Ep.34 –  In this podcast, Ligia Leite and I talk about coming from a place of wholeness!  You don’t have to choose parts of yourself.  You get to be WHOLE.  All parts of you are parts of you that get to be integrated.  Learn how you get to be spiritual, human, and enjoy your flesh.  It’s your intention that matters!  So so good!




Podcast 31: Being Human & Spiritual how to do it with Ligia (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/being-spiritual-human-how-do-you-do-it-ligia-leite/id1481293728?i=1000473821019&mt=2&app=podcast&at=1000lSdk)


Quantum Receiving with Christine Michelle from The Aligned Soul





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Listen to Learn

  1. What does it mean to be a Bridge (04:14)
  2. How I get my best content from Reality TV (07:07)
  3. Allowing yourself to experience all the things at the same time (15:12)
  4. How to Reframe Heavier Situations (19:52)
  5. Emotions vs. Feelings and how that feels in the body (21:00)
  6. Pushing Your Ego is Creating  Resistance (28:24)
  7. How Ligia shows up in her business more aligned (42:05)
  8. Ligia’s Quantum Manifesting as a Specific Manifestor (43:56)
  9. Ligia’s Human Pleasures (51:55)
  10. Why Intention Matters + Another Henry Cavill example (56:40)



About Ligia Leite

Lígia is an energy alignment activator for women integrating their spiritual awakening. She facilitates Energy Alchemy, making the quantum tangible & transmuting worry into deep trust through channeled energy practices (online and in international events).


Her purpose is to bridge this physical experience and Higher consciousness through clear words and actionable practices. Above and below. Crystals and neurological pathways. Tarot and a glass of wine. ?


Ligia’s Human Design is a 4/6 Projector with an Emotional Authority. She is a Specific Manifestor.


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