How To Not Be Needy AF

Have you wondered why you didn’t get that client, the relationship, promotion or anything else you have been dying to get? It is because you are NEEDY AF and I understand because I was NEEDY AF too. In this article I talk about my NEEDY AF experience, what I did and what you can do to release your NEEDY FEELINGS and resistance.

Read to find out:
1) My Needy AF story
2) How to Attract Anything In Your Life
3) Do this One Thing to Get Rid of the Needy AF
4) Journal Exercise to Stop Being Needy AF

The One Activity I Use to Manifest

It has been one year since I left 20+ years in Corporate America behind and began my full time journey in Transformational Mentoring and Manifestation Coaching. In this article, I talk about my journey and I tell you the ONE ACTIVITY that I used to Manifest the Life I am living now plus I give you the 4 Pillars of Speedy Transformation.

Read to find out:
1) From Frustration to Freedom: My Journey One Year Later
2) The ONE Activity that I used to Manifest
3) Three (3) reasons why Journaling Works
4) Four (4) Pillars of Speedy Transformation
5) Journal, Manifest & Win

3 Ways to Know When It is Time to Move On

Often you are holding on to something so tightly and ignoring how you truly feel. In this article, I talk about 3 ways to know when to let go and move on.

Read to find out:
1) My Struggle with Letting Go
2) Three (3) Ways To Know That It Is Time To Let Go
3) JOURNAL PROMPT to help you become aware of how you truly feel.

How to Start Living By Your Own Rules

Why don’t we change the rules? In this article, I talk about rules and why the truly are made to be broken and what you can do.

Read to find out:

1) What Wendy Williams did that I couldn’t Ignore
2) How my former coworker cleavage-shamed me
3) JOURNAL EXERCISE: How To Create Your Own Rules

How to Easily Follow Your Intuition

Despite what you may believe or what you are experiencing, following your intuition can be easy. In this article, I talk about what Intuition is and why it is so important for manifesting anything in your life. Also find out 6 ways to more easily connect with your intuition.

In this article find out:
What is Intuition & Why You Care About It
4 Reasons You find Following Your Intuition Difficult
My Intuition Story and how I went from STUCK and FRUSTRATED to FLOWING and INSPIRED
6 Ways to Easily Connect With Your Intuition

Manifesting Not Working? Here’s Why

In this article, I discuss what is a huge frustration with many of my readers, students and clients….the Manifestation isn’t working. The honest truth is Manifestation is working ALL of THE TIME whether you are getting what you want or not. Read to find out:

(1) Manifesting Not Working
(2) Your Protection System
(3) 4 Steps to Gaming Your Subconscious
(4)How to Stop Fear In its Tracks

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If Kardashian-Jenner Success Triggers You…

In this article, I talk about Triggers.  Kylie Jenner of the famed Kardashian-Jenner family was named the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire.  In the article, you are going to read about:

1) Self-Made Billionaire – who knew those words could trigger
2) It comes down to Mindset
3) Mindset Exercise
4) Limiting Belief Breakdown
5) 5 Steps to take next time you are triggered

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Choose New Beliefs, Change Your Life

In this article, it is time to talk beliefs.  What do you believe?  Are you even aware of your thoughts?  You have over 50,000 thoughts in a day and your beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking.  Your beliefs are driving your vibration and your vibration is what aligns you with what you want.Read to learn:What are BeliefsWhy Beliefs Matter7 Step Belief Awareness Process

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How To Manifest More Time

In this article, I talk all about Time.  You hear over and over “I don’t have enough time. or I’m so busy.”  And what happens, you get busier and busier and feel more overwhelm. Learn how to manifest more time and feel more ease.

Read to find out more about:

My issue with Time
What I did to Manifest More Time
Steps to take to manifest anything

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How to Choose Joy When It’s HARD

In this article, I talk all about joy and CHOOSING to FEEL GOOD NOW.  This isn’t about Spiritual By-Passing.  This is all about choosing joy and choosing to feel how you desire to feel.
Read to find out more about: (1) What I was experiencing that opened my eyes to CHOOSING JOY NOW (2) 7 Ways to choose joy when it is HARD (3) Why you get to CHOOSE joy even when it is hard

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Loving the Unlovable

Hi Beautiful, Recently, I watched an old episode of Vanderpump Rules.   For those of you unfamiliar with Vanderpump Rules (who are you?), it is a show that follows the lives of a group of impossibly beautiful 20-30+ year-olds as they navigate life,...

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The Bachelor and Shadow Work 101

Hi Gorgeous, In this article, I talk about triggers and how they are your best friend.  Also, stay tuned for 6 Steps to truly tapping into what is up and releasing quickly.  It’s Shadow Work on Steroids and you get to lift your vibe and shift your...

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