How to Choose Joy When It’s HARD

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In this article, I talk all about joy and CHOOSING to FEEL GOOD NOW.  This isn’t about Spiritual By-Passing.  This is all about choosing joy and choosing to feel how you desire to feel.

Read to find out more about:

  • What I was experiencing that opened my eyes to CHOOSING JOY NOW
  • 7 Ways to choose joy when it is HARD
  • Why you get to CHOOSE joy even when it is hard




I have a confession to make…I went through a time when I was just ornery.  Yes me, The  Vibration Lifter and the Energy Shifter… I wasn’t in my normal joyful, energy lifter place.  Here’s the #Realtruth … Coaches are just like You.  I am on the same journey and learning more and more about myself every single day.  


The only difference between me and my clients is that I have been cultivating, living and practicing this for a little bit longer.  You have exactly what I have. When you work with a coach or a mentor they are just connecting you to what you already know.  When I am feeling not so good, I become aware of the shift in vibration pretty quickly.  A while ago, a few situations shined a light on something I was not doing.  I was not cultivating joy.  I was just waking up starting the day and not truly choosing to feel great.   I let things go and 


Choosing Joy is a Choice and when it really really matters is when it is the HARDER choice


I’ll repeat Joy is a CHOICE. Happiness is a CHOICE.


Now, I’m not saying don’t FEEL your FEELINGS.  When things come up you need to feel them.  You need to look at them and let them show you whatever they are there to show.  That is important. Journal that stuff out. Let it go.  Release and throw it all up on the paper.  If you want to read more about feeling your feelings and working through stuff go => here (to learn more about shadow work), here (to see the results of shadow work I did) and here (to find out how to lift your vibe from journaling) <=.


BUT…I know myself.  


I know when I need to feel my feelings.  I understand when I need to journal things out … ANDDDDDDD I know when I need to FREAKIN’ SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP and CHOOSE to FEEL BETTER RIGHT DAMN NOW.





This time was a time that I could have immediately started my days off CHOOSING HAPPINESS.  There was so much GOOD to look forward too and SOOO much to be GRATEFUL for.


I was beyond frustrated that I was STILL working the 9 to 5 Corporate Executive Job.  I was focused on, it hasn’t happened yet?  Why am I not working for myself full time? I was frustrated and annoyed….But in all honesty, what I had to deal with for a couple of hours during the day (THAT THING that was going to END VERY QUICKLY) was NOTHING compared to what I had to look FORWARD TO.  It was nothing compared to what I COULD FEEL NOW and what I could DO in the Morning and in the EVENING and on the DRIVE on the way there.   


And YES it was frustrating during the day. 


And YES I may have had to take a couple of deep breaths.


And YES I may have had to go to the bathroom to get a way for a few moments to get centered grounded and visualize what would be my real life in a few weeks.


I stopped and became aware.   I decided to choose joy.  I turned on my “All is Well Audio” throughout the day and get back to the Vibration of Ease and Flow and know that it is a CHOICE to FEEL GOOD




Aren’t you happy that this is in your power?


I say all of this to inspire you.  Yes, if you are having a hard time or if you are frustrated with what is, you can journal it out, release it, let it all out.  Let it go.


Then – Choose Happiness even when it is the HARD choice to make… Choose Joy


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So…How do you Choose Joy with it is Hard?



How Do You Choose Joy When it is Hard

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Below find 7 practical things you can do to CHOOSE to FEEL the FEELING of JOY

  1.  Think about a time when you felt good.
  2.  Focus your thoughts on someone you love.
  3.  Picture something that makes you smile.
  4.  Be grateful.  Think about all of the things you have to feel grateful for.
  5.  Focus on a vacation a few weeks away.
  6.  Call someone who makes you laugh.
  7.  Smile for 2 Minutes


YES!!! Just Smile for 2 minutes!

You Feel Stupid? I don’t REALLY CARE!  Keep smiling! Just smile.   I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!  Put on a timer for 2 minutes and Smile. 


Give yourself a few seconds and you will start to feel better. Let this smile you have put on your face send the signal to your brain to release the endorphins.  The brain doesn’t differentiate between a fake smile or laugh or a real smile and laugh. These endorphins help to lower your stress levels and helps you feel happier and more relaxed.


Why Choose Joy

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Why?  Well because …HELLO…it FEELS better.  All that matters is how you feel!  As an Intentional Manifesting Maven, you know that in order to easily align with that FANTASTIC LIFE you desire you have to FEEL IT NOW.  Can you manifest great things while feeling onery?  Of course, you can.  But guess what, when it manifests you will continue to feel ornery and not so good.

Everything you want is because you think it will make you feel better.  The secret is CHOOSING to FEEL BETTER NOW.   

How you THINK, FEEL, EMOTE, DECIDE and ACT Co-Creates the world you LIVE in!   

The Universe reflects back to you what is going on inside.  The Universe’s language is FEELING.  So by you choosing to FEEL JOY, APPRECIATION and LOVE, you will receive as a reflection back to you MORE things that make you feel even more JOYFUL, APPRECIATIVE and LOVED.

You want to ALIGN with all the GOOD things your DESIRE?  You want to ATTRACT all the things you DECIDED ARE YOURS?

Actively CHOOSE Joy!  Intentionally CHOOSE Happiness NOW.




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Don’t think.  Just Write.

  • Write about things you love about your life as it is right now.
  • Express what you are manifesting in your life.
  • Talk about how you want to feel.
  • Write ways you have felt in the past. 


Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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