7 Things Slowing Your Manifestations Part 2


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In my last article, you found out the first 4 reasons why your Manifestations aren’t working.  If you didn’t find yourself doing any of those 4, I can bet you even more money that you are doing one of the last Top 3.  Stopping these three will not only improve your manifesting momentum but it will also improve your overall life including your relationships with friends, family, lovers and YOURSELF.


If you find yourself starting and stopping and wanting your manifestation to come da f**k on… then the last video in the Live Your Best Live NOW Series is perfect for you.


Live Your Best Life N.O.W

In this 9th and final Video of the Live Your Best Life N.O.W Series, “7 Things Slowing Down Your Manifestations Pt 2” we wrap up the remaining things slowing down your manifestations.

In Part 1 (Video 8) We talked about these 4 things you may be doing that are slowing you down:

  • #7 – You Aren’t Clear
  • #6 – You Don’t Believe
  • #5 – You Aren’t Consistent
  • #4 – You Do Not Listen or Act on Guidance


In this video expect to learn the top 3 things you are doing that are slowing down your manifestations.

  • #3 You Are Not Living in the Now
  • #2 You Are Not Aware
  • #1 You Do Not Appreciate


Check out the video as I get into more detail about each one.  This Video (#9) and Video 8 are for you if you are having trouble manifesting, think manifestation is hard or you are constantly asking yourself “Why am I not manifesting what I want”. 


Tell Me => Which one of the 3 are you intending to stop today?

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