Heal The Sh*t & Establishing New Beliefs, Collapse Time, Become Her NOW


Have you ever felt shame when you couldn’t pay your bills?  Have you felt that all of your hard work was going to waste?  Do you feel like a failure in your business or career because of your finanical woes?  

Tap along with Christine Michelle to release money related shame, shift those beliefs, and ESTABLISH NEW CORE Beliefs that align with your IDENTITY of being the woman who has a postive and loving relationship with money.  Money loves you and you love money & People LOVE to Pay you!



 HI!  I am Christine Michelle.


I am the Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter.

I help high performing women like YOU make sense of manifesting/law of attraction and actually manifest more money, more love, and more success now.


You get to BECOME MORE YOU while living a great life, enjoying what you love and doing the things that light you up!!!


As a Leader In the Transformation Industry, I focus on effortlessly merging MODERN Tools with ANCIENT PRACTICES.


I combine Spiritual Goodness + Practical & Strategic Tools to help my soul tribe full of clients shift quickly and manifest with ease.  I make quantum shifts #normal.

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