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Hi Beautiful,

When you see those beautiful women all over TV what do you think?  Would you think that these girls have confidence issues too?  Well, I have news for you.  Read to discover the only difference between you and those who you believe have more confidence than you.

Read to discover:

  • 1) What I learned from watching an episode of Vanderpump Rules
  • 2) How I was my own Emotional Abuser
  • 3) The Rice Experiment & The Results
  • 4) Journal Prompt to Shift the Story You Tell About Yourself
  • 5) Loving the Unloveable 30 Day Challenge







Recently, I watched an old episode of Vanderpump Rules.   For those of you unfamiliar with Vanderpump Rules (who are you?), it is a show that follows the lives of a group of impossibly beautiful 20-30+ year-olds as they navigate life, love, and working at Sur–Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant in Los Angeles.




In this show, Season 6 Episode 5 “Sex, Lies and Audiotape”, Ariana Madix was feeling insecure and some stuff from an old relationship was popping up.  Lala Kent said a few things and this conversation opened me up to thinking of ways to appreciate and love the things that I think are unlovable about me.


Wouldn’t it be nice to really truly learn to love everything about yourself?




Unf*ckwithable Confidence



Ariana (in the pic above on the left) has some insecurities about her body (which is BADASS btw!!!).  Her issues about her body and herself developed during an emotionally abusive relationship she experienced a few years prior.   In the relationship, her former boyfriend told her horrible things about her body and her cellulite (? what cellulite???).


Clearly, this dude was cray and not looking at the vision of beauty he had in front of him but whatevs… Totally not the point.


Lala (in the above pic on the right) said that her mother taught her to appreciate EVERYTHING about her body.  Taking the advice from her mother, La La looks at herself every day and says nice things about each part of her body in the mirror.  She said she doesn’t even like her feet but she said to them thank you for carrying her around. Lala said that doing this has created confidence in herself.


There has always been something that I always liked about LaLa.  LaLa has a confidence that is UNF*CKWITHABLE. Her words about herself are my #goalwords to say about myself (and truly mean it).  Ms. Kent also said in essence that no one can say anything about her that could in any way convince her that she isn’t the shit.





I was my own emotional abuser



I haven’t been in an abusive relationship with someone talking smack about my body.  However, when I truly think about it… I was in an abusive relationship with myself. The emotional abuser was ME. I would say unloving things about myself and my body all the time.  I would bet all the money in the world that you do too.


You have been taught since you were very young to “be harder on yourself” “never be satisfied”.  You speak to yourself in ways you would NEVER EVER speak to a friend.  How do you think the cells of your body feel when you think thoughts like “I’m so stupid.”  “That was dumb.” “I look horrible today.”  “That blog sucked” “You could have sent in that project quicker.” “I look horrible in that video.” “I hate my voice.”


See all of those things which seem small and insignificant are all examples of how you speak to yourself negatively.  Honestly, would you say that to your friend or to a child?









Love What You Are Reading?

Did You Get Something Out of This or Anything Else I've Shared?



Japanese Scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto created an experiment focused on understanding whether or not Intention can affect matter.  Emoto placed rice & water in three jars.  One Jar he labeled positively and spoke positive words to it.  Another jar he labeled negatively and spoke negative words to it.  In the last jar, he didn’t label it and he just totally ignored it.


After 30 days he observed distinct differences in how the rice responded to positivity, negativity, and abandonment.  The results are very telling about the power of your intentions and the power behind your words about yourself, your life and those around you.


Check out this short video recreating the Rice Experiment below:




The Negative Jar did not far well as you would have expected.

The Love Jar looked great and had no mold.

However, the ignored/abandoned jar faired the worse.


This experiment shows us that ignoring things doesn’t help.  Placing your head in the sand and ignoring the areas of your life that aren’t working isn’t going to help.  In fact, this shows us that ignoring our problems makes them worse and allows them to deteriorate faster.


The energy of love, of course, is the most powerful energy.  


Think about how your body, finances and overall life could change just by speaking positively to it and taking positive inspired actions.  No more placing your head in the sand and ignoring your finances or love life.  Speak love to it and I promise you will see a difference.




If you were to write everything you thought or said about yourself in the 24 hours down, what would it look like?

  • Would it be a beautiful letter that you would give to someone you love?
  • Or would it be a harsh inaccurate depiction of failure and ugliness?
  • Would it be uplifting and positive?  or
  • Would it be words that would tear anyone down and destroy even the most confident person?


How can you use what La La spoke about and the results from the Rice Experiment to change your life?


Speaking for myself, I know that I have allowed insecurities to stop me from living my life fully. I have spoken to and about myself in awful ways that I would NEVER dream of speaking to anyone else.


Change in life comes from a CHOICE.  From now on, I DECIDE that I get to be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of how I speak to and about myself.  I get to be aware of and shift how I speak to myself and others about my life, my business, and my body.





Journal Prompt


JOURNAL PROMPT: You have exactly what you desire to manifest in your life right now.  What ways do you speak about yourself and your situation?

In your journaling have fun with it.  Write about what you desire as if it has already happened and it is your #normal everyday life.


JOURNAL PROMPT: You have exactly what you desire to manifest in your life right now.  What ways do you speak about yourself and your situation?Click To Tweet








Experts say when you do something for 21 days straight it becomes a habit right? Well, similar to the rice experiment, I suggest that for the next 30 days you INTENTIONALLY SPEAK loving words to the area of your life you would like to change.

For the next 30 days, focus on a specific area of your life and speak words of love and encouragement.  What area are you manifesting something specific?




Instead of focusing on all of the things that are going wrong with your business, focus on what is going right.  Speak positively about the video and the blog.  Send loving words to those people who you work with.  Thank God for your audience–known and unknown, present and future.




Instead of quickly washing your body and running out of the bathroom, choose to say loving things about each part of your body while you shower.  When you look in the mirror, say something nice about your face, eyes, nose.  Truly feel grateful for those parts that continue to do their job daily despite what you have been saying about it.

Instead of focusing on your things not being small enough, or your butt not being round enough, focus on the fact that your legs help you walk from point A to point B.  Your butt helps you sit comfortably in chairs and the muscles work together with your leg and back muscles. Start with baby steps.

Remember it isn’t the words you say.  It is about the vibration (energy) behind the words.  Instead of spouting big words that you have no feeling or belief behind, start with something you actually can feel.  Even if it is starting off with being ok with your feet because they help you stand.  Guess what they do and they have been doing this for several years successfully.




  • Take the Loving the Unloveable 30 Day Challenge.

  • Speak more kindly to yourself.

  • Recognize your strengths.

  • Love those things you normally are hard on yourself about.

  • Watch and Acknowledge how quickly your world shifts and changes.


Come back here in 30 days and tell me all about your shifts.  And if you are looking for accountability and assistance to help you shift more quickly and manifest what you want, consider working with me.  My clients come to me so that I help them become aware of what is holding them back and quickly shift and integrate so that they can easily attract what they desire.  I tell them what I feel is coming up from their souls and help them gain awarenesses that aren’t where they are looking.


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For more information, check out this link and message me if you have any questions.




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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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Love What You Are Reading?

Did You Get Something Out of This or Anything Else I've Shared?

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