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Focus, Surrender, Do You (Your Soul) Series: Part 3-Choose Your Soul Desire or You will be Unhappy


Hello Gorgeous Soul!

In this article, I talk about one of the most important factors in manifesting what you want.  This 3 part series focuses on one of the most hated Bachelors (which is totally unwarranted in my opinion) Arie Luyendyk.


Here is Part 3.




For those of you unfamiliar with the show (who are you??) The Bachelor, it is a show where the main suitor has 25-30 women that he dates and he slowly eliminates them until he has 2 left and then he proposes to the last one who is THE ONE.  In this case, Arie was in love with the final two women.

Long story short, Arie fell in love with two women.  He wanted to be with Lauren B, however, he proposed to Becca K.  However, after a few weeks of mourning that loss he breaks up with Becca and goes back to Lauren.




In this 3 article series, we will go behind the ENERGETICS of the Situation.  This is where the fun starts and where you can learn how to reduce the DRAMA in your life and shift to co-creating what you REALLY WANT and NOT what you DON’T WANT.  


Part 1: Focus: The Important Key to Manifest What You Want: I will show you why Lauren focusing on what she doesn’t want drove the man she loved into the arms of the other woman.


Part 2: Surrender: How to get your ex back: I will show you how letting go played a BIG ROLE in Lauren and Arie reuniting.  Spoiler Alert: Lauren and Arie are now married and about to have their first child.


Part 3: Do You (Your Soul): 4 Necessary Components of Living from Soul: I will talk about why Arie is the most “hated” Bachelor but he is living his best life despite the haters.  Following your Soul is a Key Component to this. (YOU ARE HERE)


This article is all about Part 3: DO YOU.  

I talk about choosing your life from your Soul.  Often we have been taught to go with the crowd or with what others expect from us, but this leads to a very lonely, unhappy life.  Find out the WRONG REASONS why you are upset at Arie and the 4 keys to Choosing Your Soul’s Desire.


Find out:

  • 1) Recap of the Arie, Lauren, Becca situation
  • 2) The wrong reasons you are upset with Arie
  • 3) 4 Keys to Choosing Your Soul Desire
  • 4) Journal Prompt to getting CLEAR ON YOUR DESIRES









Choose your soul’s desire or you will be pretty unhappy.  Don’t believe me? Ask Arie Luyendyk from the Bachelor. He listened to his family and picked what seemed to be the easy/logical choice.  But that wasn’t what he truly desired deep down in his SOUL.

He chose something else and he ended up unhappy wishing he selected the woman who truly stole his heart.



For those of you unfamiliar with The Bachelor (really?), it is a show where the main suitor has 25-30 women that he dates until he eliminates them all and proposes to his “person”.  By The Bachelor Season 22 finale, Arie Luyendyk ended up in love with two women.




Arie was in love with the idea of Becca (right).  She was easy.  She was confident in his love for her.  She seemed to know her worth.  She seemed to be sure of herself. His family liked her outgoing nature.  Her energy was popping, etc, etc.


Aire was very in love with Lauren B (left).  She was his soul’s desire.  But she was challenging.  She was unsure. She wasn’t confident.  His family adored her but she was quiet and nervous.  She wasn’t as bubbly. She needed the reassurance of Arie’s love.  She seemed that she would not fit as easily into Arie’s life.


For more on how Lauren’s focus on the Past created this situation, check out Part 1: Focus on the Past will create more of the Past.  


Check out my FB Live video below which talks about my thoughts on Arie and why people hate him.


Lead with your Soul or You will be Disappointed

It worked well within his head but not within his soul.  Arie did not choose his soul’s desire.  He picked that which was logical.  It is like a Bachelorette picking the guy who will give her the ring vs. picking the guy who she truly loved (I won’t mention any names…)


Arie proposed to Becca.  And It was interesting when you look at him closely while he was proposing he didn’t look like a man proposing to the love of his life.  He looked distracted. He looked like a man who wished someone else was standing in front of him…Someone named Lauren B.


Fast forward from the November engagement to mid-January.  Arie reveals that from the day he proposed to Becca he has been thinking about Lauren B.  When he wakes up he thinks about Lauren B. When he goes to sleep he thinks about Lauren B.  When he hangs out with Becca his mind is on Lauren B.  He admits that is is only half in with Becca and he wants out because his window of opportunity is quickly closing with Lauren B.


Interestingly enough he was honest with his then-fiancee Becca that he was still in love with Lauren and she was aware that his mind was somewhere else.  She even was aware that he called Lauren B because she had been on his mind. Becca just wasn’t aware to what extent.


“Arie changes his mind!”


So Arie decides to change his mind.  He decides that he cannot move forward without trying to be with Lauren.  He decides that he would rather risk being alone than to lose even the possibility to be with Lauren.



Well, America was horrified.




Because how dare he mess up the happy ending they wanted to see?  Which makes no sense because the majority of the Bachelor driven eventually couples break up so it isn’t that they broke up… it is because HE FINALLY DECIDED to CHOOSE HIS SOULS DESIRE and the majority of people DO NOT.


When you have a problem with someone, normally it is because that person is reflecting something back to you that you wish you could do, be or have.


People were soooo Pissed that Arie followed his heart and didn’t give a damn about their feelings!


Arie did what he needed to do for his soul.  He did what his HEART needed him to do.  He needed to reach out to Lauren.  He needed to let Becca go. Had he stayed with Becca, they both would have ended up in a loveless relationship resenting each other.  That relationship would have broken up eventually and he would have squandered any chance he may have had to be with Lauren.


Will Arie and Lauren work?


I don’t know. I know that the connection that they had felt really real.


I think that if they GIVE the FINGER to the WORLD and DO WHAT IS BEST for THEM they may have a chance.


I wish them luck.



After breaking up with Becca on National Television, Arie has become one of THE MOST HATED Bachelor’s (sorry Juan Pablo You are still #winning Hated Bachelor Title.


Some of the reasons I hear are 1) He was Selfish or 2) He broke Becca’s heart on national TV.


As for #1, YES Arie was selfish and you should be as well.  You should always give yourself permission to do what is best for you.  Guess what, staying would have made him more selfish because he would have robbed himself and Becca of the most amazing lives they are currently living with people who feel equally in love with them.


As for #2…COME ON.  The Bachelor is a show where 29 women ALL GET BROKEN UP WITH ON NATIONAL TV.  This is the premise of the show.  So reason #2 is just ridiculous. Plus without the breakup being so horrid, I suspect that Becca would not have been selected as the next Bachelorette.  Lucky for her she became The Bachelorette and got engaged to the love of her life Garrett.


Let me be real with you…


There are reasons you are mad with Arie Luyendyk but they have nothing to do with him and EVERYTHING to DO with YOU and what you will not give yourself the PERMISSION to do in YOUR LIFE!








You see this man choosing to forget what everyone else is thinking about his situation and go with his heart.  He knows that he will be hated. He knows that he will upset many including the woman he was engaged to BUT he also knows that if he doesn’t follow this desire in his heart he would regret it for the rest of his life.


The word Desire means “of the Sire” or  in other words “of the Creator.” Your desires within your Soul are DIVINE.  Trusting those Desires are key to living your best life NOW.


Whatever is burning within you is available to you.  You just have to trust it. When you are honest with yourself about what you truly want, you will find that those around you will love when you are honest as well.


Have those hard conversations.  Be honest about what you truly want to do.




When Arie broke off his engagement to Becca, your first thought was “What if this happened to me?”  You were horrified at the thought that someone you loved could leave you.


It is human to empathize with someone when they are hurting.  I empathize with Becca. But I also knew that this was the BEST SCENARIO for HER.  Arie wasn’t happy. He was putting on a happy face but it was clear even when they got engaged to see that something was OFF.


It was up to Becca to also be a little more observant and self-aware.  To open her eyes to what was going on. Arie went to here and told her that he was still thinking about Lauren.  He also asked if he could call her. It was clear that this man was having an inner struggle. But I believe Becca didn’t want to see that.  She wanted to go forth with being happy and living in the fantasy world that everything was fine when it clearly wasn’t.




At the time of the break-up, you were also pissed because you thought how dare this man to choose someone else.  You thought wow if the guy I like chooses another chick what would I do? I would be alone. There are only a few good men out there and I would have lost mine.  You are buying into the people as property when none of us belong to anyone.


Lauren didn’t “steal” Arie as I hear some people say.  No one can be stolen. People aren’t property to be taken.  Relationships are a two-way street and when they end there are two stories to be told…two people who are no longer aligned to be together.





4 Keys to Choosing Your Soul Desire

Pin this so that you can find it easily!


Knowing what you truly want can be a challenge.  We have been conditioned as young children to suppress our desires.  You were told that no one can get everything that they want. You were told that it was selfish to ask for “too much.”  


There is alot of limiting beliefs and baggage hanging around our desires.  However, I will REPEAT: The word Desire means “of the Sire” or in other words “of the Creator.”  


As self-made Multi-Millionaire Coach and Digital Course Creator Amanda Frances says it “Your Desires are Safe Guidance.”


Your desires within your Soul are DIVINE.  It is time for you to be honest with yourself about what you TRULY TRULY want.


Here are 4 keys to choosing your soul desire.




Allow yourself to tap into your feelings and emotions.  What excites you? When you think about something that you want, how do you feel?  BEFORE you let in the doubt and all the other stuff, what do you feel?





Now that you know what lights you up, listen to it.  Write it down. Take note of the desire as soon as it bubbles up.









Your desires are guidance from within.  Now that you know how the feel and you have written your desire down, it is time for you to trust it.  So many doubts and limiting beliefs will come up about whether you can have it.  This is good. They come up so that you can give them a voice and tell yourself your NEW TRUTH.  Once you release those doubts, you can go back to the feeling and the desire with a new found KNOWING that it is yours.






#4 ACT

Now that you have felt, listened, written it down and you trust and know that your desires are SAFE GUIDANCE, you can take inspired action towards allowing these into your life. The action may be as simple as reading your list and turning it over to God knowing that The Universe has your back and that it is bringing it into your reality as you live.








Prompt 1: What do you desire?  


Prompt 2: Ok, and now if you knew it was safe to have anything you wanted in the world what do you desire?


Prompt 3: Now that I know that I can’t mess this up and I can have anything I desire, what do I want and how would I want this situation to go?


Prompt 4: Perfect.  And now that I am so clear about what I desire if there were no limits what else would I want if this situation could go exactly my way.


Awareness is EVERYTHING. Just becoming aware of whatever it is allows you to CHOOSE something different.  It is all in the DECISION. If you are creating drama in an area of your life, you can acknowledge it and choose whether or not you want to continue.


JOURNAL PROMPTS: Prompt 1: What do you desire? Prompt 2: Ok, and now if you knew it was safe to have anything you wanted in the world what do you desire? Prompt 3: Now that I know that I can’t mess this up and I can have anything I desire, what do I want and how would I want this situation to go? Prompt 4: Perfect. And now that I am so clear about what I desire, if there were no limits whatelse would I want if this situation could go exactly my way.Click To Tweet








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EVERYTHING turned out perfectly in the end.  Arie became engaged to the love of his life. He and Lauren are married and expecting a baby girl.



And Becca became The Bachelorette and got engaged to the love of her life Garrett.




Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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