This Intensive is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are a Negative-nista and you don’t believe in shifting your Mindset or Co-Creating your Reality.
  • You are not coachable & you think you have heard it all, know it all and tried it all.
  • You think that being basic is your destiny and you are ok with it
  • You are wishy-washy, flaky-fakey and all around inconsistent
  • You think that life was meant to be hard and nothing can change your mind about that.
  • You will not set aside a few hours a week to focus on your Mindset & take Aligned Action towards manifesting what you desire & creating more freedom in your life
  • You have a gift, but you are willing to allow your insecurities to hide your shine and keep your gift hidden from the world
  • You want your 2019 to look exactly like 2018. You don’t believe in growth year over year.
  • You look around and blame society, this one and that one. You are a crybaby….waaaaannnnn wannnnn wannnn. You do not want to be held accountable for your own results and your own actions