3 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset



3 Things You Can Do to Transform Your Money Mindset Instantly


In this article, I am going to tell you 3 things you can do TODAY to transform your Money Mindset Instantly.  Your Money Mindset is super important to help you live abundantly. Just doing one of these three things TODAY will help to shift your energy and help you FEEL MORE ABUNDANT RIGHT NOW.

In this article find out:

  • (1) Why Transform Your Money Mindset?
  • (2) 3 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset Instantly
  • (3) Journal Prompt to tap into your abundance code






You may be wondering why should you transform your money mindset.  Money is important when it comes to living a full life.  



Just getting by isn’t allowing you to live a life where you are free from worry and stress.  Just getting by or not having enough isn’t allowing you to help those you love or contribute to



Money is Energy (read here to learn more about that).  Money is also an AMPLIFIER.  Therefore, you become even more of who you truly are the more money you have.


  • If you are generous and caring, you will become more generous and caring.  
  • Likewise, If you are conscious and would like this world to be a better place, you will use some of your money to improve the world for those around you.  
  • However, if you are not so nice and do not care about others, you will become even more unkind and less generous.  


However, let’s be real.


Since you are reading this, I know that you probably fall into the first and second category vs the last.  If you fall in the last, no judgment but this article is more focused on the people who are ready to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.


It is important that more spiritual and conscious humans like you transform their money mindsets and allow in the Abundance that is your birthright.






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Transform Your Money Mindset Quickly


3 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset Instantly



Transform Your Money Mindset Way 1 – Open a savings account and start setting aside a specific amount out of every dollar you receive.

One of my favorite ways to instantly transform your Money Mindset is by setting aside even a small amount of money $1 or $5 or 10% of everything you receive.  When you begin, you will see a noticeable shift in your energy.  You will feel that you have more than “enough”.  That abundant feeling will start to become your normal feeling.


I have been in situations where I felt as though i needed every single dollar.  But while I continued to only see myself as not having enough, I continued to not have enough.  I started off small. I placed 10% of every dollar I received into a savings account. This created the momentum of me having money.


You can do this by placing the money in any online savings account.  If you receive a salary you can automatically withdraw a specific amount and place it into your savings account every time you are paid.  This will continue to grow and you will feel even more abundant.











What am I saying here?  


Am I telling you not to pay rent?  


No that is not what I am saying.  But you will notice once you start paying more attention to what is going in and out of your bank account, you have more than enough places where you could pull a few dollars here or a few dollars there and begin to cultivate an abundance vibration.


Check out this video from Jake Ducey.  In it he speaks about how setting aside even a small amount of money each month helped him to shift his energy and helped him to feel more abundant.







Transform Your Money Mindset Way 2 – Keep Track of the Money and Value that is ALREADY flowing in Your life RIGHT NOW

Another way to transform your Money Mindset instantly is to keep track of the money and value that is already flowing into your life right now.   Sure you may not have the amount of money you want but there is some form of money and or value flowing in your life RIGHT NOW.  By keeping track of what is flowing in your life, you will be able to see the money and the value that is surrounding you.


I created a Google Sheets tracker that you can download here that will help you to keep track of the value even from your phone.  Download the Tracker here.  


Once you begin to track your money AND the value, you will notice that adding the value that you receive in addition to the actual money that you receive will shift your energy in a way that you will begin to truly see and feel the abundance in this universe.  


  • Because of this, you will realize that you are always taken care of.
  • You will understand that God truly does have your back.
  • Then, you will see that The Universe is supporting you.


The Universe is working out things for you and the more you focus on this the more you will see things shift and change.  You will be ideas for things to do or steps to take that will bring even more abundance in your life.


You may say “Christine, I’m scared to look at my bank accounts.”  Well, what I say to you is that you should be scared NOT to LOOK. By ignoring what is, you are allowing yourself to focus on the negative.  You are thinking thoughts of fear and lack which is creating more fear and lack.


What is the real story here?


Be honest.


Why aren’t you looking at your account?  


You are avoiding your bank account because you think that there isn’t enough there.  By avoiding looking at your accounts, you are focused on thinking lack and cultivating fear energy.


How can you flip that energy?  


By tracking the money that is there.  By being aware of the money that is flowing in and out and knowing where there could be any money leaks or subscriptions you no longer need.  









Transform Your Money Mindset Way 3 – Practice Gratitude for the Money that is in your life.

The final way to instantly transform your Money Mindset is to practice gratitude for the money that is already in your life!  What you appreciate – APPRECIATES.  Simply said, what you are grateful for in your life becomes more plentiful.  Gratitude is the energy of RECEIVING. The more you appreciate what you have that is in already in your life, the more God/The Universe will send to you.


The Vibration of Appreciation is one of the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS that resonates with Love and Joy.  Showing The Universe that you are grateful for what you currently have opens you up to receive all that you desire.


Your world is a mirror of what is going on inside.  Whatever is going on within you is reflected outside of you.  So you can know that if you are in a constant state of lack then you will continue to receive more lack.




Are you always looking at what is not there?  

  • I only have this?  
  • This isn’t enough.


I once had a client that would look at everything from a state of “Not Enough.”  She would say, “That isn’t enough, I need this amount.” Whatever she received wasn’t enough or wouldn’t cover what she needed.  So she continued to experience lack.  It wasn’t until she shifted her viewpoint and began to appreciate what she had and what she was receiving did she start to experience shifts.


The easiest way to shift not enough into more than enough is to be grateful for whatever is right NOW.  Accept what is coming and appreciate it.


Money is a masculine energy.  Think about how your boyfriend or partner would feel if he or she would do something nice for you and you would say “Well that isn’t enough.”  or if you ignored him or her? That person would feel awful. They may even do whatever they can do not to show up in your life or be around you.  


If you want to shift that relationship, the first thing you would do would be to start appreciating them just because.  You would love on them and be grateful for how they are showing up in your life.


Well, money is just like your sweetie.  Money wants to be appreciated and thanked for flowing into your life.   

To read more about Money being Masculine Energy of Money, check out this post here.









Journal Prompt


Write 10 things you have been able to experience because of money that is flowing into your life.


Appreciate each and every one of these things.


Example:  Do you have shelter?  Do you have utilities (electricity, cable, internet?)?  How are you reading this article? Do you have transportation (car, bus, bike)?




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JOURNAL PROMPT:  Write 10 things you have been able to experience because of money that is flowing into your life.  Appreciate each and every one of these things.Click To Tweet







Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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