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Have you asked for a sign before?  When you weren’t sure what direction to take or you wanted to know if your manifestation was on the way, have you dropped to your knees and asked The Universe for a sign?  Need a Sign? Read This.

You have to remember The Universe has your back YES…but The Universe also reflects back to you what is going on inside of YOU. As Within-So Without |  As Above-So Below | As Inside-So Outside.

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It is Time to Get Real

It’s time to get real.  Most of the time you ask for a sign because you are losing faith.  You no longer believe. I get it. You are human. You get to have moments of needing reassurance.

But think about this…If you already had what you desire, would you be asking for a sign?  Would you need a sign? Nope because you already have it. It is #normal for you to have it.

In order to manifest anything in your life, you have to vibrate with the having of it NOW.   When You desire to experience something in your current life, you have to align with the feelings of being, doing and having whatever it is NOW.  

When you are at the vibration of having NOW you do not need signs nor do you need to go to psychic readers or need anyone to tell you the future.  You don’t need it because you already have it.







When you are at the vibration of having NOW you do not need signs nor do you need to go to psychic readers or need anyone to tell you the future. You don’t need a sign because you already have it.Click To Tweet



The goal is to get to a point where you no longer need to ask for signs and you can trust that whatever you want is already done.  Done and Done.

The idea is to get to the point where you trust that you are ok either way because you are fulfilled and you love the life you are living now.   You want to get to the point where you KNOW it is INEVITABLE that you receive exactly what you want OR something wayyyyyy better.




How Do You Remove the Need for The Sign?

  • Remove the importance and the need to have it right now in the way you want it and you will see the resistance subside.  You will see the desperation dissipate.
  • Get back to the clarity of why you desire what you want.  Remember what it feels like to have it already. Start giving yourself those feelings and emotions NOW.
  • Remember that when you ask with clarity it is Done.  When you intend, it is Done. When you Decide it is done, it is Done.  So there is no need to fear or worry or ask for signs, what you desire is Done.  And because you aren’t tied to it NEEDING to be DONE, you can allow it to unfold in whatever way and time.






Your Desire is Divine & It is Available to you NOW

Your Desire is Divine.  Your Desire is flowing from inside of you.  Your desires are from your higher self that is already living, being, doing and having whatever it is you want.  Because your Higher Self is doing it, living it, having it and being it RIGHT NOW this means that YOUR Desires are available to you RIGHT NOW.

If you get to a point when you are asking for signs it is only because you do not believe.  And guess what? That is OK.  Everyone has come to this moment of disbelief.  You are of this 3D reality and you become used to believing that everything that you can sense with your physical is what is truly real.

In this moment of doubt, stop. Step away from whatever you are doing. Use this as a moment of awareness.  Allow yourself to become aware of what you are really asking. Choose to become aware of what is really going on.  

Once you choose these moments of AWARENESS, you can finally acknowledge the truth.  These moments of awareness, help you to get back tot he truth and give you a choice.  You can at this moment, love yourself back to knowing that what you want is already yours.  Once you have awareness, you open yourself up to CHOICE.  You get to choose whether or not you step into that which is YOURS Right NOW.


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I know you are asking…”Christine is Asking for a Sign bad?”

No! No! Of course not. Asking for a sign isn’t bad.

In fact, I ask for signs sometimes.  I love signs, however I use them in a specific way.  Check out the video below to hear more.






The Decision Series

Decision Series Video 4 is GREAT.  In this video, I go into detail about

1) what the purpose of asking for a sign is and

2) how to make this work for you 100% of the time.  

Because guess what if you receive or do not receive the sign you asked for doesn’t matter.

Gift this Series:

  • Learn to Write Your Reality with the 5 Day Journal Manifesting Challenge.


Leave a comment below => Have you ever asked for a sign?  If so, what did you do once you received or didn’t receive the sign?

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