5 Things To Learn From Cardi B


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There are so many things you can learn from Cardi B success as a musician and entrepreneur.  In this article find out:

  • (1) Who Is Cardi B and why you need to know
  • (2) 5 Things that Cardi B Knows about Being a Successful that You don’t








I have news for you.  Cardi B knows more about Business and Being a Brand than YOU DO!


Did that trigger you?





When something triggers you it is GREAT.  That means that something is coming up and ready to be acknowledged! 


It means there is some judgment there.  There is something telling you that you are thinking differently than your soul. 


It means there is some truth in that statement.  If there wasn’t you would laugh and say ok. You would say “Well great for her” and you would move on with your day.


Ok…Take a few deep breaths and read further to see why.


When I say that she knows more than you about being a successful entrepreneur I mean that she is embracing a few simple concepts that are the reason she has been able to do what she does successfully.









Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar now known as Cardi B, is an entertainer, hip hop artist, songwriter, and television personality.  When Cardi showed up on the scene she was known for speaking her truth on social media and becoming memes and organically drawing hundreds of thousands of people to her accounts.  


Then she stepped on to the Reality TV stage on a show called Love and Hip Hop New York and continued to be unapologetically who she was.  Her laugh was engaging.  In a world that can feel overproduced and unreal…she was AUTHENTIC.  She embraced all of what other people may see as flaws.  She was loud and expressed opinions that others did not agree with.


She was (and is) everywhere being more and more of HERSELF.  She was (and is) Standing TallREADY to be seen.  She began to see more and more success.


She was on other shows playing herself.


Her music took off.  She was on TOP of the Music Charts and became the first female rapper without a featured artist to earn a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 in 20 years! She also has surpassed my spirit performer Beyonce as the FIRST woman to have 5 Top 10 singles simultaneously on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.  She is also only the 3rd artist to achieve this distinction (others are Drake and Kendrick Lamar).


And now… She has a deal with Steve Madden.


steve madden campaign with cardi b //What CardiB knows that You Don't // Cardi B knows more about being successful and creating a brand than you do. Take a notes, implement and learn how to be more you. #cardib #business #successfulbrand #mindset

Steve Madden campaign with Cardi B




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5 Things that Cardi B Knows About Being Successful that You Don’t

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What can you internalize from Cardi B’s success?


Here are a few simple concepts that if you were to embrace them fully, you too could be more successful in your business or career and your life.



(1) Cardi B doesn’t care what you think.




Cardi B is unapologetically herself.  You don’t like or agree with her lyrics?  She doesn’t give a f*%k.


She doesn’t perform for you.  She performs for herself. She performs for those who are moved by what she says and can relate to what she has been through.


She makes music that she connects with and if you don’t… she doesn’t care.  She has lived a life that a lot of people including myself cannot relate to but that doesn’t matter to her. Her desire is so strong and she is doing it her way.


Successful people all have CONFIDENCE.  When you are being yourself and stepping into who you truly are the confidence that you have can be felt.  Your products or services thrive because you believe in yourself and your message so fully.  You don’t censor yourself and you speak whatever is true for you now.  And YES you can do all of this with LOVE


You stand up and speak your thoughts in meetings.  You are the leader because you are not because they appoint you. Speaking your truth and acting upon your intuition doesn’t mean that you will hurt people.  Quite the opposite. You are going to attract those who are ready for your message.


Successful people all have CONFIDENCE.  Be yourself & step into who YOU truly are & your confidence will be felt.Click To Tweet




(2) Cardi B loves what she does.




She thrives on performing.  When you watch her perform you can see that she is ALIVE.


She is the ultimate entertainer.  She loves sharing videos about herself and her art in whatever way feels most creative for her.


She enjoyed entertaining when she was dancing…


She flourished when she was showing up on the screen in people’s homes every week… and She is in her element in her videos and on the stage as she raps her songs. When you LOVE what you are doing, the energy you feed into it whatever you are doing is infectious.  The people who you attract can sense that LOVE.


What are you doing with your life?  Are you creating something you love?  Are you sharing what you love?  You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to love what you do.  Be honest with yourself and tell yourself what you enjoy and seek ways you can bring more of that into your life.








(3) Cardi B speaks what she wants into her reality.



She said money was easy BEFORE it was flowing to her in mass amounts.  She spoke about having luxury items and money in her bank accounts BEFORE it was there.  She was throwing money in the air and letting it rain on her BEFORE she had it in abundance. She called herself a queen of fashion BEFORE she stepped foot into any fashion shows.


The Universal Law of Attraction and Vibration requires that you ALIGN with the feeling of having what you desire BEFORE it can manifest into your life.  


If you want to be successful you need to think about the feelings you believe you are going to feel when you are enjoying the success you desire and start feeling those feelings NOW.  You need to start speaking as you would as the Successful Person NOW.



(4) Cardi B is her Brand.



As Cardi has become more and more successful, she hasn’t adjusted her voice or dimmed her light.  As she continues to grow in the success she stays herself. She never has to struggle to figure out what to say.  




Because she is her brand. Her brand is centered around her being herself.  You can never run out of topics when you are speaking your truth.  Her life is her topic and life continues to give the gift of content all day every day.


If she was being anything else other than her herself, then she would need to look outside to find things to rap about.  If she wasn’t the essence of her brand, she would have to look to the masses and ask them what they want to hear. But because she is her brand she can talk about whatever she wants to talk about.  And the people who resonate with her message find her.


Are you being yourself in your business or at your office?  Do you hide parts of yourself trying to be more “professional” or trying to be more like the other people around you?


Success happens with EASE when you start to let all of that go and completely love the person you are inside and out.




(5) Cardi B believes in herself.



Cardi B isn’t putting herself down and doubting her abilities.   She isn’t looking at other Instagrams and the Facebook feed second-guessing her flow.


What does she do?


She says she is the best.  She is confident in what she has.  She is her own cheerleader.  She knows her worth.  She believes that you should be excited to purchase whatever it is she is selling because she knows it is that good.


When you KNOW you are WORTHY when you KNOW that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH, you are CONFIDENT and you can truly help the people you desire to help.   You can make the difference you have always wanted to make.









Am I saying that we should all be like Cardi B? 


Well if you got that from what I wrote you missed the whole point.


NO Of course NOT.


Cardi B and her story isn’t YOUR STORY.  Her passions aren’t YOUR Passions.  Her way of expressing herself isn’t YOUR WAY.


What I am saying is in order to be super successful you have to BE YOU.  100% YOU without holding back or trying to be perfect.


Be unapologetic.  Stop caring what people say.  Stop focusing on the 5 people who didn’t like what you said or did or created.  Your message or product will not please everyone.


Isn’t it awesome that there are over 7 Billion people in the world and all you really want are a few hundred or thousand people who resonate with who you are and what you are offering?


Focus on why you love everything about what you are saying and creating so you can attract the hundreds of thousands who align with that love and adoration.


Follow your heart and Do what LIGHTS YOU up.


Listen to your inner knowing and ACT upon what you hear.


There are NO LIMITATIONS except for the ones you create for yourself.  I know you can be as successful as you BELIEVE you can BE.









If you could do or say whatever you wanted with no consequences what would you say?


In your journaling have fun with it.  Remember to dig deep. Keep asking yourself why you responded in a certain way.  And get to the bottom of the reason why you aren’t doing whatever it is now. THEN, shift to what you want to do.  Write about what you desire it to be as if it has already happened!



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Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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