Congratulations on the first step to becoming your best self who is living the most amazing life of your dreams!  I am so excited to share coaching sessions with you during the upcoming weeks!


Please review the terms below and sign at the bottom of the page to activate your The AlignedSoul™ program and/or coaching sessions with me.   Contact if you have any questions.

This agreement is made between you (the “client”) and myself (the “coach”).




1. The AlignedSoul™ Coaching Relationship

The services to be provided by myself to the client are as defined in The AlignedSoul™ program or product purchased by the client.  The purpose of the coaching relationship is to support the client in achieving their goals. Coaching is different from counseling or therapy.  It is a non-therapeutic intervention intended for clients who wish to enhance their lives and improve their personal, professional, or business situations or conditions. Coaching results are not guaranteed. The client enters into coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.


2. Session Changes

  • Rescheduling of appointments should be done online at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment date.
  • If an appointment requires rescheduling once the 48-hour window has passed that appointment will be forfeited and the client must email or call to schedule the next session of the purchased program.
  • Cancellation of appointments can only be made by email or phone or the canceled appointment will be forfeited.


3. Client Confidentiality

As your coach, I will engage in direct and personal conversations with the client.  The client can count on me, to be honest, open and straightforward throughout the coaching process. I promise that all client information shared is strictly kept 100% confidential unless being required by law to disclose information you have shared.


4. Client Expectations

As a client you agree to the following:

  • Attend all coaching sessions on time with an open mind and heart and be present.
  • Always have a willingness to take action with whatever suggestions and feedback provided.
  • Accept that you are absolutely responsible for your own actions, what you have created in your life so far, and what you will create now and in the future.
  • Agree that you will always be honest within our coaching relationship and always discuss all feelings as this will only benefit your progress in creating the life of your dreams.
  • You are ready and it is your time for you to focus, experience and live the life of your dreams.
  • You are ready to move forward and begin creating your best life with the highest commitment and absolute confidence.


5. The AlignedSoul™ Coach Expectations

As your coach, I promise to demonstrate the highest commitment and energy to you “the client” and our coaching relationship and agree to the following:

  • I will always be available for each scheduled coaching session on time and fully prepared.
  • I will give as much notice as possible should a coaching session need to be rescheduled.
  • Being totally focused on your needs and committed to empowering you to evaluate past results and take the appropriate steps to achieve your current goals and create your dream life.
  • Being as open, forward and honest to assist you “the client” with your journey to achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams


6. Payment/Payment Terms

Payments are due upon acceptance of this agreement.  If you “the client” accepts a payment schedule, it must be adhered to and payments will be automatically deducted per timeframes agreed to during purchase of your program or product.  One tidbit is the fees paid for The AlignedSoul™ program may be considered deductible business expenses. Now, how awesome is that!

Please complete and sign the form below and we can begin the fun and amazing process of mindset shifting and creating your amazing life!

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