Ep.22 – This episode I discuss 4 reasons how replacing these specific words from your vocabulary immediately changes your perspective and instantly shifts your mindset about any situation!



  1. Lesson learned from Mazikeen of the Lilim (2:43)
  2. 4 Reasons to remove Have To from your Vocabulary (5:27)
  3. My “Get to” vs “Have to” Story (11:17)
  4. Journal Exercise to turn your Have To’s into Get To’s (15:49)




STEP 1: Where in my life am I doing what I “should” do or what I think I “have to” do?

Create a list of all of the things you feel you “have to” or “should” do.


STEP 2: Once you are clear on those things, shift your perspective about them.

1) Are these things necessary or are you only tolerating them?  

  • Write Necessary or Tolerate next to each item.  Be honest with yourself.

2) If they are tolerations, intend to remove them from your life.

  • a) List all of the things you are removing and how you will feel when they are gone
  • b) Write a request to The Universe (God, Guidance) to remove these things from your life with ease, grace, and swiftness,

3) If they are necessary to shift your perspective about them, make them things you GET to do.  DECIDE to do them.

  • a) List all of the things you are grateful for about this situation
  • b) Read this list aloud and feel the gratitude in your body
  • c) Write a request to The Universe (God, Guidance) that any new choices and opportunities present themselves to you quickly and easily.


STEP 3: Rewrite the list of things you Get to do with appreciation and Love.  

Remember you Get To & Decide To do these things right now.  You have a choice now. New opportunities that are even better will show up quickly once you open the door to them.


STEP 4: Going Forward ask Guidance that you become aware of when you say to believe that you “have to do something” or “should do something”.



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