The Secret to Creating Your Reality


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Have you wondered why it feels so hard to manifest what you want?  Today, I am sharing with you the Secret to Creating Your Reality. Traditional Law of Attraction Teachings focus on the notion that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.  It is a great message because it got you excited about the fact that you have choice and nothing is due to fate. It gave you the feeling of power and brought you back to knowing that anything is possible.
However, it also made you feel like everything was on YOUR SHOULDERS.  You heard teachers say that they how wasn’t your job but you couldn’t help but ask HOW. You wanted to know WHEN? You went around and around in circles creating additional resistance and pushing that which you wanted so much further away.

You Aren’t Creating Anything

You want to know the real secret to creating your reality?  The fact is YOU DO NOT CREATE ANYTHING. It is already exists.  

Every option and possibility already exists.  All you need to do is to align with it.

Sound crazy?  Well put on your crazy-koo-koo pants and pull up a seat.

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Polarity = Always Two Sides

This is a universe filled with polarity.  There is always an opposite. You have Dark and Light.  What is Above also is Below. You also have what you want and what you do not want.

In addition to all of that, there is a Physical 3D world where you see, smell, touch, taste, hear and FEEL.  And there is an Alternative Space or Parallel Reality where you get to FEEL.

In the Alternative Space all possibilities exist as potential.  So in this Alternative Space you and any possibility you can imagine exists.

The way you tap into those potential experiences in your life is to connect with the feelings that align with those experiences. Feelings are language of the Universe and it allows you to tap into any potential creation that aligns with your soul’s desires.

Your Desire is Available to You Now

What you desire is available to you now.  However you can not experience it in the Physical yet because you are not aligned with its vibration.  But this desire is flowing from within you because there is a part of you (the larger part of you in the Alternative Space) that already has what you want and is calling you forth to step into it.  

Your desire is Done ? and Done ?.  No need to CREATE IT. It is already in existence and ready for you align with it now.

Align & Allow

Feeling the FEELZ of having it now, setting intention to have it now and taking action in that energy will align with your soul’s desires.  You get to align and allow what you want to unfold into your present reality.


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Tell Me Below => What do you think about parallel realities?  Do you believe that what you are asking for is already available for you right now?

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