there is only this pie here so if you give to her you are taking away from me?


Here is the GOOD NEWS.  There is no Limit. Abundance is unlimited.  Think about it.  Our economy continues to grow and scale leaps and bounds and continues to create more millionaires than ever existed before on the planet.


There is no Limit UNLESS you believe it so.


If you know anything about the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration, then you know that when you are ALIGNED with the ENERGY of ABUNDANCE and RECEIVING then you RECEIVE.  The more you are aligned with receiving the more you receive.


This is why wealthy people receive the $50K swag bags and get meals comped.  This is why super-rich folks receive discount after discount even though they aren’t asking for it.  Money and Abundance flow into their experience in multiple ways. They make themselves available for opportunities.  They are open to receiving in many ways.


When you look upon someone who is doing well and you curse at them or are triggered it is because YOU are not open to receiving.


Observe your reaction to the thought of a Millionaire receiving something for Free.  If you are appalled at that idea, ask yourself why.


It is probably because you believe in limits and you don’t realize that this Universe is UNLIMITED and whatever that person is receiving you can CO-CREATE IT with God/Universe/Source TOO.



3) LIMITING BELIEF:  You have to work hard for it otherwise it isn’t worth it


You have been conditioned to believe the only money worth having or receiving is the money you work HARD for.  That is why you belittle Kylie’s success as her being BORN INTO IT or ONLY USING SNAPS and SOCIAL MEDIA. It is “too easy” to be worth anything.


Do you realize Ease and Flow is your natural birthright?  This life wasn’t meant for you to ride the Struggle Bus to Broke Town every single day.

  • Ease is a Choice
  • Flow is a Choice
  • Abundance in all areas of your life is a Choice
  • Love is a Choice


You keep glorifying struggle and you remain in struggle.  One ticket to Broke Town on the Struggle Bus coming right up…



4) LIMITING BELIEF: I have to do this all on my own.  Receiving Support makes me Weak. It makes it too easy so I must work harder and struggle by myself.


Just like you have been conditioned to believe in Hard Work is the Only Way…You also have been conditioned to believe that receiving Support is a sign of weakness.


But is that true?


IS THAT THE MESSAGE COMING FROM INSIDE YOU OR Is that the message coming from your conditioned thoughts and beliefs that aren’t even YOURS?


Universe/God/Source is on the READY RIGHT NOW.  Universe/God/Source is ready to send help for all the things directly to you.


But because you have this idea that if you received help it would make you look weak or

It would make your accomplishment not as worthy or

Not make your parents or friends as proud of you as they would be if you struggled for years and worked really hard all by yourself…


You have chosen to not open your eyes to all of the help Guidance is sending your way.


The truth is the MORE SUPPORT you allow yourself to RECEIVE, the MORE SUCCESS you will have.  It took a long time for me to realize this.  I have been a CONTROLLING-TYPE person wanting my hands in everything.  It wasn’t until I started receiving help and acknowledging that help from people and of course God that my business TOOK OFF.


NEWSFLASH: Receiving help doesn’t make you weak, It allows you to receive more.  It helps you create faster. It helps you focus on what you do best.


Kylie having a team is what was necessary to scale her business from just one lip kit to a makeup empire.


The Coca-Cola Company isn’t a company of 1.

Victoria’s Secret isn’t a business built by 1 person.


All successful organizations which were most likely started by 1 person grew into a business full of people supporting that vision.


This doesn’t make the founder weak or the business less than.  It helps alleviate the founder’s time and energy so that they can focus on their art, their gift, their genius.


Keep Reading to find out the 5 Steps to take the next time Kylie, Kim or anything else triggers you.




Triggered?  Take these 5 Steps to Move Through

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So next time you find yourself scrolling your feed and you get triggered,


1) SAY THANK YOU to whatever is triggering you


2) Then become AWARE of what you are thinking


3) Observe from a space of LOVE and from the eyes of your Inner Being/From the Eyes of your SOUL.


4) BE REAL with yourself about why this situation is triggering you so much.

  • Do you want what they have and think you can’t have it now?
  • Would you like to be a little bit more forward and bold like they are being?
  • What is this situation reflecting back to you about what is going on INSIDE?


5) TELL YOURSELF the real truth that your Soul is telling you about whatever limiting belief or idea you have.  


6) Reframe those thoughts or beliefs and CHOOSE to shift.  Decide to believe the TRUTH.



Remember it can be that easy. It is as easy as we allow it to be.


Congratulations to Kylie Jenner for being on track to becoming one of the youngest Billionaires on the Planet.  


Congratulations to her for showing all of us WHAT IS POSSIBLE.


Tell me your feelz and what this has revealed to you about your triggers lately.



Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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