Happiness or Health – Which Comes First?

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Happiness or Health.  Which comes first.  In this article, read about:

  1. Happiness or Health, Which Comes First
  2. From Cancer to Wellness
  3. 11 Things You Can Do to Feel Better NOW  


I was in the local pharmacy and there was a sign that said “ The groundwork of all happiness is health.”  


I saw that and the first thing I thought was Wellll…




The way I look at it the groundwork of HEALTH is HAPPINESS.   It is somewhat the chicken and the egg situation.  


Which comes first?  

Health or Happiness?

Stress and Unhappiness or Disease?


When you look at illness doctors are realizing that stresses and lots of emotional underlying reasons drive most of the issues we experience medically.


Your inner world creates your outer world.


Simply said your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your external world.


Therefore, if you are stressed or unhappy you are creating dis-ease in your body.


If you are focused on what isn’t working in your life or focused on what you don’t want you could be on your way to creating dis-ease in your body.


It isn’t wrong for you to feel any feeling whether it is sadness or happiness.   But in this energetic universe, everything has an energetic state. You do not want to STAY in a lower vibration where you are aligned with illness or dis-ease.


Yes eating well and exercising and doing all of those things help.  I am not saying that you can sit and be happy while eating Krispy Kreme all day and you would stay in perfect health.  


What I am saying is by staying HIgh Vibe and connected to your Inner Guide and following your Desires you will in turn maintain within higher emotional range which includes the Vibrations of Appreciation, Excitement, Passion, Love.   You will feel more positivity and optimism. You will have clarity and confidence. I bet you would feel better physically as well.



I had a friend whose mom was diagnosed with some pretty bad stage of cancer.  She was older so she decided that instead of treatment they would travel the world and have so much fun together.  So that is what they did. They travelled and they had fun. She had’t had that much fun in all her years.


Guess What?


She doesn’t have cancer anymore.  When they got back from her travels she went to the doctor and they couldn’t find the cancer anywhere.  The doctors told her the dis-ease was in remission.


How is she today?  


Several years later, the dis-ease hasn’t returned.


Your inner world creates your outer world.




11 Things You Can Do To Feel Better NOW

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I understand that when you are IN the DIS-EASE it can be challenging to feel better.

Here are 11 Practical & Woo Woo Things you can do to feel a little bit better when you aren’t feeling good.


(1) Change Focus From the Illness



(2) Talk to a Friend Who Makes You Feel Good



(3) Get Comfy & Netflix & Chill



(4) Become Aware When You have a Good Moment & Milk It



(5) Remember how it feels to feel good & think of that for 60, 90 or 120 seconds



(6) Take a Nap



(7) Ask Your Body what it needs



(8) Ask Your Body to heal itself



(9) Go do something fun for even a few minutes



(10) Go Online and plan something fun when you are back to 100%



(11) Revisit these plans every time you don’t feel so good

Remember that your inner world creates your outer world.  I know it is easier said that done but when you embrace this power that you have and use it to your advantage you will see major changes.


Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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