Deciding-The Forgotten Step In Manifestation


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In today’s journal entry, you the single most forgotten step in Manifesting – Deciding.  The majority of people who are familiar with creating their reality know about Asking, Believing and Receiving.  But there are a few missing steps which you will learn about in the next few articles.


Decide, Decide, Decide

You have to Decide.  Deciding is important because it flips the switch.  There is magic in deciding what you you have asked for (with clarity) is yours. When you decide you are saying YES to the Universe. You are saying Yes, Yes, Yes.  By deciding, you are showing the Universe that you are ready.

In Manifestation you have to DECIDE.  Deciding Flips the SwitchClick To Tweet

In today’s Video you’ll learn:

  • The single most important step that almost no one does
  • Why this step is so important

Freebie Offered in this Video:

  • ?Video 3 – The Audio – “I Decide to / I Get to” to shift your energy to Deciding

It is time for you to Decide

If you are ready to truly manifest what you want then this video is perfect for you.  You are going to love learning why Deciding is so important and how shifting your energy and truly standing in the energy of what you desire makes all the difference. Enjoy!.

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