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Too Busy for Alignment?  You want it all but you don’t have 30 minutes to focus on your mindset?  So often readers tell me that they are sooo busy they can’t focus on doing whatever it is to shift their mindset and do their Alignment Practice.   I call BS on all of that. In this article find out:

  1. Why You have Plenty of Time to Manifest
  2. 11 Easy Ways to Fit Alignment Into Your Day




So often I hear that my readers do not have the “time” in their day to journal or perform their alignment practice.


But Guess What?   


I calling you on your BS.


You know who you are.  You say that you want it all.  Then you tell me that you are ready to INTENTIONALLY MANIFEST the LIFE of YOUR DREAMS.  But then you turn around in the next breath and say:

  • Oh I don’t have enough time to journal today.
  • No, I didn’t Meditate.”
  • I couldn’t Affirm and Stand in the Feeling of What I decided was mine today.
  • No, I didn’t take AlignedSoul Actions today .


Well you know what?  


I am calling BS on You.  


When you really desire something you DO IT.  You make TIME for IT.


You don’t have 30 minutes to set aside for yourself?












  • Did you eat today?
  • Did you brush your teeth?
  • Did you comb your hair?
  • Did you do your makeup?
  • Did you drive to wherever you work?
  • Did you answer emails?
  • Did you answer your personal emails?
  • Did you listen to Spotify or Apple Music?
  • Did you talk to a friend, your family?


You are doing all of those things, yet you are not taking 30 minutes out of your 24 hour day to spend on YOU and EXPANDING YOU and BEING ALL THAT YOU say YOU DECIDED WAS YOURS.


You say but “Christine, those are things I have to do.”  


Oh and taking care of yourself, co-creating the life you want to live NOW, shifting YOUR MINDSET, doing something  FOR YOU isn’t something that you HAVE to DO?




Let me ask you…

  • Do you value yourself enough to set aside time and BE FREAKING consistent with it?
  • Do believe you are special enough to PRIORITIZEYOURSELF?




There is NEVER any EXCUSE.  If you aren’t making time for something that means it is not a PRIORITY.   Below, I share 11 easy ways you can make space for your ALIGNMENT PRACTICE in your life and Manifest what you Desire throughout the day.


But make NO MISTAKE, I do not buy your excuse.  There is no excuse. It is up to you to make Alignment an everyday practice and part of your life.





11 Ways to Easily Fit Your Manifesting Practice In Your Day

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Here are 11 ways to easily fit alignment into your day:



  • (1) Wake up 30 minutes earlier



  • (2) Record Your New Story about your life or what you are Manifesting and Listen to it while you are Walking or working out, working or driving



  • (3) Say or Sing Your Affirmations and Step Into Who You Truly Are while you are driving to work




  • (5) Everytime you go to the bathroom, look into the mirror while washing your hands and tap into the feeling of having whatever you want.



  • (6) Write in your journal at your lunch break



  • (7) Take time out to breathe deeply and feel the feelings of having whatever it is you desire while you are using the bathroom



  • (8) Set an Alarm and write in your journal right before bed



  • (9) Listen to your Affirmations or New Story before bed and while you sleep



  • (10) Set an Alarm and every 2 hours, feel the feeling of having whatever it is you desire for 2 minutes.



  • (11) Schedule Your Alignment Time on Your CALENDAR and plan to take this time for yourself as you would a meeting with anyone.  Honor that time.





Look don’t sign up for my programs or jump into my Membership until YOU ARE READY to FREAKIN’ PRIORITIZE YOURSELF and YOUR DESIRES.


When you are ready to be you 100%.  

When you are ready to wake up and take 30 minutes of your time to shift your mindset and stand IN whatever you desire now

When you are ready to stop making the excuses

When you are ready to be held accountable and DO THE DAMN WORK


Then and only then should you sign up for working with me or taking any of my courses.


I only work with those people who are really ready to HAVE IT ALL

Those people who are ready to STOP Making EXCUSES

Those people who are ready to put how they feel first and foremost
Those people who are ready to work through the DUMBSHIT and STEP INTO THE GOOD SHIT


If that is you then LET’S GO.


When you are ready to change your FREAKING LIFE, then step up and come on in.

When you are ready to be CONSISTENT, then I am here

When you are ready to STOP MAKING STUPID EXCUSES, then Let’s Go




Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

Be Her Now | Take AlignedSoul™ Action Today


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