Impostor Syndrome is Feeling Unworthy


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Impostor Syndrome is just Unworthiness.  In this article I talk about Impostor Syndrome and how it is a reflection of Unworthiness you feel inside. 

Read more to find out:

  • (1) What is Impostor Syndrome
  • (2) Why Impostor Syndrome is More Prevalent Among Women
  • (3) Observations from a Corporate Life
  • (4) Journal Prompt to tap into your Worthiness








Impostor Syndrome is just another name for unworthiness.  The phrase impostor syndrome was coined by psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in 1978.  It was mainly prevalent among highly accomplished women who were convinced they were “frauds and did not deserve the success that they had achieved.  They believed that they had some sort of luck or good timing” or maybe even it was deceit that go them where they were…



Why was Impostor Syndrome more prevalent among women?  


Men are taught at a very young age to:

  • Stretch themselves
  • Man Up
  • Be who they want to be
  • Take credit for their Successes and Failures
  • Be Proud of What they have Accomplished
  • Speak Up  
  • Be Seen
  • Be Heard


On the other hand, at a young age You were taught

  • Sit Down.  
  • Pull Your Dress Down  
  • Be a good little girl
  • Don’t be too loud
  • That’s not lady like
  • You are too intimidating
  • Be quiet
  • Behind every good man is a good woman
  • Be independent ….but not toooooo independent
  • Don’t be High Maintenance (whatever that means)
  • Be grateful for whatever you receive, don’t want to seem greedy


Also, as a nurturer, You naturally put Team First.  You rarely give yourself Credit.  Often, you feel it is wrong to recognize your own achievement first. You view giving yourself credit as selfish.    Often, you have money issues and feel as though it is rude to talk about it and you can’t ask for more. They often don’t ask for what they are worth.  


Society says:

Men ask for more, they have High Standards.

Women are told they are High Maintenance.


Men are said to be making and investment when purchasing something.

Women are told they are wasteful.


My question to you, are you going to allow Society to determine your Worthiness?  

It’s your choice.










Observations From a Corporate Life

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These are just observations that I have made after 20+ years experience in the corporate world.  In working with both men and women I observed that…

  • The male candidate/colleague talks himself up even if it was obvious he doesn’t have the experience.  He makes it clear he is great at everything he had done at that point in his life and he can step in and do any job.  Then when it came to negotiating salary, the male candidate did not hesitate to ask for more.

  • Where as a woman even if she has the experience and ran a large team gives all the credit to her team and none to herself.  Only when asked directly, did she speak about the amazing stuff she accomplished.  Then when it came to negotiating salary, the female candidate did not ask for more.  More often than not she accepted the first number offered to her with no attempt to negotiate.


I remember watching “So Cosmo” on the E Network.  Joanna Cole Chief Content Officer for Hearst Magazines was promoting her Beauty Editor.  After Joanna shared the promotion news, she sat there waiting for her newly promoted employee (a female) to ask how much her new position paid.  When she didn’t ask how much she was being paid, Joanna made a point to say something to the point that it was a shame that women just aren’t taught to be comfortable talking about money.


Women haven’t been taught that it is OK and EXPECTED to discuss money.  Women haven’t been taught to ask how much is this job paying, what is the range and properly negotiate salary and ask for what they are worth.


Here’s the crux of it …worth … worthiness.  


Today when you hear about “impostor syndrome” you hear about it among high performing women in all levels of business and entrepreneur circles.




Because these women are stretching themselves and stepping into amazing opportunities and new roles created FOR them BY them.  These women are becoming so much more and aren’t feeling worthy of what they are stepping into.


If you go back to the beginning of this article and look at the paradigms that most young girls were raised under it is obvious why these powerful talented women entrepreneurs believe their success is “luck” or that they unworthy of everything that they created in life.


They have this strong belief that comes from thoughts that they have been thinking about themselves their entire lives.  They have always thought that they weren’t enough or that they weren’t worthy


That is BS.  


Listen to me.  That is complete and utter Bull Shit.


You are worthy.  


You are worthy.   


Just for the fact that you are here on this earth breathing and living means you are worthy.  You are loved and worthy beyond measure. You are adored. You are freaking worthy!!!


Say it after me… I am worthy.    Say it “I am freaking worthy!!”









I’ve had clients tell me… oh I can’t post that or say what I believe because I don’t want anyone to say I am being an impostor.


It really doesn’t matter what you want to post or say.  What matters is that you believe in it. What matters is that it is something that you desire or something that is on your heart.  It is something you aspire to or it is something that you believe yourself to be or becoming.


  • First, If what you are posting or saying is something you truly believe how could you possibly be an impostor?


  • Second, why do you care what someone else says?  Clearly, the person who is calling you an impostor isn’t your friend or anyone who needs to be in your circle because that person isn’t someone who uplifts you.


  • Third, you will never please everyone.  Pleasing other people is should never be your goal.  There are 7 billion people on this planet and there are a group of people who are your people.  Your peeps who vibe on the level with you and align with what you align with and those are the people you are talking to.  Those are the people who get the real you. You can just be you. Say what you say and it is all good.


The other people who may be pissed because you used a curse word or said the Universe instead of God or God instead of the Universe or whatever other reason people choose not to vibe with you… those people aren’t your people and you should get excited when they unsubscribe or move on to follow or buy from someone else.


It is ok.  There is someone for everyone.  God made this beautiful world full of wonderful people and great soul tribes for everyone to vibe with!  Like will attract like.  It will happen.  It is law.


Do You Boo


So please, go ahead LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Post what you want to post.

Say what you feel inspired to say.

Speak up in the Meeting.

Open the business you want to Open.

Stand Up and Be who you Want to BE.

Say what you want to Say.


Do You BOO and move on because really everyone has so much going on in their own lives they don’t really care anyway.


Here’s the thing…


When you know that you are you are worthy just because you are here on this earth… you could never be an imposter.


You are creating the life you desire to live.  You are creating the business you desire to have.  You are standing in the person you know you are.


Do it.  Stand in it NOW.   


Was Muhammad Ali the Greatest Boxer in the World when he claimed first started claiming he was?




Was he an Imposter?




Muhammad Ali was BEING the Greatest Boxer and then he BECAME the Greatest Boxer in the World.  


Stand Up and Be who you know you are NOW.


Match that energy NOW.


That is not being an Imposter.  That is creating your reality.


impostor Syndrome… Shut that Shit Down & Let all that Shit Go.


And one more time:  Speak it with me… I am worthy.    Say it “I am freaking worthy!!”



Keep Reading to find out THE Journal Prompt to do when you are feeling like an Impostor or when you need to tap into your Worthiness!






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Journal Exercise to tap into your Worthiness

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JOURNAL PROMPT: Write two pages of all the reasons why you are worthy.

When you can’t think of any more reasons, write:

  • I am worthy just because I am.
  • I am worthy just because I am me.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am freaking worthy.
  • I am m f’ng worthy.
  • I am so darn worthy.
  • I am freaking worthy.
  • I am really really really worthy.
  • I am sooooooo worthy.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am worthy


Keep going. Keep repeating reasons.

Because you know what?

You are freaking worthy. You are amazing. You are a gift to this world.

Out of 7 Billion people, there is only one you.

Wow… if that isn’t worthy I don’t know what is.









JOURNAL PROMPT: Write two pages of all the reasons why you are worthy. And when you can’t think of anymore just write I am worthy just because I am. I am worthy just because I am me. I am worthy. I am freaking worthy. I am m f’ng worthy. I am so darn worthy. I am freaking worthy. I am really really really worthy. I am sooooooo worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. And just keep going. Keep repeating reasons. Because you know what? You are freaking worthy. You are amazing. You are a gift to this world. Out of 7 Billion people there is only one you. Wow… if that isn’t worthy i don't know what is.Click To Tweet







Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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