10 Years Later: Less Money & More Freedom


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In this article I talk about me 10 years later and what I have learned.  Also, keep reading to find out the 4 Simple Steps to Becoming the Person You Desire to Be 10 years from today NOW.


Read to learn

  • (1) Who I was 10 Years Ago
  • (2) Who I was 10 Years Later
  • (3) What I would or wouldn’t Change
  • (4) How to Be who you Desire to Be in 4 Steps
  • (5) Journal Exercise to become who you desire to be







You may have seen these posts on Facebook lately.  The ones where everyone is so proud of themselves because they look AMAZING as compared to themselves 10 years ago.  “I’m Aging Backwards!” “My Life is GREAT” “Don’t you wish you aged like me.”… Statements like these are running ramped through my feed and I am so happy for each and every one of my friends who are living their best lives and looking good doing it.


I thought I would join the 10 years later party—in a slightly different way.





The first picture is me…over 10 years ago.  I was living in New York, working for one of the world’s most recognized brands and working with some of the most talented and amazing group of mostly women (sorry Rob, Alex, Mario, etc) that I could ever work with.


I was living the life and making a shit ton of money doing it. But what you can’t see in the first picture is that there was always something missing.  I had a great team and I was guiding and leading as best as I could but it truly wasn’t from my SOUL.


Why? Well, I couldn’t lead from my Soul if I wasn’t living from my Soul. I always knew that I wanted to run my own show and have freedom to do what I wanted to do.  More importantly, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world…whatever that meant.


But I continued forth and did what was expected of me which was to live the corporate life and help my company make hundreds of millions of well-earned dollars creating products that helped them feel great, sexier and more beautiful.  It wasn’t a bad life, it just wasn’t fully what my soul desired.




The second picture is me NOW.  I am working for myself creating an amazing business. It has been over 8 months since I was alleviated from my Corporate Executive position and I find myself a lot less rich financially (temporarily) and a lot more rich emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


In a simple word, I find myself FREE.


The freedom to be there for my family members in times of physical and emotional stress has meant the world to me.  The last few months have been harder than I could have ever predicted and the possibility of losing someone who matters most to me in the entire world has helped me to see even more that life is MEANT TO BE LIVED FULLY.  It reinforced to me that 1) everything happens as it does for a reason and 2) freedom & flexibility mean more to me above all else (including financial wealth and career success).


10 years later I am able to spend time at my loved one’s side in the ICU without fear of needing to leave for work or having to remove my attention from what was truly important.


I also get to guide thousands daily just from sharing from my heart and spreading the message that they too can tap into the Infinite Intelligence within.  I am fulfilled as I receive stories from my clients who have become friends and friends who are clients.


Each time I hear that my client has been promoted or received the largest rise in their corporate career I cheer.  The appreciation messages thanking me for helping them gain more clarity and take specific action steps connected to their true soul desires gets me excited.  The texts back and forth that share stories of having doubled, tripled and for one 100x their revenue from the previous year get me all warm and fuzzy inside.


When I wasn’t living from my soul, sure I was a lot more comfortable financially but I wasn’t nearly as inspired and I wasn’t impacting nearly as many people as I am now.  For me that makes the trials and challenges of my reaching a new level in my life, my health and my business all worth it.


I know that things are getting better each and every day as I sign more clients, sell more workshops, programs, courses, and services.  So I know and see each day that the financial stuff will continue to improve and overtake the multi-six figure life I was previously used to.








I am sure you asking would I change anything?  My answer is Yes & No.


First, No because I know that everything happens to guide me along a specific path and the very thing that I didn’t do is the very thing that I could not teach, guide or help.


But if you ask that human/ego side of me if there is one thing I would do differently I would say Yes.  If I could change anything, I would have left my corporate job much sooner. There is no telling what would have happened.  There is no definitive answer as to whether I would be richer and more successful by now but I know without a shadow of a doubt, I would have helped many many more people become more themselves and reach/manifest whatever they desire.  


I know from the depths of my soul that I could have helped shift energy and lift vibrations of millions by now and my choice to not follow my soul just means that I get to now step more fully into the vision that my Soul had all along.


So I ask you: “When you think about who you are right now and connect to who you desire to be in the next year, 5 years, or 10…what is your Soul asking you to do?  What will truly light you up so much that you would do it for free?”


Whatever that is, take steps forward to BE HER NOW.  Now, that doesn’t mean quit your job or demand your promotion in this minute.  It means to start feeling the feelings of being her now. All that you desire to be in 10 years in available to you right now.  All you need to do is choose to feel and embody it now.

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Be Her NOW in 4 Simple Steps



When I was at the corporate job mentioned above we went through training and it was focused on “Be Here Now.”  Really great call for everyone to become more present in their meetings and phone calls. We had become so tied to our phones and what was required next that being present became a thing of the past.

Taking that to the next level, I like to speak to my clients about BEING HER (or HIM) NOW.  Which reminds you that everything you want is a desire that bubbles up from within. You wouldn’t want it if it wasn’t already something that you are ONE with right now.  Therefore, you can DECIDE or CHOOSE to BE HER NOW.







Awareness is important for you to truly allow yourself to BE HER NOW. Your awareness of the fact that you have access to everything you desire to be now in this moment is key.


Quantum Scientists have proven that everything is energy.  Everyone is created from that same energetic source. Therefore, you and your desires are ONE.  When you tap into the true essence of what you want, why you want it and what you think it will feel like once you “manifest” whatever it is into your physical reality, this is when you can start to tap into it.






Now that you are aware of the what, why and how it feels to already have it you can now CHOOSE.  It is up to you to DECIDE that you are ONE with what you want ALREADY right now.  You can now choose to feel those feelings and the having of it right now. You desire more abundance, you can choose to feel it right now.  You desire more freedom, you can choose to feel free right now. It is all up to you.







3 –  BE



Once you choose it, now BE it.  Just BE. How you may ask? How do you BE a woman?  You just ARE.  If you are a loss of how to feel and be more abundant when you can’t pay your rent or how to be in love when you feel so unlovable, ask for guidance.


Ask “How would it feel to be financially independent?”  Just the act of asking gets your mind and your subconscious on the move.  Sit in it and feel whatever comes up.


What love ask “How would it feel if I loved myself unconditionally?”  How would it feel if I knew how worthy and amazing I was?” “How does it feel to be in love with an amazing man who loves and adores me equally?”  Asking this question taps you into the vibration of what you are asking about. Use your power wisely. ūüôā



4 – ACT



Now that you are aware, you have chosen and you are being her now, it is time that you take AlignedSoul Action.  Now that you have tapped into and are embodying the feelings of BEING HER NOW, you will get various inspirations to go places and do things.  When they come, do them.


Do what lights you up, but also do those things outside of your comfort zone.  Because when you start to do things that are different from what you normally do, you give yourself access to different thoughts, insights, and ways of seeing the world.


Remember that your brain has 50,0000-60,000 thoughts a day.  However, the thoughts that are normal for you and the ways of thinking that align with your present vibration are what you have access to.  Once you step outside of that, you will open yourself to a whole new expanded world that your brain has been otherwise filtering out of your experience.


Trust that GOD has your back.  


Trust that THE UNIVERSE is working it out for you.  When you can let go of controlling every aspect such as the HOW or the WHEN and focus on BEING NOW, then you can truly sit back and trust that Everything is working out for you.  Trust that you are loved and adored beyond measure and beyond ways, you can comprehend.  Remember you ronly job is to Feel the Feelings, Be her Now and take AlignedSoul Action.


Remember your only job is to FEEL the FEELINGS, Be HER NOW and take AlignedSoul Action.


If you are looking for more help and clarity, I have opened 3 spots within my Intensive Private Coaching Service.  I understand what it is like to feel frustrated with a lack of a clear vision and direction. With the Intensives, you will find yourself clear with a lifted vibration, energy shifted and clear soul aligned action plan to move forward as you desire.


For more information, check out this link. Message me if you have any questions.










Journal Exercise



1) 10 years from now, who do I truly desire to be?


2) If I truly allowed myself to do what my Soul desired to do, what would I be doing?  


3) What feelings do I think I would feel 10 years from now when I have, be or do whatever it is I desire to?


In your journaling have fun with it.  Remember awareness is EVERYTHING. Just becoming aware of whatever it is allows you to CHOOSE something different.  It is all in the DECISION. If you are creating drama in an area of your life, you can acknowledge it and choose whether or not you want to continue.




Success & Abundance Quiz





JOURNAL PROMPTS: 1) 10 years from now, who do I truly desire to be? 2) If I truly allowed myself to do what my Soul desired to do, what would I be doing?  3) What feelings do I think I would feel 10 years from now when I have, be or do whatever it is I desire to?Click To Tweet



Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

Be Her Now | Take AlignedSoul‚ĄĘ Action Today


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