In the AlignedSoul Intensive, You and I work together closely.  I help you tap into your inner soul’s desires.  Learn how to listen and take AlignedSoul action.  Take a journey from being confused and not actually manifesting what you desire to being clear about what you want and taking actual steps to creating momentum and allowing your desire to unfold effortlessly.

During the session, you receive easy transformational activities to take into your everyday life to actually step into BEING the person who already has what you desire.  Then you also get to gain new awarenesses, clarity and step by step directions from your soul.

Change requires commitment and time from you.  This why you establish your vision and then we break that vision into step by step mini-visions that you get to step into with ease.  Leave this intensive and watch your desire start to unfold into your NOW reality with ease.

Expect a ton of ah-ha moments and moments of awareness and clarity that change your perspective on life and what is possible for you.  Leave this intensive BEING the best version of you right now and working towards becoming better and better at being the full and complete you each day.

Thinking positively will become your default. You will love yourself more and more each day.  Start to forget about what others think about you and what you are doing and begin to treat yourself more kindly.