How to Manifest Your Next Promotion Fast

Over the last few months, I have had the joy of helping a few of my clients step into their next level within their careers. There doesn’t have to be a specific amount of time. You can rise up to Director, Senior Manager and VP Levels quickly. Remember, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE because you co-create your Reality. If you desire it, it is yours. This article discusses how you can take yourself from where you are to BEING the YOU who has that dream career and has been promoted within her job.

Keep reading to discover:
1) It’s Time to Manifest Your Promotion
2) 4 Steps to Manifesting Your Next Promotion
3) What to Expect & What to Do Next
4) Journal Exercise to Manifest Your Next Promotion

Change this Word – Instantly Shift Your Mindset

This article discusses 4 reasons how replacing these specific words from your vocabulary immediately changes your perspective and instantly shifts your mindset about any situation! Manifestation and Mindset Lessons from the Netflix hit Lucifer.

Keep reading to discover:
1) Lesson learned from Mazikeen of the Lilm
2) 4 Reasons to remove Have To from your Vocabulary.
3) My “Get to” vs “Have to” Story
4) Journal Exercise to turn your Have To’s into Get To’s

8 Ways You Are Repelling Money

In this article, learn 8 ways you are repelling money from you. In order to truly understand these ways, I will focus on helping you to understand Money and the Energetics behind Money. Once you know what the Energetic Frequency is of Money you can begin to shift your relationship and stop repelling it. Your Money Mindset depends on understanding the energetics!

Read to find out:
1) What Money Really Is
2) Money is Your Lover
3) 8 Ways You are Repelling Money
4) Journal Exercise to Reunite You with Money

Receiving Vibration is Blocking Manifestation

In this article, I discuss how you are consistently pushing away your manifestations with your incapacity to receive. Find out how the more you say no to opportunities, compliments, friendships, and words of appreciation, the more you train your vibration to become aligned with not receiving.

Read to find out:
1) What is your Receiving Reality
2) Journal Prompt Exercise to Uncover your feelings about receiving
3) How You Are Saying No To the Universe
4) Take the Quiz to Find Out Your Receiving Vibration

What to do when Money Shortage Freaks You Out

Have you ever gotten down to your last $25 or an amount that felt uncomfortable for you when compared to the expenses going out? In today’s article, I talk about what to do in these situations and steps you can take and implement in your life today to prevent this from happening again. I understand, I have been there and this is why I can help you.

Read to find out:
1) My Money Shortage Story & What Guidance I received
2) 3 Ways You can Shift the Feelings of Worry, Dread, Etc
3) 7 Steps to Shift Your Money Vibration
4) Journal Exercise to Change Your Money Vibration

Surrender Is Key to Manifesting

In this 3 article series, we will go behind the ENERGETICS of a particular Bachelor Situation. This is where the fun starts and where you can learn how reduce the DRAMA in your life and shift to co-creating what you REALLY WANT and NOT what you DON’T WANT.

Part 2: Surrender: How to get your ex back: I will show you how letting go played a BIG ROLE in Lauren and Arie reuniting. Find out the 9 Steps to getting your Ex (or someone way better) back.

This article is all about Part 2: SURRENDER.

Find out:
1) Recap
2) The Aftermath
3) 9 Steps to Getting Your Ex (or something better)
4) Journal Prompt to getting clear

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Focus on What You Want

In this 3 article series, we will go behind the ENERGETICS of The Bachelor. This is where the fun starts and where you can learn how to reduce the DRAMA in your life and shift to co-creating what you REALLY WANT and NOT what you DON’T WANT.

Part 1: Focus: The Important Key to Manifest What You Want: I will show you why Lauren focusing on what she doesn’t want drove the man she loved into the arms of the other woman. This article is all about Part 1: FOCUS.

Find out:
1) How Focusing on the past creates more of the past
2) Focus on what you want
3) Shift before it is too late
4) Four (4) Ways to shift your focus from the Past
5) Journal Prompt to becoming aware and shifting

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Dangers of Spiritual Bypassing

Traditional Law of Attraction teaching focuses on Feeling Good All the Time.  There was so much focus on that, there was a time that I buried my feelings until I couldn’t bury them anymore.  

In this article, read about:
(1) Dangers of the Feeling Good All The Time Doctrine
(2) How to Flip the Feel Good Only Script
(3) She Manifested What she Desired Once She Felt the “Bad Feelings”
(4) 6 Step Shift Formula

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No One is MORE Privileged than YOU

No One is more privileged than YOU.  There is no one more privileged than you!  In this article I share my woo-woo practical take on this idea.  

Read about:

(1) No one is more privileged than you
(2) Not buying the belief in Privilege
(3) You Co-Create Your Reality
(4) Jim Crow couldn’t keep them down
(5) Awareness & Accountability gives you POWER
(6) You have the power within
(7) Stop looking outside yourself
(8) You are loved and adored

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Impostor Syndrome is Feeling Unworthy

Impostor Syndrome is just Unworthiness.  In this article I talk about Impostor Syndrome and how it is a reflection of Unworthiness you feel inside.  

Read more to find out:
(1) What is Impostor Syndrome
(2) Why Impostor Syndrome is More Prevalent Among Women
(3) Observations from a Corporate Life
(4) Journal Prompt to tap into your Worthiness

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Too Busy for Alignment

You want it all but you don’t have 30 minutes to focus on your mindset?  So often readers tell me that they are sooo busy they can’t focus on doing whatever it is to shift their mindset and do their Alignment Practice.   I call BS on all of that.

In this article find out:

(1) Why You have Plenty of Time to Manifest
(2) 11 Easy Ways to Fit Alignment Into Your Day

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Go Ahead Be Emotional. Feel those Feelz

Go ahead.  Be Emotional.  Feel Those Feelz .  You’ll Manifest Faster!  YEP, You read it right.  Feel those feelz girl and you will manifest your dream life faster.  

In this article find out:

1) Why it is important to Feel Fully
2) Why is feeling the feels so HARD?
3) One Question to ask Yourself to Feel the feeling of what you desire

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How to Protect Your Good Vibes

In this article, I talk about how you can protect your GOOD VIBES from going down the drain.

Read to find out:

1) Your Vibe Is Your Choice
2) Vibration Bubble Can’t Work Forever
3) Six (6) Steps to Protect Your Vibe
4) What to Expect When You Start Focusing on Your Vibe

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Manifesting Not Working? Here’s Why

In this article, I discuss what is a huge frustration with many of my readers, students and clients….the Manifestation isn’t working. The honest truth is Manifestation is working ALL of THE TIME whether you are getting what you want or not.

Read to find out:

(1) Manifesting Not Working
(2) Your Protection System
(3) 4 Steps to Gaming Your Subconscious
(4)How to Stop Fear In its Tracks

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If Kardashian-Jenner Success Triggers You…

In this article, I talk about Triggers.  Kylie Jenner of the famed Kardashian-Jenner family was named the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire. 

In the article, you are going to read about:

1) Self-Made Billionaire – who knew those words could trigger
2) It comes down to Mindset
3) Mindset Exercise
4) Limiting Belief Breakdown
5) 5 Steps to take next time you are triggered

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Clarity Is Queen – Find Out Why

In this article, I talk about CLA-RI-TY.  Clarity and Intentional Manifestation go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  It is IMPERATIVE that you get clear about what you truly want.

Read to learn:

(1) Why Clarity is so important
(2) Three (3) Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Get Clear and 5 ways you can FIX IT
(3) The 4 things to do to Manifest Quickly
(4) Watch the video below all about Asking with Clarity which is Step 1 of my Manifesting Formula

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Choose New Beliefs, Change Your Life

In this article, it is time to talk about beliefs.  What do you believe?  Are you even aware of your thoughts?  You have over 50,000 thoughts in a day and your beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking.  Your beliefs are driving your vibration and your vibration is what aligns you with what you want.

Read to learn:
1) What are Beliefs
2) Why Beliefs Matter
3) Seven (7) Step Belief Awareness Process

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How To Manifest More Time

In this article, I talk all about Time.  You hear over and over “I don’t have enough time. or I’m so busy.”  And what happens, you get busier and busier and feel more overwhelmed. Learn how to manifest more time and feel more ease.

Read to find out more about:

1) My issue with Time
2) What I did to Manifest More Time
3) Steps to take to manifest anything

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How to Choose Joy When It’s HARD

In this article, I talk all about joy and CHOOSING to FEEL GOOD NOW.  This isn’t about Spiritual By-Passing.  This is all about choosing joy and choosing to feel how you desire to feel.

Read to find out more about:
(1) What I was experiencing that opened my eyes to CHOOSING JOY NOW
(2) 7 Ways to choose joy when it is HARD
(3) Why you get to CHOOSE joy even when it is hard

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Are You Playing Small?

Are you Playing Small? In this article, I will talk about: Playing small and 3 Actions you can learn from Beyonce to no longer play small again.

In this article, I will talk about:

1) Playing small
2) Three (3) Actions you can learn from Beyonce
3) Journal Prompt Questions to Shift
4) Video providing you 5 Actions to take to Stop Playing Small

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How to Establish Your Truth

In this article, I talk all about your truth and how to establish what is true FOR YOU!  I also give you an actual journaling example to help you move from feeling not so good and stepping into & establishing your TRUTH.

Read to find out more about:

1) Feeling Your Feelings Fully
2) Your Inner Guide Knows What’s Really Up
3) Actual Journaling Example You can Use to Shift your Sh*t

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How to the Write Your Own Story

In this article, I talk all about how to step up and allow your life to unfold the way you desire.  Learn how to be your own PR Rep and shift your story to the way you want it to be.

Get ready to learn the following:

1) What stories are you telling yourself
2) How your stories are affecting your vibration
3) What you can do to shift your vibration
4) 6 steps to journal your way to a new story

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How the Universe is Speaking to You

In this article, I talk all about the Universe and how God is showing you signs that what you asked for is manifesting NOW.  

Read to find out:

(1) What are Signs of Alignment
(2) Why don’t you recognize them
(3) Examples of Signs of Alignment
(4) What to do to keep those signs coming
(5) My exact steps that I take to ensure that I stay aligned and focused

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5 Ways to Improve Your Focus

In this article, I talk all about Focus and how it is the key to Intentionally Manifesting what you want with ease.  

Find out
(1) Why focus is difficult
(2) Why it is important
(3) Five (5) ways you can both clean up and improve your focus
(4) What I do to clean up and improve my focus and how I implement these 5 ways in my life. Examples are EVERYTHING, right?

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I am a Transformational Mentor and Teacher of Manifestation.  I help high performing women like YOU become more of who you TRULY ARE and design a life that you have always DREAMED of NOW.  I am the Vibration Lifter & The Energy Shifter.  I make quantum leaps #normal.  It is time for you to manifest like magic.



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