The Manifestation Won’t Make You Happy


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Often when you are consciously manifesting using the Law of Attraction Principles, Reality Transurfing or anything in between, you start to daydream.  You say “I am going to be so happy when…” or “When I get this I am going to feel ….” or “Oh it will feel so wonderful when…” But know this…The Manifestation Won’t Make You Happy.

Choose Your Happy Now

Everything that you want, you want it because of how you think it will make you feel. The catch is that in order to INTENTIONALLY MANIFEST anything you have to ALIGN with the FEELING of it FIRST.

If you are expecting for the Manifestation to make you happy then you will never receive it.  Anything that you are putting off saying that you will be happy when or you will feel loved when or you will feel sexy when when when…will always be in the future and never in your now.


Take Your Manifestation Off the Pedestal

It is time for you to take your manifestation off the pedestal.  It will not make you feel a specific way.

You get to choose to feel that way NOW!

Remove the Importance of having what you want.  Putting your desire on a pedestal is creating resistance and pushing it further away from your now reality.

The key to manifesting effortlessly is to remove the importance and allow your manifestation to feel more like #ofcourse vs. #omg

 Live Your Best Life N.O.W

In Video 7 of the Live Your Best Life N.O.W Series, “Manifesting Won’t Make You Happy”, I talk about a very important concept that you often forget…Removing the Importance from Your Manifestation.  

Expect to learn:





If you are ready to manifest quickly, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this video.

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If so, The Society is what you have been looking for.


The AlignedSoul Society is THE PREMIER Manifestation Community where you learn how to manifest with EASE using energetics & HUMAN DESIGN to help you ALIGN with WHO you TRULY are and welcome you BACK HOME.  In The AlignedSoul Society, QUANTUM LEAPS become #normal.

The Society is the first Manifesting Membership built with your energetic blueprint in mind.  It is where Manifestation meets Human Design and your Energetic Blueprint.
  • Understand who you are and who your soul intended for you to be.
  • Finally, understand what it feels like to experience EASE and FLOW.
  • Learn to recognize the signs that have been receiving.
  • Manifest what you desire & Receive results that LAST.


LEARN TO MANIFEST BY DESIGN.  The Society is Manifestation Simplified and Personalized.


The Society Experience:

  • Monthly Moon Manifesting Circles where you get clear on your goals and activate the energetic vibration of them
  • Monthly Full Moon Illumination - Hot Seat Group Coaching
  • Alignment Tools & Exercises created with you in mind including EFT Tapping processes, Guided Meditations, Journal prompts and more
  • Coaching Support, Alignment & Energy Check-Ins, and overall Accountability to help you lock in the vibration of what you desire and stay consistent and ON TRACK.
  • You have me as your Virtual Coach.
  • Monthly Masterclasses, Workshops, and Guest Expert Masterclasses
  • Entertainment Threads, Watch Parties and Community Fun


Upcoming The Society Events:

  • Guest Speaker Elisa Canali is speaking about Quantum Manifesting Tuesday, 05/05 - Cinco de Mayo.
  • We are having Hot Seat Coaching 05/07 (Thursday) (need a sneak peek: click this link and find the laser coaching replay in the Announcements.)
  • I am planning another Masterclass/Workshop during the week of May 10th.
  • The New Moon Magic Manifesting Circle is May 22nd.


If you are interested, click here to learn more.  The doors to The Society close 5/22. I am not sure when we will have an open enrollment again! Get in before the public enrollment ends.


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