Are You Playing Small?


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In this article, I will talk about:

  1. Playing small
  2. 3 Actions you can learn from Beyonce
  3. Journal Prompt Questions to Shift
  4. Video providing you 5 Actions to take to Stop Playing Small






Are you staying small?  Are you just doing what has always been done?  I can tell you who is not… Beyonce. BEYONCE KILLED COACHELLA 2018.  Have you seen it?  I saw clips and I was shaken alive to my core with creative juices and excitement, YASSSSSSS and HELL YEAHHHHs!!

I mean GAWWWWWDDDDDDAMMMMMNNN!  If you haven’t seen it check out the clips below.


Bey being Bey




I love Bey.  anything She does is amazing to me.  It could be for many reasons…

  • It could be because her mama is from New Orleans and we are connected because we are kindred New Orleanian Souls
  • Or because I loved Destiny’s Child when they were 4 girls singing and running up and down the streets of Houston, TX to strengthen their vocal cords and stamina
  • Or could it be that it is because she shows me what is FREAKING POSSIBLE when you start to BELIEVE in YOURSELF AND YOUR GIFTS!

Even if you dislike her music you have to know that BEY is talented and creative and goes to places where talented musicians themselves are in AWE!







Here are 3 things you can learn from Beyonce and take your life to the Next Level Now



Ever hears of Sasha Fierce?  Yes…Beyonce doesn’t need her anymore because she IS Sasha Fierce now every day as herself…but there was once a time when Beyonce saw where she wanted to be.  She knew the performer she wanted to become. She could feel the show and level of entertainment she wanted to provide. At that time earlier in her career, she couldn’t BE that yet.  It wasn’t her set vibration to bring is Coachella 2018 or should I say Bey-chella Style.

Young Bey created an alter-ego named Sasha Fierce.  Before her performances, she would become Sasha Fierce and bring it as the Woman who was truly already inside of her.

Guess what, you don’t need a Sasha Fierce.  Your Sasha is inside of you. But you could create a tool to help you tap into her until she becomes your norm.  


Ask yourself a few questions like:

1) What do you think it will feel when you have that relationship or that booming business?  And…

2) How do you think it will feel in your body? How will you walk? How will you hold your head?  How will you be? What will you do?

When you get those answers, start doing those things NOW and I promise you will see a huge difference in your life and how quickly you manifest those things you have been wanting for a long time.  #quantumleapvibes


Beyonce speaking about Sasha Fierce

“Sasha is my alter ego … And when people see me, sometimes I think that, when they meet me and speak with me, they’re expecting Sasha … I’m really kind of shy. Not really shy but more reserved and nothing like Sasha… I guess I wouldn’t be very entertaining on stage, so Sasha comes out, and she’s fearless. She can do things I cannot do when I’m in rehearsal. I mean, I can try, but then it just doesn’t happen. I can sing notes, and sing strong, and do all these things that, when I’m just by myself, I can’t do … And I remember right before I performed, I raised my hands up, and it was kind of the first time I felt something else come into me, and I knew that was gonna be my coming out night for the BET awards.” – Beyonce



I raised my hands up, and it was kind of the first time I felt something else come into me, and I knew that was gonna be my coming out night... - BeyonceClick To Tweet





As Beyonce has become her own woman, she no longer waits for anyone else to tell her what she should do and when.  She knows what she brings to the table. She knows her worth.

Example” Beyonce drops an album with videos for each song and nobody, not even the record company had a clue.  That album went on to be an uber success.


What old rules are you continuing to follow even though they don’t work for your life, your business or your relationship?  

  • Are you staying at your corporate job because everyone says it’s safer?
  • Are you closing the monetary floodgates because you are worried about what everyone else will think when you start making more than your partner?
  • Are you staying single because all of your friends are single and loving it?
  • Are you staying monogamous because that is what everyone else does?
  • Are you getting married because that is what you are supposed to do?  
  • Are you having kids when you know you aren’t ready?
  • Did you put off buying that YSL bag because you were worried about what other people will say if you invest that much money into a new bag?


Whatever the case is, it all represents ways you are playing small.





Beyonce used her platform to address Police Brutality —a topic that is important to her and her husband.  She didn’t care that she would alienate some of her fans. Beyonce could care less if she sold fewer albums. This topic was super important to her and she addressed it in her Beyonce way.


So tell me:

  • What topics are you not talking about because you are scared of what other people will think?  
  • Are you not promoting your business because people will think you are too salesy?
  • Maybe you are sugar coating something that you would rather go all in on.
  • Or could you be avoiding being super woo, when you know you would love to talk about how using this crystal when you created your funnel helped everything flow together?


If you continue to hide yourself and your message, you will continue to receive feedback from the outside world that hiding is the thing to do.  I promise you once you shift the energetic vibration of fearfully playing small that is living inside of you, you will no longer see it mirror itself back to you.


Taking one of these actions and applying it to your life today would make a huge difference in not only your confidence but also your overall ability to step into your Next Level NOW.




Success & Abundance Quiz




Seeing Beyonce take Coachella to the NEXT LEVEL in her OWN way was INSPIRING

It made me ask myself:

  • Where am I doing what has ALWAYS BEEN DONE?
  • In what ways was I not doing things the way I WANT to DO THEM?
  • How could I write my own RULES and FLIPPING the FREAKIN’ SCRIPT?
  • Where can I just DO IT MY WAY?




If I thought it was 100% safe to embrace all my version of my inner Beyonce, my inner Sasha Fierce what would I be doing MY WAY? What am doing in the way that it always has been even though I would rather do it differently?Click To Tweet





After asking myself those questions and answering the Journal Prompt above a long while ago I realized that:

  • I was dimming my Woo Woo Light.  I was scared to mix all of my Business knowledge with the Spiritual Practical knowledge that got me the amazingly successful Corporate Career and Business.
  • Additionally, I noticed that I was seeking all the things outside of myself and not doing it the way I wanted to.
    • I was trying to shutting down my planning and strategic mind when I knew I was equal parts creative and strategic which was my genius
    • I was doing it the way I thought it had to be done


Once I realized that I was indeed playing small, I flipped the script.  I stopped Live Streaming every day on Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t desire to do that.  I was just doing that because I thought I had to.

I stopped focusing on posting on Facebook and Instagram.  Although I love IG it was taking up so much time and I wasn’t invested in it.

Then, I finally stopped ignoring what I really wanted.  I wanted to create content that lived forever. I knew that I could create something that would work for me forever.  I desired to be the Automation Queen who was also the Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter. I no longer looked at Automation as a bad word.  I loved it and it became a huge key to my overall success.


You see…when I stopped playing where everyone played just because that is where I thought I had to be, I shined.  The Universe opened amazing doors and I began to step outside of what my Industry did and do it in a completely different way.


...when I stopped playing where everyone played just because that is where I thought I had to be, I shined.  The Universe opened amazing doors and I began to step outside of what my Industry did and do it in a completely different way.Click To Tweet


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Are You Playing Small

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Let me ask you this…. Are you playing small?   


Before you say nowhere, STOP, LOOK, and ask Guidance…



Show me where I could be playing small.  Universe, where could I be doing what is expected of me but I really don’t want to do?  Please show me where I am afraid to break the rules but if I did I could completely be me and it would feel so good.








  • Forget the way everyone else has already done it.
  • Forget that it has never been done already.
  • Know that if it excites you that it will work because your DESIRES are an INDICATION that IT IS POSSIBLE


  • Anything you DESIRE is POSSIBLE
  • Your desires are your ROAD MAP
  • if you desire it you CAN HAVE IT
  • If you can SEE IT, IT is ALREADY YOURS


  • Don’t let the fact that “traditionally xyz is done this way.” or “normally marketing says to do this.”  or “manifesting is supposed to take this amount of time.”
  • Don’t accept anything that doesn’t feel good to you.


  • You can change what has always been
  • You can have what you desire
  • You can write your own rules
  • You can live life the way that excites you
  • You can move and act from the inspiration of your heart & soul



To read more about how You get to write your own story and you can make your rules that work for you go => here <= and => here <=.


Watch the Video below.  I provide 5 steps you can take to move from Playing Small to Living with Confidence.




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Stop Playing Small. Manifest More Confidence Fast.

In this Video find out 5 Steps you can take to Instantly Manifest More Confidence. Doing these five steps will not only help you feel better about yourself but it will also allow you to increase your awareness and your ability to stop observe and manifest more in your life.

In this video expect to learn the following steps to manifesting more confidence:

  • 1) Awareness
  • 2) Acknowledgment
  • 3) Question Truth
  • 4) Create New Truth
  • 5) Claim and Own Your Truth




Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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Love What You Are Reading?

Did You Get Something Out of This or Anything Else I've Shared?

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